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Cancun Updates

Radio Hurakan transmitiendo en vivo por internet Radio Hurakan is born amidst the storm of resistance to the policies that the wto will discuss in cancun, and the need for the voices of the people to be heard - the rebel voices, the alternative voices, the voices of the community. All of these people have gathered at this moment to form agreements , discuss and dialogue, and bring communities together to create a more dignified and just world for all.

Actions inside the convention centre disrupt US delegation As the US delegation denied his right to speak, Alehandro Cavillo of Greenpeace calmly explained that today, the Biosafety protocol comes into effect. If the US pushes it's agenda, this protocol may be overridden by the WTO. One point that Alehandro made was that under this protocol governments have the right to protest their producers, consumers and biodiversity. This right is currently denied to Mexico, which suffers from the dumping of genetically modified grains from the US. The practices of 'dumping' subsidized exports on the Mexican market has made sure that local farmers can't compete. 600 farmers a day are leaving the land and heading towards the city.

Cancun - Sept 10th - Report from Starhawk Kyoung Hae Lee is dead. I don¹t yet know his story, only that he came with the Korean workers¹ contingent. I videoed them forming up in the march, carrying their proud banners, beating their drums and bells. They marched up at the front, with the campesinos and the other workers. When the march reached the police barricade, they split off, marched up to the fence, and Kyoung Hae Lee took his own life, stabbing himself in the heart in an act of ritual suicide.

Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 Martes, Nueve de Septiembre Protesting certainly has a culture...and we often marvel at the manifestations of such culture here in Cancun. Today marked the first series of marches to the perimeter fence: one march of students/black blockers/internationals and another of campesinos. We attended the first. It was filled with potential, and we are eager for tomorrow, but interactions seemed to hint at the age old conflict between the "non-violent" and the "radical".


'Civil Society' scores media coup at WTO meeting The largest media coup sofar in the WTO's 5th Ministerial Conference was scored minutes ago when a collection of groups described by Anuradha Mittal of the International Forum on Globalization as representing "civil society" staged a guerrilla press conference about the suicide of 56-year-old rice farmer and president of the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation Lee Kyung-hae here yesterday.

Primer kilómetro ganado / First Kilometer Gained El kilómetro cero es ya un punto de resistencia en la memoria colectiva. Kilometer zero has become a point of resistance in our collective memory.

10 September: Mass Mobilization in Cancun / 10 Septiembre, Mobilizacion Grande en Cancun About 7,000 farmers, indigenous people, environmental and social justice activists, and international supporters marched through downtown Cancun on Wednesday, with the objective of shutting down the WTO.

Declaración de Cancún Declaración de campesin@s e indígenas, durante la marcha del 10 de septiembre / Declaration of the Farmers and Indigenous, from the march on the 10th of september

Protesting Within the WTO Walls / Manifestacion Dentro de la OMC Standing within the WTO walls, approximately 40 prominent non-governmental organizations rose during the opening day of the forum and voiced their opposition to its economic and social policies.