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conservative newsgroups and trolling-- question

I'm looking for conservative discussion groups
After a couple months of reading indymedia, its become clear that a common thread of stories might flow like this

Post: Seemingly harmless article about cops beating down critical mass bike riders
Reply #1: General agreement, expression of outrage
Reply #2: Useful information about who to complain to in city government, with contact info
And then there's Reply #3: "Har har ahra!!! Stupid filthy hippies! I will now honk, swerve, cut off bikes and further more will continue to run my car so it runs poorly ...only so I can rev my engine when I go by a bike. [Actual quote] get a job jokers"
Replies 4-9 follow, blasting reply #3 with a mix of pity, rage, namecalling, etc.

Call it trolling or liberal baiting, but on the whole it's counter productive (it's not like you're going to change #3's mind with reasoned arguments or blue-in-the-face screaming) and a waste of energy that could be spent doing other things like oh say teaching children to read or volunteering. I wouldn't call poster #3 a "professional" but clearly there must be people who spend an hour a day or so just planting bombs in liberal discussion groups. Believing in free speech, I think that's just fine and people should be allowed to do whatever they want, even if their sole intent is to harm and disrupt others. No problem there.

So here's what I was wondering... are there grass roots media outlets or news groups or public discussion boards that are comparable to indymedia but are relatively popular havens for conservative thought?

In part I'd like hear exactly what these people are thinking (instead of reading sites that already reaffirm my beliefs and don't tell me anything I don't already know). And in part I think it'd be fun to return the favor of the conservative trolls... they seem to enjoy it.

I really don't think it would be that hard to free up 15 mins or a half hour a day to devote to this. Any ideas?
I agree 11.Sep.2003 09:29

Let's go play on their field

Good idea. I'd be happy to troll conservative sites. Just give me a link and I'm all over it.

Local conservative discussion groups 11.Sep.2003 10:14


Try any of the local TV stations' websites (KOIN, KATU, KGW, etc.) and click through until you find the discussion forums. KGW is particulary amusing, but you have to sign up to enter their site. Might be worth it, though.

It's not a local forum, but... 11.Sep.2003 13:37


There's always the Fresno, CA-based freerepublic.com site which as of the last time I checked has an open forum.

I used to really get my jollies from tweaking conservatives and (right) liberterians on the net at one time, but that period in my life is over. I prefer to engage people in one-on-one conversation these days.

(But who am I to deny the good clean fun to someone else who wants to take part?)


Ever listen to conservative radio? 12.Sep.2003 10:36


If you really like a good laugh listen to conservative radio. In portland 720 or 750 am, can't remember which one. It's a blast, you'll hear stupidity at it's finest. I know you can't reply unless you call, and even then your reply will be shut down by some loud mouth without any facts.
Just be careful if listening in your car. You get laughing pretty hard and may rear end a car at a stoplight.

libertynewsforum.com is a good place to raise HELL 20.Dec.2005 09:53


So yeah, go there and raise some hell for me! Iv'e already been kicked off 4 times, so I gotta find another one! Anyone on myspace is welcome to look at my profile! myspace.com/mattmann162000