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End of Story on stolen ZooBomb bikes

We can't let this happen!
I found these bad bikes and I'm taking them down
I found these bad bikes and I'm taking them down
The final low down on who, what and why???.........
The officers involved were PPB officer Suttle and Beaverton Police officer Coulson. The bikes they stole, (the total seems less than the # of bikes in the pictures I took), approx 15, were turned in to the Portland Police Downtown Evidence/Property Room, located on 17th and Jefferson. The clerk I spoke with @ about 11:30 today claims that unless the owners can prove ownership to the officers who turned them in as "found property", they will be destroyed. Yesterday, 2 members of ZooBomb were helped in writing a letter by an Attorney who is sympathetic to freedom and those of us who do not conform to the narrow band of what is now "acceptable behavior and appearance" in downtown Portland. Any ideas for a stronger statement. What is next? Will they start picking locks of all "different-looking" bikes that are "found" in downtown with un-approved paint jobs? Did anyone expect the Portland Police to act differently under new leadership?
Stand UP! Unite! Resist! In the immortal words in the one-hit-wonder song by Four Non Blonds: "What's Up", to be yelled at the top of your lungs, "WHATS GOING ON?"

ID 09.Sep.2003 12:19


Their whole idea is to try to identify the ZooBombers by name so they can be targetted in the future. You go in there with your ID and your "proof" of ownership and BLAMMO! you're now in their database. Who the hell saves the receipt for a used bike anyway?! I've had mine since 1989... how can I "prove" it's mine?

Top Tri-Met Cop 09.Sep.2003 12:53

99th Monkey

The "Boss" of the Tri-Met Police is Captain Bell, offices in the little sub station in Chinatown. Ph # is 503-962-5835 Don't stop calling until he yells "uncle" and agrees to take the bikes back to where they were "found"!!!

DESTROYED?!?! 09.Sep.2003 13:13


<< unless the owners can prove ownership to the officers who turned them in as "found property", they will be destroyed >> ???
Correct me if I'm wrong, the ARE bicycles we're talking about here and NOT stray cats. Sounds as these "gentlemen" have issues.

Beaverton? 09.Sep.2003 13:34


Why was a Beaverton police officer confiscating bikes in downtown Portland? Does it have something to do with the MAX? Could this help you build a case that Zoobombers are being targeted and harassed for your legal activities (use of the Max and roads), and that your bikes weren't obstructing the sidewalk at all? Have you people talked to Rocco's Pizza? They know you, right? Will they speak out and say that there is never a problem with obstructing the sidewalk?

Just some thoughts.

Just a thought 09.Sep.2003 13:55

Teddy Ruxpin (known far and wide as a lousy typist)

Yes, if you go claim them you will be in their system, but some of you already are!

Just have the zoobombers who have been ticketed in prior zoobomb incidents go claim the bikes as a lot. They can not add them to the system becaues they are already in it, thus thier ploy to identify more zoobombers will fail.

Have one or two people claim the entire lot of bikes as the official rep of the zoobombers, and ask rocco's pizza staff to write a letter verifying they witnessesd zoobombers putting the bikes there and those bikes are all zoobomber proterty.

Providing "proof of ownership" does not have to be a recipt, it can be an affidavit (nothing more than a letter, written in crayon on toilet paper if you want) from one reputable source identifying another source as the owner of the entire lot of bikes. The management of Rocco's (or any roccos employee) is a "reputable" source.

Then go put them all back, and keep doing this over and over again until they get tired of it.

backlash 09.Sep.2003 14:07

junked bikes

Hey Everyone, instead of recycling your old broken down bikes, chain them up to stop signs in downtown Portland in solidarity with the Zoobombers!

Proof of ownership 09.Sep.2003 14:32


Maybe a new Zoobomber requirement would be to have a photo taken of you with your bike, making sure that it's identifiable markings are very clear, and that you have a big smile.

This could be shown as proof of ownership in the future.

Valid Tri-Met ticket, front and rear reflectors, photo with your bikey! Did I forget anything?

easy proof... 09.Sep.2003 16:11


The easiest and most obvious way I can think of to proove those bikes are yours, is to walk in there with the key to the lock they picked to steal them!!

This is outragous.

Good ideas but would this help 09.Sep.2003 22:04


Can the zoobombers go to claim their property as a group accompanied by an attorney representing them. Chances are you would get fucked with a lot less w/an attorney present. Maybe a lawyer out there could post contact info and the zoobombers involved could coordinate a time.

Those cops are such assholes. What a bunch of dicks!! Sheeeesh!

How about stickers... 10.Sep.2003 00:58


How about stickers identifying the bikes as Zoo Bomb or community bicycles. Owned by everyone. In Portland there was an effort, several years ago, to promote bicycling by providing free bikes around town. People could pick one up, ride it around, drop it off anywhere for use by someone else. This was a city program. Why don't the Zoo Bombers and Chunkers and City bikes and other commuity bicycle supporters revive that community program put stickers on the bikes and if the cops take them then they are depriving the community of a community resource rather than targeting a minority group.

By targeting Zoo Bombers they are already diminishing the heart and soul of a lively community and diminshing Portland. They are allowed to do this because Zoo Bomb is a minority. I suggest connect with the community in a visable and positive manner as participants in the cycling community, gather community support, and push back police negitivity with youthful positivity. Don't play their game...we're too mature and smart for these short-dick knuckle heads to control.

Proud of Portland and Beaverton PD 10.Sep.2003 08:21

Concerned Citizen

I am amazed at the time that is wasted on trivial screaming by a group of people who, either have very little intellect or refuse to acknowledge the dedication these fine officers give to their chosen profession. These policemen do their jobs whether the weather is good or bad, they do their jobs whether they believe in the cause they are protecting, and they do their jobs whether they like it or not. They follow rules, day after day, to protect and serve those citizens who abuse them, ridicule them, and never take the time to think about the families of the policemen who sit at home wondering if the people they love are being killed or hurt. You liberal minded individuals who ridicule our policemen would be the first to call on the police department if there was a problem, but you are the first to point the ugly finger of abuse to make fun and try to make a point of some insignificant degree about what a policeman should be doing. They do the things they have sworn to do, they uphold the law and make this a better place to live. You people should be ashamed of yourselves and find meaningful opportunities to appluad our dedicated policemen, not complain and make up trash about these fine men. The highest honor you can give to a policeman is to say that they have done their duty in a lawful and consistant manner. Thank you Portland and Beaverton PD.

Nice Try, 'Concerned Citizen' 10.Sep.2003 08:42

Ed Harley

You're abviously a cop trying to trumpet a bunch of emotionally-laden myths about police. Cops are just a bunch of people with jobs, like anyone else. They're not heroes. Do construction workers do their jobs whether it rains or not? How about cab drivers and loggers? Not to mention that all three of these occupations are far more dangerous than policing (alll three are more likely to be killed on the job). Also, praising people for "following orders" day after day is pretty goddamn scary. Get a fucking clue, and stop trying to praise a bunch of thugs and mercenaries just because they have a badge. They're no better than anyone else. In fact, most of them are worse.

what drugs are you on? 10.Sep.2003 08:54


Concenced citizen, what drugs are you on? Did you not realize that the primary reason for a Portland Police officer to be admitted to the emergency room is NOT the result of violence but injury related to the insertion of foreign objects into the rectum? Jeez, get your facts straight.

And have you not heard all the stories about those "parties" they have on weekends? Vegan Jello shots with Viagra, sheep-shearing, cooking in the hot tub...there's more to being a cop than you see on TeeVee.

Putting their lives on the line 10.Sep.2003 09:29

concerned spouse

I have a few things to say to those people who say that police officers just sit around and do jello shots on the weekneds. You stupid fools! My spouse goes to court , watches our child, cleans the house, mows the lawn on his days off. He hardly sits around drinking an having wild parties. He is sleep deprived so he can have some family time on his days off. And another thing, Yout hink they don't put thier lives onthe line every day. look at the gresheam polce officer who is got shot by some kid, and the portland officer who got shot by some mental trying to cash a bad check. this is their reality! They have to deal with people every minute while on the job whom they do not know if they have a gun, knife or some other weapon. So to those of youwho think Police work is a "cushy" job and they that are not heros, go ride those bikes off a cliff and see who's there to take the report and call you family.

re: concerned spouse 10.Sep.2003 10:49

Indy Reader

The police are the enforcers of this increasingly repressive state.

If they were just doing the job that we all imagine they should be doing, the institution would be admirable. As it is, when they are stealing peoples bikes and threatening to tazer any bystander who asks what they are doing, they are no longer good guys, they are bad guys. The institution, regardless of whether there are a few decent officers, is corrupt. They have become a militarized force with little community connection.

I speak with people in many walks of life, and it is surprising how many people criticize and mistrust the police. Yes, the police still do some good deeds, but open your eyes to what is happening in this country. Even the decent officers are being pushed to enforce unconstitutional laws, to spy on people, to harrass and intimidate people, to take away and violate the essential liberties this country was founded on.

Your spouse may be a decent man. I do not know. But I do know what the institution is becoming.

oh my goodness poor piggy got shot? 10.Sep.2003 11:09

get shot

And I suppose noone else other than cops have ever been shot in gresham or portland? Come on lady! I am sorry your husband is sleep deprived, but tell him not to take it out on bike riding kids. As far as I can tell the worst gang problem in Portland is the Police. We don't need there help with stealing bikes, there is enough of that already. If they want to do some good, they would try to PREVENT bike theft instead of commiting it!

If you want to talk about dangerous jobs for public servants, lets commend the poor garbage people. They deal with your trash so you don't have to live in your own filth, and it is statistically FAR more dangerous than policing.

Re 10.Sep.2003 12:46


Look lady, cops take their job knowing the risks. It should come to no surprise to them that they might have to due their job in the rain, or they might not believe in the task that they are doing. But ya know what WHO CARES, ya don't thank the garbage man for picking up stinky trash do YA??? When's the last time you talked to your mailman???Please....don't worship them for doing their job. If you don't fit into the mold that Portland Police and City Government want to convey to the rest of the country than prepare to have your rights squashed.

ease up 10.Sep.2003 12:52

a regular jane letgoofit@hotmail.com

What is this - piggy? If you want respect behave respectfully. My brother is a cop and, although I think he is a facist when we talk politics, he sees his job as a sort of social work. He actually told me that he felt called to it. This was 15 years into his career where he has been attacked (knee surgery required), changes shifts every 3 months and speaks kindly to the people he has arrested when he runs into them at the grocery store. The Portland Police have a long way to go to before I can consider them "peace officers" as a whole. Nonetheless, it may be helpful for us to look at the individual cop as a person when we expect them to look at us bike riders in the same fashion.

Being a police officer is inherently immoral 10.Sep.2003 12:59


That's not to say some police officers do not rise above their immoral jobs, to behave fairly. But by and large, that is not the case. Police recruitment attracts a certain type of individual. If you want to be a police officer, you probably shouldn't be a police officer.

I cannot understand the "but it's so dangerous" argument at all. Yes, I'm sure it is a bit dangerous. As others have pointed out, so are many jobs.

If you want a hero to worship, look to urban firemen. There's a group of people who work much worse hours, in a much more dangerous job, who go into burning buildings to help people, and most importantly do not actively oppress people.

If all the police did was investigate violent crimes, people would love them too. But instead they're stealing bikes, rioting, waging a transparent race war under the guise of protecting children (read: the Drug War), murdering women, giving me a ticket for going 5mph over the speed limit, harassing people for wearing black clothing, and generally pissing everyone off as they siphon off valuable tax dollars from worthy causes.

Being a cop for most is about power over a community, not protecting a community.

Sad people 10.Sep.2003 13:02

Concerned spouse

Well yes sir I do talk to my garbage man and my trash man. They even get Christmas cards for the holidays, can you say you do that! You are so irritating. I never said my spouse doesnt know the risk. He takes the risk every day knowing that the city does not back him. Those things you call bikes were any eyesore to the community, and the people who ride them around and down the hills late at night with no thought or concerns for those who might be on the road are realy smart people. You guys just think everyone is out to get you. How sad. I whole heartedly beleive in bikes and conserving resources, but I don't do it by stacking up garbage along side the road. I actually get off my butt and use my head to support the community and do things the legal way. And by the way if you don't like bieng a garbage man then find another profession....oh wait no one will probably hire you, cause you have a bad attitude.


Xmas cards for the garbage man 10.Sep.2003 13:48


I don't know about your "life" but I give all my xmas cards to the recycling guy.

As for the debauched lifestyle of cops, it would put Michael Jackson to shame. I've partied with cops and know what they do when "off duty". It really freaked me out knowing these folks carry guns. Just remembering how that one cop carried the ham to the hot tub gave me the willies. Some of these folks have real problems. Have YOU partied with cops? If so, you know what I'm talking about. Christ, have you seen the thing with the Jaggermiester and cottage cheese?

Concerned Spouse 10.Sep.2003 13:52

Ed Harley

Hey 'Concerned Spouse'... examples of heroic portland Police actions just keep rolling in! Here's the latest:

Portland police officer faces sex abuse charge

12:12 PM PDT on Wednesday, September 10, 2003

By ABE ESTIMADA and TERESA BELL, kgw.com Staff

A veteran Portland police officer is under arrest on multiple misdemeanor charges, including sex abuse in the third degree.

William M. Moffenbeier, 50, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with three misdemeanor charges including one count of sex abuse in the third degree, one count of criminal trespass in the first degree, and one count of official misconduct in the first degree.

William M. Moffenbeier, 50, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with three misdemeanor charges. (Police/kgw.com Photo)
Portland Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz said the charges stem from an incident where the officer allegedly touched a woman above the waist and outside her clothing while he was on duty.

He said police began their investigation after receiving a complaint from a citizen.

Moffenbeier, a 26-year veteran of the force, was "relieved of duty" and housed in Multnomah County jail. Police did not release any more details late Tuesday night.

"Due to the continuing nature of the investigation, no additional information will be available at this time," Schmautz said.

what good do the cops do 10.Sep.2003 14:16


I am happy there are police out there 'cause they do a lot of good: they'll protect people from getting killed and raped and so forth. They might make things a little safer out there. And they can do this because they are empowered by taxpayers. BUT THEY ABUSE THIS POWER.

It is clear to everyone who isn't either wealthy or a cop's relative. Cops kill people, rape people, beat them up, harass them, search them, take their stuff, transgress their boundaries whenever they feel like it... AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

Get off your high horse, Mrs. Police Wife. Maybe your huspand is a good cop and doesn't abuse his position of power. Hopefully he appreciates the fact that he has a huge responsibility to the citizenry. Hopefully he conducts himself with integrity and respect. But just 'cause YOU or HE think that a pile of bikes locked to a signpost are an eyesore doesn't give HIM or YOU the right to blatantly steal them. Maybe your car is an eyesore! Maybe the pink flamingo an your lawn is an eyesore!! maybe your HOUSE is an eyesore!!! Does anyone have the right to take it????! Why should the cops have special licence to fuck with people?!?!?! Why can they get away with murder????Think about it!!

Concerned Spouse 10.Sep.2003 16:28


I believe you when you say your husband is a good man and a good cop. There have to be nice people on the police force. But why should that stop people from pointing out the wrong things done by the police force? We pay their salaries. They should be "serving and protecting." That is our point. They shouldn't be harassing and stealing. If they harass and steal, we have a right and a duty to speak up about it.

And to whoever said that we "liberals" would be the first to call the police when we need them. I know there are some people reading this who would not call the police when they are victims of crime, because they do not think they will be treated fairly.

Personally, I would call the police when I need them, because they are supposed to help when a crime is committed. They are supposed to enforce the law.

They are not supposed to try to squash people's rights of expression. They are not supposed to target groups that "look" differently, or think differently.

If they do this, we have to to say something about it.

It is silly for you to take this personally.

It is more important that the rights of ALL citizens be protected, than that your husband's job be protected from criticism.

A cop's perspective 10.Sep.2003 17:55

Officer Nunya

I'm a cop, I admit it. I like jello shots, not only on the wekend. I agree that some officers cross the line of what is acceptable while on duty. WE ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO SO. The pressure exerted by command is difficult to handle, the difficulties we have in the streets are equally stressful. Many cops would make different career choices if they had it to do all over again. That said, don't be too critical about how we recreate when off duty. I'm sure that many people reading this also live by the "work hard/party hard" ethic. When I'm not in uniform I can shear all the sheep I want.

As for the rectal insertion accusations, that doesn't happen as much as people think.

missing the point 10.Sep.2003 23:04

silent bikes

Let's not let the tomfoolery divide the importance of the issue.
Bikes were removed without warning and are being threatened with destruction.
Those bikes are part of Greater Portland People's Bike Library inaugurated on Sat. June 28th with the Library ride to the Multinomah County Bike Fair. They are maintained by citizens, for citizens. Why should bikes be destroyed upon impound. Does every child have a bike now? Those bikes AT LEAST should be refiltered into the community for gifts to the poor. What message does it send when the bikes that were fixed up and available being silenced and facing destruction? Whether or not there was malicious intent, the laws being used need revision. That seems to be a consensus. And as I recal, recently, there has been a large point report released on suggested Portland Police Bureau reform. This was done by a California firm and highlighted 86 points of improvement. Let's help the PPD choose what to work on first by voicing our opinions. That IS their job to listen to us.
Even the views of a "concerned wife" might favor a free bike to her child as opposed to more trash in the landfill. There is a certain logic needed to be applied here. It's not as much THE POLICEMAN but THE LAWS, and that is the point of the news story, is to implore a response from people concerned about bicycles, not the police's social life.

"checks and balances"??
Bikes are threatened with destruction. Is that justifyable?

Lame ass cops 11.Sep.2003 02:13

Who cares just another pissed off portland resident

Seriously don't they have something better to do with their time? I seem to remember at the critical mass at the end of September. The bicycle cops where too out of shape or just a bunch of wussy men, to even follow the COMMUNITY bike ride over the bridge to SE. So instead they have over 8 motorcycles, over 6 cruisers, a bitchin camaro, and two paddy wagons following the COMMUNITY BIKE RIDE around town. SERIOUSLY?????? Having motorcycle cops try to daredevil ride right next to you was scary, seriously their like what couple hundred pounds of metal!!!! Do these police officers have any idea of the communities they patrol? I guess not since one of the theives was a beaverton cop.

Shouldn't we be able to vote to remove some of these jerks off the force? There's alot of good cops, but obviously some bad apples who would be better off working in China.

Hi, I read Indy Media 11.Sep.2003 13:53

Yet another pinko vegan

I read indy media because I am tired of being lied to. Commercial media lies to us every day, but only certain people recognize it. Everyone else believes and internalizes the filth being crammed in their every oriface. Indy media is for us, those who see through the lies. So if you're a right wing, conservative Christian GET OFF indy media and tune into Fox News and continue the propaganda hand-job you enjoy so much. Leave those of us who think DIFFERENTLY alone!

And why would a right winger read Indy Media? To feel picked on? Are you surprised?! You're "whoa is me" shit is embarassing. And Mrs. Cop's Wife? Learn to spell. Be careful who you call "[of ] very little intellect." Sounds to me like you don't know what you're talking about. And again, I am embarassed for you.
PS. You rad Zoobombers are MY heroes and I hope you get your bikes back!
In solidarity...Later.

Reply to Concerned wife 11.Sep.2003 17:28

another annoyed Portland resident

So your husband is putting his life on the line to steal bicycles from poor/non-wealth kids????

By the way, most police officers make pretty good salary with a retirement. Not many other careers are offering that anymore, so if your gonna complain about getting shot at maybe your husband should read what the job is "To Protect and Serve". Not harrass kids doing something fun in their community, maybe you want kids to start gangs or something give your husband something to really worry about.

We just want to ride bikes down a hill, what's wrong with that? We're not bothering you and your suburban home.

Bike cost parking garages money 11.Sep.2003 17:58


When I last rode to PDX from Eugene I had extreme trouble securing bike and baggage. I learned how the parking interests often will not put bike parking signs up because they 'clutter' the building. (Translation - why advertize what doesn't make you money.)

The business interests of Portland does not want bicycles to interfer with the monies made on autos. This is one of many overt attacks on bicycles. There are even more attacks by omission as bikes constantly get slighted in the mix of metrolife. The zooride bike pile should be reconstituted, and if a portion of city land has to be liberated and guarded to establish guerrilla secure parking for bike and a presence promoting bikes, why not move in that direction.

You have to do something like that to make them wish they had left well enough alone before you can get these idiots to cease and dissist the bicycle theft and other police bicycle crimes.

Starbucks on the Pioneer Square also recently ditched their bike rack for a bank teller machine. Shame on them. Let them lnow your anger. The city has not put in enough parking to replace the missing parking meter poles, shame on them. Bike theft and auto harrassment of bikes is a low priority of the city of Portland's PD, shame on them.

Bicycles are the future and mine is my car. Long live human powered travel, and long live the Zoo ride.

I'd never get coffee @ $tarbuck$ anyways...... 12.Sep.2003 22:26

SKiDmark aeeightysix@hotmail.com

As far as bike identification goes,mine is the 5-speed front wheel drive one. Most Zoobomb bikes say "this bike is a zoobomb" on them. A dead giveaway of a Zoobomb bike is different size wheels on the same bike. I have to wonder what disposal of property is. In other cities unclaimed bikes are sold at auctions. It would be a shame if in a city that is so pro-recycling if bikes are destroyed, especially with all the bike co-ops in town.

For those who would espouse the greatness of the Portland Police Bureau. 13.Sep.2003 17:59

A truely concerned citizen.

Year in and year out we see gross violations of human rights by the Portland Police Bureau. As long as I can remember there has been corruption in the Portland police force. There was a point in my life where I thought to myself, "I'll grow up and become a Portland Police Officer; to protect and serve." This delusion of mine continued until my mid teens. But now I realize that the Portland Police Bureau is built up of cynics and psychotics. Any Portland Police officer who believes that they are serving some noble cause are delusional, it's like calling Adolf Hitler a humanitarian. Compounding this, the non-stop NYC circle jerking that America has been subjected too since 2001 has further blinded the citizens of Portland, making it appear "unpatriotic" when people stand up against excessive force. Furthermore, fuck patriotism/
Have I ever called upon the Portland Police Bureau? Why yes I have. And you know what? I'm sickened. When I was assaulted less than a month ago, and I called the Police, did they send a cruiser by? No. They asked "Do you currently feel in danger." My response, No. "Okay then, there's nothing we can do for you as of now." Every time I interact with the Portland Police Bureau, I am neither protected nor served. I was once a designated driver for a group of my friends at a party, as we were leaving the party, three police cruisers appeared. I spent the following forty minutes on my knees, a flashlight in my eyes, while the officers interrogated me, insisting that *I* had been drinking or doing some sort of illicit drug. During this interrogation process another party-goer began walking down the street, when he turned a corner to go to his car, he was called over by the police; they accused him of evading arrest, they then wrestled him to the ground, beat him, eventually hand-cuffing him. Well, let's just say, I can protect and serve myself a whole lot better than those assholes. Portland would be a lot better off without the Portland Police Bureau.

SAD People!!!! 14.Sep.2003 11:38

concerned american

Yall are humerously sad... HA! i have been following the comments from the so called 'liberals' and the spouses as well as obviously concerned citizens that actually care about thier state and city. I really dont care about you enraged people who may or may not respond to my comment. JUST KNOW THIS.... your pathetic. Seriously i am laughing...this is so stupid. and you just show your stupidity each time you reply with 'pigs' or 'po po's' (oh wait that was a childs comment thats just ignorance AND the teachers fault...but he wont see it oh well....he's just stupid) go ahead further your cause and prove the rest of the free world how ignorant, and completely rediculous you really are. as for the cops who are following this banter... proud of the Portland Police... keep it up and whe you hear these ignorant, selfish, insane groups of people that dont know what they really want (other than to be annoying cause they have no other purpose in life but to do so) remember you have the support of many!


Thanks and question for Officer Nunya 17.Sep.2003 15:02

N Po Citizen humanbeatmachine@yahoo.com

I wanted to thank officer Nunya for posting.

Establishing an open dialougue between the public and police officers is a critical step towards solving the police harrassment (in this case bike theft) problem.

Now that we've got a dialougue open, can you explain, or hypothesize why it was necessary to take these citizen's bikes? Were the citizens wrong to leave their bikes there? if so, what can we do to prevent this from reoccuring (is there a specific city policy on the number of biles per rack etc) Were the officers wrong to take the bikes? if so what will be done for reparations (if citizens are caught stealing bikes there are penalties) and what will prevent this from happening again?

Once again, thanks for posting. Please encourage other officers to become part of the dialougue

we fear what we do not understand

Some BomBers Recovered 22.Sep.2003 16:52

Rhino DownHill

Hello Dear Concerned citizens of Portland
and the World,

Thank you all for your support. We have
indeed reclaimed a good many of the bikes
of the Peoples's Bike Library of Greater
Portland from the Property Division. Actually
the clerk there was very nice. All we had to
do was describe the bikes (in advance). He
found every BomBer that we described, and
even found one more !
Although I find the PPD to be generally bike-
unfriendly, I think this particular event was
the work of a small group of bike-disaffected
PPD members, and certainly not Tri-Met.
Hopefully soon they will get bored of bugging
us. I hope to see you all at the next ZooBomB
for a fun, safe ride.

Sincerely, --Rhino DownHill--