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forest defense

Red Alert for Straw Devil timber sale

Committed forest defenders needed at the Straw Devil timber sale!
****Red Alert****

Committed forest defenders needed at the Straw Devil timber sale & CFD office

The injunction protecting Straw Devil will end soon and the outcome of the Survey & Manage lawsuit is unknown. We need responsible folks to commit to protecting Straw Devil NOW before logging starts. Logging could also begin at several other sales in the Willamette NF including Pryor and East Devil (and Solo in the Mt Hood NF).

People are needed for town-based work (such as organizing fundraisers, giving orientation trainings, and collecting food & supplies). Housing is available. Folks with organizing experience are preferred, but others are welcome. Also both arrestable and non-arrestable committed people are needed for forest-based actions. Folks who can commit to at least 2 or 3 weeks are preferred.

Contact Cascadia Forest Defenders in Eugene at 541-684-8977

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122 Eugene, OR 97440

an idea 11.Sep.2003 14:03


an idea:
start using the offensive and pressure tactics employed by the Stop Huntington Animal Crulety (SHAC) campaign and the companies you seek to stop will need to be on the defensive. if they know that all they will need to deal with are hippies in tree sits, they will always come with force. check out shac's page for info

another idea 13.Sep.2003 11:56


Take the help that is/was offered, instead of preferring anything or anyone.
Teach, delegate, respect and encourage any and all offerings of support.
Love all those who want to help save the forest... and those on the fence.
Love yourselves
Be inclusive
Pray for tolerance
Learn unconditional acceptance

clarification 14.Sep.2003 16:38


the "experience preferred" type comments are strictly in reference to imminent logging and limited time to train new people. please don't be offended.
we have been training new people at various times and events for years.