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Please look, please comment.
Alright, check out what just happend out Boston Indymedia:

Veritas is me, and @ is Steven DeVoy I believe. Who George Bullock and KOBE are, I have not a clue.

Hmm... (english)
Veritas 3:40pm Tue Sep 9 '03

I wouldn't necessarily call it "successful". Yes, the turnout was quite good, and we certainly had the numbers on our side. What we didn't do was use those numbers to our advantage. Passive resistance like this will not get us anywhere, direct action is the only path to democracy under our current government, and is the only way that leaders will listen to us. We HAVE TO pressure them, and give them reasons to do what we want. Direct action needs to have a more prominent role at future demonstrations.
Veritas is a fake. (english)
@ 4:13pm Tue Sep 9 '03

First of all, from the semantic content of the reply by Veritas, we can see that he was not at the protest. There was direct action at the protest. Everything about the protest was successful. The number of individuals present were about 1000. This was far beyond expectations, given that only a few days notice was provided and given that the protest was at 8:00 AM on a work day. Ashcroft could not avoid the message - that he is despised by Bostonians and that Bostonians reject his treasonous acts.

As for the protestors, many of them, perhaps for the first time, felt the strength of unity among the people. Our triumph was complete.

As for "Veritas," he has been posting on LA IndyMedia in coordination with KOBE members KOBE SBM and "Rational Normal Person." Veritas is a fake. Furthermore, Veritas posted here yesterday attempting to provoke activists into making public their protest tactics. This is something that law enforcement would desire and something that, had Bostonians been dumb enough to respond to, would have damaged our protest.

George Bullock (the actual identity of Veritas), being a resident (perhaps former resident) of Los Angeles and knowing very little about the nature of New Englanders, grossly underestimates the level of education and political awareness amongst Bostonians. Bostonians are amongst the most politically savy of all Americans. His "COINTELPRO" bullshit will not fly here.

Now, Veritas (or other fake identities for George Bullock) will likely post responses about how he is "really an activist" and that it is paranoid to accuse him of being George Bullock. However, more than one and half years have gone into investigating the KOBE group. Knowledge of all of their techniques has been accured and many gigabytes of data concerning their activities has been warehoused.

If KOBE is associated with law enforcement, it is no surprise that KOBE underestimates political activists. The average IQ of a police officer is right about normal or slightly below normal. The average IQ of a political activist is significantly above normal. Law enforcement types suffer from being sufficiently stupid to be unable to understand that their targets are more intelligent than they are.

Now, stop making an ass out of yourself Bullock. If you do work for the FBI, you've proven the FBI to be quite low in intellectual ability and without ethics. Your foolish attempts to discredit real activists merely strengthen our resolve to continue the struggle against your police state.
Holy fucking shit. (english)
Veritas 5:38pm Tue Sep 9 '03

Holy fucking shit. That is all I have to say. I think I've lost all faith in Boston Indymedia. Apparently I've been posting on LA Indymedia. I haven't even fucking ever LOOKED at LA Indymedia. And actually, amindst your making of assumptions, you failed to realize that I WAS at the demonstration. I fucking called in sick to school so I could go, and now I have to forge a note with my mom or dad's signature. Alright, I'm tired of you making assumptions about me apparently being "George Bullock". I don't even have a fucking clue who he IS. I suggest you meet me at the anti-capitalist "beach party" at Downtown Crossing this saturday at 2 o'clock. I'll be wearing black boots, tight black pants, and a bright orange shirt with a hood. I might have an olive green bandana around my neck, not on the face however, that's for when I see any video cameras. I'll wait outside the exit of Downtown crossing from 2:00 until 2:30 if you want to meet. I'm tired of this and want to put an end to all this bullshit. It's like I can't express my opinion that we need to employ more direct action (ie rush Faneuil Hall in this case). That would make a much bigger impact than solely chanting and gathering outside. If we want our leaders to change their minds about things, we need to put direct pressure on them. During the anti-war protests a while back, we should have been clogging up the streets and stopping the normal process of business in our country. Things like that, on a large scale, would have made the Bush administration a bit more reluctant to start a war. And in no way am I saying that we should have no rallies and gatherings and chanting either. We need both. The former to pressure our leaders, and the latter to change public opinion in our favor. That is my opinion, and I would like to be able to express it on my familiar Boston Indymedia site. I have never visited the LA Indymedia site, and I don't really plan to since I don't live and never have lived in California, or anywhere outside the northeast for that matter. I am not George Bullock, I don't even know who he is, nor do I really care. Steve DeVoy and George Bullock are two names that I've seen thrown around on these boards and I have no idea who either of them are, and no idea what their conflict is, so I have no desire to get involved. I am struggling to find a way to discuss protest tactics without police suspicion, and without being called "COINTELPRO".

So meet me on saturday, and please let us clear this up once and for all.

Once again, black boots, tight black pants, orange shirt with a hood, green bandana around the neck, and light brown hair. Between 2:00 and 2:30 outside the Downtown Crossing subway stop.


So yeah, that's it. I don't know who he is, but I really hope he meets me, I'm tired of being called COINTELPRO.

question 09.Sep.2003 18:02

inquiring mind

You're posting this to portland indymedia, why?

Strange 09.Sep.2003 21:50

Mother of Sam

This may be anecdotal, but I clicked on the link to LA Indymedia on the Sherman Austin story from this site last night, and found a post (bogus) that Austin had been killed. The post after that was directed to "KOBE" saying that he was sick. That post is gone today, but this is the second time in two days that name has come up. Sounds like a roving troll. Veritas, you are young, and security is way more important than you might realize. I am also not sure why you are posting here, since your problem is in Boston. Are you asking for help? Advice? Just venting?

The Strangeness Never Ends. 09.Sep.2003 23:11


Yes, @ is Stephen DeVoy (at least sometimes). I do occasionally post as "@". I'm sure others occasionally post as "@" too.

No one knows for sure whether KOBE is COINTELPRO. KOBE certainly looks like COINTELPRO, but that does not mean that KOBE could not be a private operation. Perhaps it is simply the work of the twisted owner of the KOBEHQ website who uses the name "George Bullock?" KOBE has claimed to be connected to the FBI but they have claimed to be connected to the JDL as well. Solid evidence exists of an FBI connection. Evidence of a JDL connection is strong but only circumstantial.

Personally, I think "Veritas" is a fake. His posts seem to follow KOBE posts. He requested that activists reveal their tactics on Boston IndyMedia before the Ashcroft protest (something that Bostonians were savy enough not to do).

If "Veritas" is not a fake, then "Veritas" is very naive. In any case, for more information on KOBE's "COINTELPRO" like operation, see:


Silly request. 09.Sep.2003 23:15


Veritas, why on earth would you ask me to meet you on Saturday at 2:00 in Downtown crossing when you know, full well, that I spend every Saturday with the disorganized resistance in Cambridge? Also, Veritas, you stated that you would show up at the disorganized resistance gathering in Cambridge last Saturday. As usual, I was in Cambridge protesting. Had you shown up, you could have introduced yourself. Finally, you stated that you would be at the protest against Ashcroft today. I was there and I was very obvious. I had a large black flag, was handing out bright red leaflets, and was handing out stickers that read "Free Sherman Austin." Since about 30% of the 1000 people at the demonstration know me, I'm sure they would have pointed me out to you.

I conclude, from the above, that you are a fake.

? 10.Sep.2003 00:47


what is cointelpro...thanks

This and that 10.Sep.2003 06:36


Cointelpro is, in essence, government pig spying targeted at activists. Keyword search it for more details.

All this KOBE crap has been all over DC-IMC for a year or so now. It's one of those things that just needs to go the fuck away. An annoyance...some juvenile paranoid ramblings...worthy of composting if only for being completely fucking irrelevant...

Thank you. 10.Sep.2003 09:00


Thank you Adili. I posted on here because one of my friends has frequently posted here, knows someone in the Portland area, and said that the people who usually post on here are cool. In a way I was venting, looking for someone who was actually on my side. And Stephen Devoy, I did see you at the Ashcroft protest, although I wasn't sure if it was you, I just saw your Disorganized Resistance hand-outs. Also, I thought that an anti-capitalist gathering at Downtown Crossing in protest solidarity with the WTO meetings in Cancun Mexico would be more important than your weekly gatherings at Harvard Square. Maybe you could bring everyone on over to Downtown Crossing for a nice day of anti-capitalism, I don't know. In fact, I dont' really know how you found my post on here, weird. I'm done posting on here, thanks everyone.

yep 10.Sep.2003 09:30


Hey @, I Was with Brian (Veritas) at the Ashcroft protest. You handed us a flyer. We did see you. Although, we didn't know what you looked like until afterwards. (we notice your flyer /leaflet had DISORGANIZED RESISTANCE on it. )You the man with the curley hair and the black flag.

Please do come to the downtown crossing.

Is this boston.indymedia or portland.indymedia? 10.Sep.2003 10:17


...then again, Portland was almost named Boston, so I guess the same essential question was asked 160 or so years ago...


Have a nice day :-)

Cool people yes... 10.Sep.2003 10:41


Veritas, PDX IMC is chock-full of outstanding minds contributing on a daily basis. Uniformly excellent thinking, in fact. Over the course of visiting other IMCs for ground-level perspective, I've come into contact with this obscure fucking nonsense re: KOBE, in particular on DCIMC. As important as 'it' is to you, at no point have I ever read any succinct, clear explanation of what 'it' is. I HAVE had to wade through a lot of juvenile, obscure, irrelevant nonsense to get to actual news, though. It is precisely this -that you're wasting my fucking time- that brings me down perhaps a little over-hard on you when I see it rear its head here.

If your problems with this KOBE 'thing' are of concern to the activist community at large, explain it so we can understand it (this is the important part...you're a prolific writer but shockingly unfocused) and ask us for help finding a solution. PDX IMC is a focal point for a lot of exceptional activist thinking. If anyone can help, folks here can. If all you can muster are obscure, unsupported, fantastic rants of the variety I've had to endure on DCIMC, please please please just don't. It's Portland, not DC...not LA...not Boston...Portland.