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9.11 investigation

Do not be a coward! Stand up!

On this day two years ago, a clique within the United States Government, aided by Mossad, murdered 3,000 Americans in a deliberate act designed to seize power, strip Americans of their civil liberties, and wage an illegal and genocidal war against the people of the Middle East.
On this day two years ago, a clique within the United States Government, aided by Mossad, murdered 3,000 Americans in a deliberate act designed to seize power, strip Americans of their civil liberties, and wage an illegal and genocidal war against the people of the Middle East. Their motivation was three fold: to rob the petroleum assets of the Middle East and Central Asia, to eliminate obstructions to Israeli domination of the Middle East, and to complete the destruction of democracy in the United States of America, replacing it with a corporatist state, a form of government promulgated by Benito Mussolini (i.e. Fascism).

George Bush took steps to ensure that he would not be in Washington on September 11, 2001. The disposition of Richard Cheney on that day and during the many weeks that followed is still unknown. John Ashcroft was warned more than three weeks prior not to fly commercial jets. Condi Rice warned the mayor or San Francisco not to fly. Rumsfeld ensured that he would not be on the side of the Pentagon struck in the attack. The only jet shot down (yes, it was shot down), was the jet heading for the White House, despite adequate time to scramble jets and shoot down the other three aircraft.

Individuals at the American office of the Israeli company Odigo received instant message warnings hours before the attack. This is not only not disputed, it has been confirmed by Odigo and the FBI. During the year before 9/11, a group of Israeli spies disguised as art students visited hundreds of defense contracting firms and government offices, selling "art." This is not a matter of dispute. The DEA released a document concerning the operation. Defense contractors across the US were warned by the Department of Defense in March of 2001 that this Israeli operation was in progress. These spies were rounded up on and immediately after 9/11. They were deported to Israel without fanfare while thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims were rounded up, held in degrading conditions without charges and without lawyers, subject to abuse and torture, and then deported. The Israeli spies shadowed the theorized members of the al-Qaeda cell that are alleged to have carried out the attacks of 9/11. Mossad agents were observed filming the attacks on the WTC, arrested, and deported.

While all Americans were grounded in the wake of 9/11, George Bush gave special protection and safe conduct to the family of Osama bin-Laden. He permitted them to be gathered and flow out of the United States of America without investigation. In the months before 9/11, George Bush personally interfered with an FBI investigation of the bin-Laden family. George Bush's first business was financed by the bin-Laden family. Osama bin-Laden is still alive while many thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis are dead.

We, the American People, have been subject to a grand ruse. It is time to wake up and swallow the bitter pill of reality. George Bush was not elected. He is not the President of the United States. His illegal regime has stolen our freedom, ruined the good name of the United States, waged illegal wars unprovoked, engaged in torture, violated the US Constitution, and usurped the power and liberty of the American People.

Do not be a coward! Stand up!

UTTER BULLSHIT 11.Sep.2003 04:38


this is utter bullshit

Oh Sure 11.Sep.2003 05:30


Don't you think that if this was even partly true that the bush haters in the main stream press would be all over it? The Molly Ivins, Paul Krugmans and Maureen Douds would for sure make it known to the general public. Or do you think they would just let it lie? No chance.

I'm afraid it probably is true 11.Sep.2003 09:01


Bush haters in the mainstream press? Who you trying to kid.

It's a matter of record that Bush ordered a stand down and allowed this to happen.

Hey, I got a question for you. In that 9-11 report, the one Bush appointed, you know the one. Why did they sensor the Aug 6 briefing and 128 pages on the Saudi connection? Why doesn't Bush clear himself?

Bush now has us in a war for:

1) WMDs... No comment
2) Iraquis freedom... right
3) Because Saddam sponsored 9-11... really?

If you know any connection between Saddam and 9-11 then tell us, so we'll become Bushies too.

guilty untill proven innocent 11.Sep.2003 09:05

for your lies only :]

wheres the proof ? you ask. the most powerful people in the world dont need proof . they dead lock investigations poeple of interest come up missing or deadand the major media networks did say bush had no proof of W.M.D or in essence the administration LIED! PROOF?,noam chomsky has volumes of proof that this is business as usual for multi-millionair business pirates and politicians ,that the u.s.is a hub for world domination exploitation and systematic slavery ,even for white people, gasp! why? heres your proof . Because here in the united states there are millions of tax payers watching billions of tax dollars {education healthcare firefighters social systems welfare}go to kill poor people in other countries in order to pave the way for future investments for the aforementioned pirates. YOU DOUBTER ARE MY PROOF!

just opinion 11.Sep.2003 12:00

no proof

can't color it anyother way than bullshit.

attempts at getting proof are thwarted by the government 11.Sep.2003 12:07


If the cause of the Bush administration is so just, wouldn't they gleefully investigate 9-11 and share with all who will listen the results, to reinforce their position? Why so vigorously squelch any investigation? Don't believe they do this? Try researching "9-11 investigation" and post what you come up with. Use books, the Internet, private investigators, whatever way you want to find the information.

I don't really think you believe that the statements in the original post aren't true. I think you want readers to doubt. You may even be a paid troll.

Bullshit or No 11.Sep.2003 12:12

Picky Person

Could we have some sources for the original post? Lends no credence without backing.

those in the matrix... 11.Sep.2003 13:30


My friend, smaller doses of the truth might be in order here. Stating the whole truth without showing proof makes it sound like a steaming pile of lies. Those of us with access to information know you're right. But the truth is heart-breaking.

. 11.Sep.2003 14:51


Well stated.

Do Your Reasearch 11.Sep.2003 16:06

avoid the gatekeepers

for proof check out: fromthewilderness.com, cooperativeresearch.org, there are so many more but thats a good place to start. Oh yeah check out The Guardian as well.
Or listen to KBOO they just had a great show outlining the inconsistencies,facts,etc. I athink there will be more at the 5:00 news hour.

more good sites for getting info 11.Sep.2003 16:14