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Cascadia Media Collective in Cancun Update #2

Ongoing updates from Cancun are posted to our website at www.cascadiamedia.org
The streets of Cancun were quite today--reflective--

as people gathered at the barricade to mourn the death of their comrade, Lee Kyung-Hae.

Solidarity was thick in the humid air as campesinos chanted "Cor-e-a" over and over again, lit candles and held ceremonies.

But Lee Kyung-Hae was a warrior, one of the first to summit the barracade, and that spirit was celebrated as well. One by one, people launched coke bottles over the fence, cheering when one shattered against a riot cop. It appeared that they had learned a lesson from the day before...don't throw anything the cops can throw back.

As the sun set, drums and torches gathered in the park for a raucous march through the streets of Cancun. It was fast, fun and somewhat frustrating.

As more than 1,000 people approached the barricade, "leaders" steered the march away and back towards town. A Pizza Hut was tagged and smashed up along the way...but in all, it seemed like the boundless energy of the march was squandered.

In the end, the day seemed an appropriate way to celebrate September 11th...in vigil for fallen comrades, no love for the USA.

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