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32nd Anniversary of Attica Rebellion and Massacre Sept 9-13TH - Documentary showing on the 13th

THE SOUND BEFORE THE FURY OF THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED- L.D. BARKLEY. ON SEPT9th 1971 over 1300 prisoners took over a portion of attica state prison, held over thirty hostages, and attempted to gain certain civil liberties over the course of five days. They had tried to protest oppressive conditions in all other ways but to no avail. During the occupation they brought in the media to see the degradation, and outside observers to negotiate their demands. On Sept 13th they were massacred 39 dead 150 shot and 1289 tortured, in what was the bloodiest one day encounter between Americans in the 20th century.

On September 13th the 32nd anniversary of the ATTICA massacre LAUGHING HORSE BOOKS will be showing Cinda firestone's 1973 documentary ATTICA. We will have a discussion afterward as well as a moment of silence for those who suffered and died for the struggle against racism, u.s. imperialism, slavery, and of course fascism. 3652 SE DIVISION ST 503-236-2893 7PM FREE.
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