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THE SOUND BEFORE THE FURY OF THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED- L.D. BARKLEY. ON SEPT9th 1971 over 1300 prisoners took over a portion of attica state prison, held over thirty hostages, and attempted to gain certain civil liberties over the course of five days. They had tried to protest oppressive conditions in all other ways but to no avail. During the occupation they brought in the media to see the degradation, and outside observers to negotiate their demands. On Sept 13th they were massacred 39 dead 150 shot and 1289 tortured, in what was the bloodiest one day encounter between Americans in the 20th century.
On september 13th the 32nd anniversary of the ATTICA massacre LAUGHING HORSE BOOKS will be showing Cinda firestone's 1973 documentary ATTICA. We will have a discussion afterward as well as a moment of silence for those who suffered and died for the struggle against racism, u.s. imperialism, slavery, and of course fascism. 3652 SE DIVISION ST 503-236-2893 7PM FREE.
On august 21st 1971 George Jackson was murdered in san Quentin during what we now know to be a co-intelpro planned escape attempt. George Jackson was a man who was idolized by many. He was a member of black panther party and an awesome writer. He along with a few others played a great role in turning on prisoners to the true nature of amerikan racism and fascism. He helped start the prison movement and brought together prisoners of all races the knowledge of who the REAL enemy was. SLAVERY 400 years ago slavery today. When he was murdered almost the entire prison population of ATTICA quickly organized a day of silence and fasting. This terrified the fuck out of the guards and empowered the prisoners cause they saw that if they could get together for this they could get together for other things as well.
All the terrible unspeakable LOCK EM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY types of things that go on in prison appear to have been even worse at ATTICA. 60 PERCENT OF THE INMATES WERE AFRICAN AMERIKAN zero percent of the guards were, all were white. in fact most of the town that thrived of the prison was very very white. In reading several statements made during the occupation by towns people as well as prison officials we can see that RACISM played a HUGE part at attica. The mayors wife is quoted as saying " the colored boys cause all the problems", and a guard coming out of attica after the massacre is quoted as saying "NOW THATS WHITE POWER" referring to the killing of 39 people and the shooting of 150. It is also noted and can be seen in news footage-that the observers committee whenever interviewed by the press outside the prison is taunted by the towns people and re-peatedly called NIGGER LOVERS.
I should also point out that on may 12 prisoners sent a manifesto of thirty demands to commissioner OSWALD, and in July another more focused letter was sent and signed by 5 inmates it was 8 pages and demanded satisfaction on 27 items. "THESE ITEMS ARE BEING PRESENTED TO YOU. THERE IS NO STRIKE OF ANY KIND TO PROTEST THESE DEMANDS. WE ARE TRYING TO DO THIS IN A DEMOCRATIC FASHION. WE FEEL THERE IS NO NEED TO DRAMITIZE OUR DEMANDS" OSWALD later agreed to 13 of the 27 demands but only during the rebellion. These were not crazy demands either- better food- prisoners were fed on 67 cents a day. Better medical care- there were two doctors that could be seen 2 hours a day five days a week and one of them is quoted as saying "they're animals". Other items were better pay- they got like 40 cents a day for working 10 hour shifts in a 105 degree metal shop, and religious freedom, no censorship of mail. The whole transportation to a non-imperialist country only came about during the rebellion and was only supported by a small portion of the inmates occupying the yard. It should also be noted that five countries offered to take them. I am getting ahead of myself I only wish to share with you the truth that the prisoners complaints were valid and not unreasonable.
On September 9th guards stoped what they thought was a fight but was really a football game, violence form the guards inflicted on a black inmate was one too many times and this inmate PUNCHED THE GUARD, which was unheard of cause it meant that persons murder. Long story short they took control of D yard known to the inmates as times square. During this time while all the prisoners revolting in different sections tried to scramble to times square, guards tried to not let them and in one case as told by attica survivor SPLITTING THE SKY "sixty inmates pushed and pulled on this iron gate 60 men ripped it from it's foundation." Debris from the crumbling stone fell down on a guard (NOLEN) was guarding the gate trying to prevent the prisoners from getting to D yard-this is important because this guard died and inmates feared they would all be charged with murder which is why they demanded amnesty- which was never given and which is a big reason why the rebellion ended the way it did. That and rich white dudes luv to kill negroes- troopers before going into the yard were told to only shoot at black since all the hostages were white.
During the inmate occupation of d yard prisoners held elections, set up an elaborate p.a. system so all the prisoners could hear, they would not move unless they all agreed, they slept on the ground while the hostages slept on mattresses they were given what little medication there was while the prisoners went without, it is well documented that they were treated well and protected by inmate guards from other inmate harm. I t is also true that on the 5th day after still no progress was made on the issue of amnesty the prisoners did take some hostages out on the catwalk with homemade knives to their throats, but only after the water was shut off.
Here is a very very important thing to know about attica. Nine hostages were killed yet no hostage was killed by an inmate, yet on the morning of the 13TH prison officials leaked stories to the press that hostages were having their throats slashed and that one was even castrated. Many forms of news media went with the slashing story, yet a day later after an autopsy was done it was found out that all 9 had died from gun shot wounds and none were slashed or castrated. As stated above 39 were murdered (and some after the initial police raid, many inmates tell stories of being put in little cells with guns to their heads and once it was found out that they were not leaders of the rebellion they were not killed, many were according to this reports). 4500 rounds of ammunition were fired 150 were shot and all were tortured in various nasty ways. Come on the 13th and learn much more i'm going to eat. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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