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Gen. Wesley Clark Reportedly Is Asked to Join Dean

Last week, Dean said the United States should not "take sides" in the Middle East conflict and said that an "enormous" number of Israeli settlements would have to be dismantled as part of a peace agreement. Yesterday, Dean shifted course, saying the settlements should be left to negotiators.
Does Clark want to be part of Dean's bait and switch, windsock, impossible-to-pin-down strategy for campaigning? Or, how stupid could Clark be? Naturally this is the Washinton Post reporting this story, and the mainstream liberal websites reposting it - another dean-pimp publication.

Published on Thursday, September 11, 2003 by the Washington Post
Gen. Clark Reportedly Is Asked to Join Dean
by Jim VandeHei and Dan Balz

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has asked retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark to join his campaign, if the former NATO commander does not jump into the race himself next week, and the two men discussed the vice presidency at a weekend meeting in California, sources familiar with the discussions said.

Clark, in a telephone interview yesterday, said he did not want to comment about the private meeting. Asked about reports that the two men had discussed a wide range of issues, including endorsing Dean, joining the campaign, possible roles in a Dean administration and the vice presidency, he said only, "It was a complete tour of the horizon."

Later, an adviser quoted Clark as saying, "I have only one decision to make: Will I seek the presidency?"
Wesley Clark - A War Criminal? 11.Sep.2003 10:44

Fred - one more thing

The guy who almost started World War III?

From The Guardian, Tuesday August 3, 1999:

"No sooner are we told by Britain's top generals that the Russians played a crucial role in ending the west's war against Yugoslavia than we learn that if Nato's supreme commander, the American General Wesley Clark, had had his way, British paratroopers would have stormed Pristina airport threatening to unleash the most frightening crisis with Moscow since the end of the cold war.

"I'm not going to start the third world war for you," General Sir Mike Jackson, commander of the international K-For peacekeeping force, is reported to have told Gen Clark when he refused to accept an order to send assault troops to prevent Russian troops from taking over the airfield of Kosovo's provincial capital."