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It's NOT Osama, by a Nose!

Two photos of Osama. They are not the same person.
Earlier Osama
Earlier Osama
When you first see these two photos of "Osama bin Laden" you have the impression that they are DIFFERENT people. Then you look a little longer and you think that they could be the same person but no, the length of the nose gives it away; these are two different men. The imposter even looks like he is wearing makeup, and the grey part in his beard is just a little too perfectly forked.
Latest Osama 11.Sep.2003 08:32


Duh, oh yeah, these are the same person....give me a break.
Latest Osama
Latest Osama

Who Cares 11.Sep.2003 08:37

Ed Harley

Well? Who?

The important thing to remember Ed...... 11.Sep.2003 08:46


.....is that someone in power is L - Y - I - N - G, that's right, they are not telling the truth and the media (CNN in this case) is going along with it. That is why people should care. Did you understand Ed?

i dunno, 'Observant'-- 11.Sep.2003 10:21

a previous Fake was more divergent

click on picture to see exact view of 2 Osamas

Where, behind the rabbit? It IS the rabbit! 11.Sep.2003 10:46


You look at the ears. Ears are like fingerprints and can distinguish between Osama and the fakes. Like that video where an alleged Osama takes credit for 911, that our inteligence agencies said was legit, while the guy on the video had large bulbus ears, contrasting to the small, delicate ears of Osama's other photos. Did Osama have his ears surgicaly altered for the making of a video where he claimed credit for 911, and after the video, have his ears surgicaly altered back to his original?

Go on Boyle, chop its head off. Right, one rabbit stew, comming up. "Jesus Christ!"

Okaaaay 11.Sep.2003 10:55


For a few minutes this Osama string was gone, long enough for me to post an article complaining and now it is back. Ignore my posting above.
I would still like to know why that happened. I refreshed my browser to see if I had and responses in the last two hours and this posting was gone.

French Expert: "New" Bin Laden Tape is OLD MATERIAL REHASH. 11.Sep.2003 11:50


Bin Laden Tape Is Old Material - French Expert

Thu Sep 11, 9:41 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - A leading French terrorism expert cautioned Thursday against taking the latest Osama bin Laden video at face value, saying it was largely an edited collection of old footage and sound tracks that have already been aired.

Wednesday, the Al Jazeera Arabic television station broadcast a tape of bin Laden and his right hand man Ayman al-Zawahri, in which the al Qaeda leader urges supporters to bury Americans in "the graveyard of Iraq."

But Roland Jacquard, head of the Paris-based International Observatory on Terrorism, told French radio that the tape was above all a show of defiance on the eve of the September 11 anniversary by al Qaeda number two al-Zawahri.

"We have to be extremely prudent about this message," Jacquard told Europe 1 radio.

"Given that Osama bin Laden has not appeared on a video cassette for many months it's pretty incomprehensible that in the only video cassette where he appears beside Ayman al-Zawahri he doesn't speak, he just allows the latter to speak.

"The voice of bin Laden we hear in the background, thanking the World Trade Center plane hijackers, is exactly the same message that was broadcast in a video cassette by Al Jazeera on 26 December 2001," he said.

Al-Zawahri's message was also old and had been broadcast by Dubai's Al Arabiya network on August 3, Jacquard said.

"Above all (this is) a message from the organization's number two, al-Zawahri, who wants to remind the world and the United States on September 11 that he's still around," he added.

Jacquard said some of the bin Laden pictures may even date from before the December 2001 offensive in Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains, where U.S. warplanes and their Afghan allies tried to wipe out bin Laden and his associates.

Nevertheless, the latest al-Zawahri soundtrack was recent, as he refers to recent events. But the pictures were old, the French expert said.

Other analysts have said the film appeared to have been taken in April or May.

Despite a massive manhunt launched in the wake of the September 11 attacks that killed more than 3,000 people, bin Laden has evaded capture and is believed to be still alive.

Jacquard said U.S. forces had launched a secret mission in Afghanistan's southeastern Zabul region, where the al Qaeda leader is protected by a local tribe. He said its chief is a major drug trafficker and one of bin Laden's personal doctors.

"(Bin Laden) is probably also protected by Pakistani (secret service) agents who financed him for many years, because each time a military operation is launched in a village where bin Laden is thought to have stayed, he always leaves this place a few days beforehand," Jacquard said.

Pakistan insists it continues to hunt down al Qaeda and other extremists but acknowledges that its porous border with Afghanistan makes tracking them down difficult.

The elegance of the scheme 11.Sep.2003 11:52

cahem cahem

The elegance of the scheme is that it's Osama pretending to be an imposter pretending to be Osama. He's frequently seen at barns and markets saying, "yes! I am Osama bin Laden. Ha ha ha ha ha!" And he's always met with an approving "ha ha ha. Would you like some fresh peaches, Osama? They came in from Florida last week." "Oh, yes," says Osama. "I love Florida peaches!"

hehehe 11.Sep.2003 18:53

at Cahem

I think the latest one is Osama.

The other one posted by "a previous fake..." looks really fake.

Anyway, good timing for Bush for this tape to come out now, eh? Too bad the French foiled him again. Those blessed chocolate-makers.

osama bin useful 11.Sep.2003 18:54

impeachable timing

Yeah, who cares if it's really Osama or not? All that matters is that it's just in time for "9 11... 9 11... 9 11... 9 11..."

Code Blue 11.Sep.2003 20:44


I bet my hard earned video poker money on the idea Osama is dead! And probably a video exists of the act. But I might double my wager on the idea Osama disappeared with some ineresting memos from Texas in his luggage(+ a few million in cash.) Come to think of it I care very little about the big 'O' and am more concerned with the doings of J. Ashcroft.

bush=osama 13.Sep.2003 14:09


it doesn't really matter whether osama is alive or dead - in itself,that's irrelevant.

what does matter is that this terrorist administration who financed and invented the taliban osama and then qaeda wants the world to believe that osama is alive in order to justi fy its terrorist war on terror and the ongoing occupation of afghanistan and iraq - aLL OF which only serve the purpose of enriching the military industrial complex that pulls the white house strings.

some might think its silly 31.Mar.2005 16:56

But I really read this from a "WOMENS HEALTH" Mag spiralpuma@yahoo.com

I read a story about a soldier whom supposedly stumbled onto "Osama been lyin" in a cave. the report says he was found on a dialisis machine and too sick and weak to walk. the article went on to say that the soldier was head of a unit that was assigned to search all the caves in the area for signs of a camp, well low and behold the old man greets them and wishes to speak to his superior. After the cap was contacted and arrives on scene, the cap radios his superior and after 15min recieves a reply to release the captive(without explanation). after trying to move on from the site the soldier says "Big O" wanted to be taken into custody in order to recieve proper medical attention considering the help he was recieving from the half dead dialisis machine. after Big O threaten to call the media and explain how the american army found tagged then released him. after this reached the ears of the superior officers the soldiers were then ordered to leave the soldiers whom actually stood in osama's presence and the O man himself to be dumped at the coordinates specified by them. Now Here's the Kicker, the article then discribes how the soldiers and the O-man are then wisked away by a private enterprise to be delivered to george bush sr (at the white house no less). when the soldier arrives the soldiers and osama alike are greeted as guest and offered a private/secluded/remote part of the white house for room and board, this troubled our hero whom breifly thought he was being taken to an M.I.B. memory reclaimation center (ha,ha- as nelson would put it). to be in the precence of the worlds most visible enemies and they're shaking hands and reminicing, (whoa),apperantly GB.sr and osama talk of world affairs over orange juice and tennis. kind of wierd considering the rumor that existed before all of this madness about the bushees doing ligitamate oil business with the bin ladens. wouldnt it be appropriate if there having breakfast together these days. ""cRAzY"" I know But Can You dig it. Can you even consider it all being a world stage hoax. Money, Baby, Money.