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Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry's, makes it easy to get involved with your government.

Now no excuse to not write your US Senators and Reps.
TrueMajority was founded by Ben Cohen, Co-founder, Ben and Jerry's. It is a grassroots education and advocacy project of Priorities, Inc., a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) corporation.


Once you register, you can go to our "Take Action" section and send faxes on on the issues we all care about to members of Congress and national leaders. The "10 principles" outlines our philosophy.

1. Attack poverty and world hunger as if our life depends on it. It does.

2. Champion the rights of every child, woman & man.

3. End our obstructionism to the world's treaties.

4. Reduce our dependence on oil and lead the world to an age of renewable energy.

5. Close the book on the Cold War and ease the nuclear nightmare.

6. Renounce Star Wars and the militarization of space.

7. Make globalization work for, not against, working people.

8. Ensure equal treatment under law for all.

9. Get money out of politics.

10. Close the gap between rich and poor kids at home.

After you register we will also send you e-mail alerts on critical issues. With one click of a button you can either send our suggested faxes or edit them yourself (and we'll still send them for you.) You are always free not to participate in any specific issue or remove your name from our list.


Mother adds: Pressure on your "leaders" is part of the arsenal of the resistance. Take advantage of this site to send letters on the issues. The only thing I would suggest is to re-write the pre-written letters into 3 or 4 to-the-point sentences in your own writing. Boilerplate gets counted, but I suspect "real" letters get counted more. You can also re-write the letters to say anything you like on any issue, an added bonus.

homepage: homepage: http://www.truemajority.com/