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Death of Horus

poetry for the class-less
Death of Horus

Burnt tofu curry tomatoes'
ancient hieroglyphic
plastic forked meal
line growing in the north park grass
supporting the pyramid
Illuminati theory of power
The bottom stones hold everything
up right
but we revere the all-seeing
eye at the top
Epluribus my ass
ask the burnt tofu
Chinese Tao
removing which stone
will degrade and collapse the structure
rests on crosslegged vegan curry
eating scavengers
We are everywhere
defying SUV Soldiers
ridiculous ranchers roped and doped
by their car payment house payment
and herded onto the freeway
onramps' Friday 6:00 PM
clogged arteries' TV worship of shiny cars
they don't even own
The corporate banker state can take
their testicles at any time
and wear them as an amulet
to ward off stock market crashes

I live in an apartment
soaking tomorrow's beans
the anti-creativity police
hammering my head
"You've got to join society
get up and go to work"
does this mantra disturb
my sentences longing to
run free across the white
pristine landscape left
after I cried over all
we've lost
the last two years

My friend says she saw
robins today and a dog
kill a cat for fun
I have no more tears for
this dog eat cat world
I have given my grief
for all the days
neither lived nor remembered
by the anti-creative Gaude
counting his silver
SUV Soldiers and salivating over
their obedience to his powerful magic
makes the guilty into Gaudes
and the innocents insane
ly ashamed of their sorrow
taught to believe
the top stones are closer
to heaven sky

But all I see are crows
starlings sparrows and
pigeon-holed ideas all black and gray
the same mediocrity everyday
worshipped as Sum Gaude
demanding allegiance
built on the bricks of suffering
ignorance of all power
and joy rests
crosslegged in the north park grass
Forgive us all for accepting
we should be punished
for carrying their guilt
With a shrug
the top stones
all fall down

poet34 9/11/03