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Indymedia meetings on Saturdays

Every Saturday at the Red and Black at 5pm indymedia volunteers get together to talk about the cool projects they are working on and to meet new people. If you are interested in being involved in media activism, come on by. Whether it is video, audio, writing articles, helping with center column features or outreach that interests you, your skills and/or enthusiasm are needed and welcome. There are many effective, creative and satisfying projects, both existing and envisioned that people can work on. Indymedia needs more volunteers! Women are particularly encouraged to get involved.
Portland Indymedia is a loose collective of media focused activists. Meetings are enjoyable and open, with work and laughter mixed together. Within the guiding principles, people act autonomously from their own creative impulse. People who like doing audio, work together and do audio. Portland indymedia is a creative and dynamic cauldron within which to develop ones skills, and do effective work in the world.
I have escaped from the woodshed 10.Sep.2003 16:07


i the one true leader at indymedia

disregard these posers and prepare

for doooom!!!!!!!!