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OrganicVolunteers.com aims to encourage sustainable agriculture and lifestyles

Are you tired of marching in the street begging the politicians to transform the world? Do you feel protests have lost there effectiveness? Do believe that getting arrested for social justice really doesn't change anything and just ends up being an expensive visit to jail?

Let's face it the negative approach of protest and lobbing has outlived its usefulness. Panhandlers are more effective at getting what they want then protestors and non-profs. What progressives need is a new approach, a positive step towards change, one where we stop begging the corrupt system to change itself. We need to take things into our own hands. We must build an alternative system that's sustainable and socially just. We need positive action rather than negative reaction in order to change the world's direction. OrganicVolunteers.com, the brainchild of an Idahoan, is one such organization that attempts to put the tools of positive action into your hands.

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