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The next mayor

I am new to Portland. There is a new mayoral election coming soon. Where can we find information about the candidates. Who is this francisconi about or the others. Portland is in desperate need of mavericks that can make their own path.
am new to Portland. There is a new mayoral election coming soon. Where can we find information about the candidates. Who is this francisconi about or the others. Portland is in desperate need of mavericks that can make their own path.
Francesconi is a City Commisioner 11.Sep.2003 07:11

who has been asleep for seven years

"Diamond Jim" Francesconi is a city commissioner who has been sleeping in a broom closet somewhere in City Hall for the last seven years. He has three hundred thousand dollars in his campaign "war chest" (see the Oregonian, September 11, 2003, Metro section) and is, at this time, basically running without serious opposition. As far as I can ascertain he has done little or nothing during his tenure on the council. He did manage to come up with an off leash plan for dogs in the parks (after twenty or so were poisoned and killed). His campaign financing has primarily come from the business fat cats in town (this is disclosed in the Oregonian article) so he will be a pawn of the developers. He waffles on the issues like laundry on the line. He claims to be the friend of small business, but voted for the retroactive business tax surcharge. He is an attorney by trade, but has virtually no private sector experience. He is not a native Portlander. Bottom line, he's just another professional politician following the normal stepping stones... councilman, mayor, congressman??.... to reach that "El Dorado" known as special interest lobbyist. He figures before it's all over he will raise and spend a million bucks to become mayor. Ever wonder why someone would raise and spend that kind of money for a ninety something thousand a year job? Must be a pay off somewhere.

There are no candidates for mayor worth voting for 11.Sep.2003 09:20

watching this race and shaking my head

Francesconi is a fascist

Potter is a former police chief of a corrupt police force

Phil Busse is the editor of the Portland Mercury

This discounts Phil Busse how? 11.Sep.2003 12:13


Phil Busse has courageously conducted thorough reporting on controversial issues. I think he understands what the average person wants. Who better than an editor at a news / entertainment weekly would understand the pulse of a city?

Vote for anyone who isn't a stuffed shirt puppet of the business elite, I say.

Phil Busse 11.Sep.2003 14:47

watching this race and shaking my head

Don't get me wrong, I think Phil Busse is the best of the lot. If no better candidate enters the race I will vote for him, in fact, I will work on his campaign.

But be realistic, rational and pragmatic for a moment. Now imagine Busse getting more than 15% of the vote. In all honesty I'll bet you couldn't envision average man and average woman in Portland casting their votes for Busse. That is all I meant. Busse might say and think all of the right things but he doesn't have a chance in hell in winning the race.

well... 11.Sep.2003 19:32


Sometimes thorough. Back when I was working with the local campaign to push the City to pass a civil liberties resolution, an effort which Busse supported, he wrote an article about it in which several salient points were either mischaracterized if just plain wrong. When when supports something, and has access to the people who are behind it, and still gets a bunch of stuff wrong, I don't know just how thorough that is.

Which is not to take away from his work as a whole, but this particular instance is the only piece to which I can offer inside/background information, an experience that made me at least wonder about the other stuff.

It didn't help that the Mercury didn't publish my letter of response, correcting the problems, which I wrote as a representative of the group pushign the resolution.

So, let's just say I have mixed feelings on the whole Busse campaign.

On Busse 12.Sep.2003 13:38

yak butter

I'm sure phil's a ncie guy, but to call him a "courageous reporter," or really, any kind of a reporter at all is just laughable. Read the mercury for christ sakes -- the "news" items are often just lifted from indymedia portland. Not in the word-for-word sense, but they seldom add any additional depth to the issues raised by the original indymedia postings.

Does he interview people? Rarely. And I've never seen him interview anybody of authority to comment on the "people vs. the man" type stories he runs -- isn't "the man" an important element of that kind of story?

The mercury's a fun read -- love that W. Steven Humphrey -- but it's anything but journalism.

That said, there aren't really any candidates out there for portland's progressive-sorts to back. But it's still early, and I imagine that will change.