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9.11 investigation

Meacher article re. 9.11, as posted in news around the world

As mentioned elsewhere on the newswire ("Text The Cheshire Story - And after the American media was done, nothing was left but a grin",  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/09/271472.shtml), the U.S. media has ignored the story of a former British cabinet member accusing the BushCabal of 9.11 foreknowledge. Here are some links showing that this was a story elsewhere in the world.
Original essay by Meacher:
This war on terrorism is bogus: The 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination
Sept. 6

follow-up Guardian story:
Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war
Ewen MacAskill, diplomatic editor
Saturday September 6, 2003

Stories in other news sources around the world:

Ex-minister attacks US over war
Sept. 6

The London Times Online responded with
The conspiracy-theory cynics only confirm their political ignorance 08 Sep 2003
89% US fury at 'offensive' Meacher 07 Sep 2003
but can't make links -- subscription required

The Daily Star, Bangladesh
Ex-UK minister says US may have let Sept 11 attacks to happen
AP, London
Sept. 6
The Hindu, India
'US may have deliberately allowed Sept. 9/11'
London, Sept. 6 (PTI)

Bangkok Post
US `knowingly failed to intercept attacks'
[AP Story]
Sept. 8

The Muslim News
This war on terrorism is bogus
By Michael Meacher
London, The Guardian
Sept. 6

Ananova (British PDA news service)
Ex-Blair minister accuses US of allowing Sept 11 attacks
Sept. 6

Al Jazeerah
UK MP Sparks Fury Over Sept. 12 Claims
Ewen MacAskill, Arab News
Sept. 6

Gulf Times (Persian Gulf)
Former UK minister accuses US over Sept 11
Sept. 7

linked to World News Network story:
Saudi Times
European Commission
Kabul Daily
Kazakhstan News
Wyoming Post (!)

The Dawn, Pakistan
The war on terrorism is bogus: Former UK minister savages Washington, London
By Michael Meacher
Sept. 7

Lebanonwire.com linked to Guardian story

World Socialist Web Site
Meacher: terrorism a pretext for conquest
British official charges US "stood down" on 9/11
By Bill Vann
8 September 2003
where's the coverage? 09.Sep.2003 16:47


I was wondering why the global IMC hasn't displayed this story. I might have missed it, but this story seems far to important to ignore.

........... 09.Sep.2003 18:56

Magic Bird

Damn right it is an important story. This is one of those rare stories that is maddening in that it is so obviously a weak point for Bush if enough people push this and yet most of the so called opposition basically ignores it. Almost like there is an unconscious urge to fail.

The truth will out! 09.Sep.2003 22:19

Linda Sheldon pru44444@hctc.com

I read the article last night, and couldn't e-mail it fast enough to my friends. Those of us who've been following events since 9/11 in the foreign press were aware of just about everything in Meacher's story months ago, but not until now has it appeared -- all neatly packaged and tied together -- in a mainstream news source. We must KEEP THIS STORY HIGHLY VISIBLE, BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH! Send it to everyone you know. The truth will out!!

Michael Meacher on U.S. TV (now as Online Video) 27.Sep.2003 01:19

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001 nicohaupt@yahoo.com

We met Meacher in Boston: "Both Wars were planned in advance before 9/11"

Global Free Press
from the INN-Report/GFP dept. News

Update: Meacher TV Interview now up as Online Flash Video (09/26)
(Flash/RealVideo/Quicktime now up on Startpage of INN TV)

In an exlusive cooperation, GlobalFreePress arranged an Interview with former British Minister Michael Meacher, which was broadcasted by INN News Report on Friday, 6PM EST on U.S. Television (repeated on Saturday, September 20 at 9AM EST and Sunday, September 21 at 1PM EST). Meacher explained, that both Wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were planned in Advance before 9/11; he spoke about the role of PNAC, Oil and Cheney's controversial Energy Task Force in 2001.

Michael Meacher
Michael Meacher