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Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (a PNAC spin-off!)

Well, it seems the PNAC has created a spin-off organization (non-profit, of course): The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.


Make SURE you look at the list of names for the Advisory Committee and the International Advisory Committee. Lots of people associated with NATO and the Balkans

(very surprised I didn't see Gen. Clark's name there.......but I have NO DOUBT in my mind that his potential candidacy for prez or VP is being fueled by this crowd. Which opens some doors about DEAN and his desire to have Clark run as VP -- another topic, another day).

I think we will be hearing from and about the CLI......
Advisory Board:

George Schultz - honorary Chairman
Sen Lieberman and Sen McCain - Co-Chairmen

See website for more notable names!

Iraq.....the Balkans..... all stepping stones to encroach on the former soviet union, and certainly Russia.

Oh, and don't miss their list of articles......

AND, importantly, one of the Advisory Committee Members is Omar Karsou ..... a palestinian banker who lives in NY and is one of the first Palestinians (in name only!) who recognizes the State of Israel.

Watch............the US will insist on Omar being the new prime minister of Palestine!!! (My question is: how can Abbas RESIGN, if he was never elected and was appointed by the US and Sharon?)

Here's something I pulled from a message board on Omar:

Omar Karsou, Democracy in Palestine:


Keep your eye on Omar Karsou

This NYC-based Palestinian businessman has some harsh words for Chairman Arafat. Karsou is the founder of a group called "Democracy in Palestine" and has the ear of Bush, Cheney, and Sharansky.

. . . Over the weekend of June 22-23, [Bush's speech saying Arafat must go] was entirely rewritten. Vice President Dick Cheney played an important role in that rewrite, as did two improbable people, Natan Sharansky, former Soviet dissident now right-wing Israeli politician, and Omar Karsou, former Palestinian refugee in Ramallah, now banker and "civil society" democracy activist, living in exile under death threat in New York. For some obscure reason, the effect of the last big blast in Jerusalem was to finally open ears at the top of the Bush administration to what these two "enemies of the Oslo accords" -- one Israeli, one Palestinian -- had been arguing for many years.

Mr Karsou, 42, a banker from Nablus who was living in Ramallah until a year ago, told Mr Cheney that many Palestinians wanted Mr Arafat to go. . . . "If we can get rid of the so-called leadership then we can definitely progress with a new generation. The people are ready, willing and able to make peace with our neighbours, whether it be Israel or Jordan."

Mr Karsou was delighted by Mr Bush's speech [naming the "axis of evil" and saying Arafat has to go]. "It reflects our views exactly," he said.
Although Karsou also has harsh words for Israel (and his fellow Palestinians wouldn't take him seriously if he didn't), he is a businessman - heck, he's a banker. Business people (especially in such a conservative industry) have a stake in stable law-abiding societies so they can make a living.

. . . . One thing [Israel] had and has, however, is a rule of law. Any property that could be amassed despite the burden of government could be considered relatively safe from arbitrary expropriation, while business disputes could be settled swiftly in uncorrupt courts. It is surely the rule of law that explains Israel's astonishing relative prosperity in a benighted region. . . . Israel's seizure of Gaza and the West Bank from Egypt and Jordan in 1967 did not bring dignity or political freedom, but it at least brought some respite from arbitrary government, and with it rising Palestinian standards of living. But since Arafat & Company returned in 1994 to monopolize the economy, fortunes have reversed dramatically. Based on World Bank and International Monetary Fund data, Professor Ephraim Kleiman of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem estimates that Palestinian GNP was about one-third lower in 2001 than in 1993.

Business people are realists rather than ideologues. They are self-disciplined and self-reliant. They often deal with people from many cultures, so they can't afford to be xenophobic zealots. They know wealth doesn't just appear out of thin air (or EU or UN handouts). They think about the future.

According to Sharansky, "Karsou represents an authentic position of the Palestinian middle class, who are familiar with the democratic experience from our side. The Palestinians have found themselves trapped in a corrupt dictatorship that strangles not only business initiative, but freedom of expression as well. . . . They said that there was no hope for democracy in Japan and Germany, because of their culture and their worldview. And lo and behold, today they are stable democracies . . . . The Americans also understand now that there is an intimate connection between international security and the democratization of regimes . .
Interesting... 07.Sep.2003 15:22

9-11 Reichstag Fire

Do you have more information about General Wesley Clark becoming the VP candidate with Howard Dean. IF true, this sounds very suspicious given his role in the "humanitarian" bombing of Yugoslavia and the lies about "ethnic cleansing" that it was based upon.


More and more it looks like the "powers that be" are setting up Dean or John Kerry as a kind of Kinder, Gentler Frontman for American Empire (ala Bill Clinton) given that Bush has generated so much hostility around the world.

As people like Mike Ruppert have said, that is the real reason why even the Mainstream Media have been somewhat critical of Bush and the Lies about Iraqi WMD--they want to remove his ass to install a Slicker, more marketable Frontman (like Dean or John Kerry).

For anyone who still believes that you live in a Democracy or that the entire Republican-Democrat distinction is a Dog and Pony Show controlled by the American political and capitalist elites, read this article by Mike Ruppert. The entire electoral process is a stage managed affair with real power brokers calling the shots and pulling the strings behind the scenes:


Powers above the White House are deciding that it's time for the Bush gang to go. As a Watergate-style take down is being meticulously put into place, the question is not whether the Bush Administration will be removed before or after the 2004 election. The important questions are whether Bush's successor will address 9/11, Peak Oil, civil liberties, or any of the critical issues. What is being done even now to control the challengers in the Presidential election? A clandestine drama is unfolding and we'll help you understand it. This special free series is a must-read going into 2004

This is about all that's available on the Dean/Clark run... 07.Sep.2003 18:27



Dean-Clark in 2004?
On Sunday, Dean told CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that -- if nominated by his party -- he would consider tapping retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark as a vice presidential running mate.

"Yes," Dean said when asked whether he would consider asking the former NATO supreme commander to join his ticket.

"There would be a great many people, of course, that would be considered as a potential running mate. And I must say, I think it's much too early to discuss potential running mates. I mean, we're five months from the time the first official vote and delegate selection takes place.

"So I find it very premature. But I think Wes Clark, he's somebody I keep in close touch with. He's a terrific person, very bright, very capable, very thoughtful. Our views coincide on a number of matters, and he is -- I certainly can't say enough good things about him. It would be tough to run against him."

*****NOW, the talk about it over the last 2 weeks has been rampant .....and Dean has done nothing to stop it.

How bright of the neo-cons -- get a candidate in both voting slots!

In the meantime, I am going to try, and I hope others will try, to find links of Clark to the CLI folks. If you go through the bios of the Advisory Committee and the International Advisory Committee, the common denominators concern Pro-Israel folks and Balkans/NATO folks -- all part of a grand evil scheme to take over the middle east and central asia, which, as we know, are the two most important cogs in the oil export and pipeline plans.......

Meanwhile, Putin is signing agreements and making plans with the Sauds, India and China - busy beaver that he is...........

WW4 is in play........

I don't know if Kerry is part of the neo-con agenda or not; I think he sells out like all the other politicians to the corporate interests........as they all have always done. I think Rove's money is on a Clark ticket. Frankly, whoever Clark decides to run with (and he WILL).......that will be the man to beat in the primaries.

I want to give my primary vote to Kucinich.....I really, really do. And I hate to say he isn't "electable" but he isn't going to wow 51% of this nation; not this year. Maybe 4 more years of HELL will bring Americans to their humble knees.......but Nov 2004 won't see it. So, I NEED Kerry to come out as a decent guy.............

DAMN, just heard: Sen Edwards is announcing that he will not be in the race for his senate seat. Does he really think he is going to win the nomination? Good God, giving up a dem controlled seat is TREASON at this point. CURSE HIM!