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A new website launched revealing the personal information of HLS customers.
Some anonymous activists have created a website entitled Up Close & Personal. It contains personal information for management & employee's of Huntingdon Life Sciences customers. HLS is a Contract Research Organization (C.R.O) so their main source of income is from those who contract them to preform experiments. In essence, these are the very people who abet the misery and suffering that occurs daily inside HLS. With that in mind we refuse to let them hide behind their corporate logo's - Instead, we will expose them and give them the same amount of privacy that they give the animals inside HLS.

The URL is:


** also feel free to email us information on employee's and management of HLS Clients**
word 07.Sep.2003 10:41


word. Go get em.

hypocricy? 07.Sep.2003 15:55


would you give the same approval to someone posting information about those who work at a corporation that provides abortion services? posting personal information of private citizens should be frowned upon, regardless of the politics behind it.

yes 07.Sep.2003 16:06


I am pro choice. But at the same time, while I disagree with the cause (anti abortion activism), I could not give "approval". Even though I do not support the cause I support the tactic.

For animal liberation

caution 08.Sep.2003 09:33


don't be fools , don't ask for trouble....and most of all don't make the rest of the left look like a bunch of fundementalist assholes....... people need to be reminded that that's the right..... so don't do anything stupid ...for the sake of the community.please

The left is weak and you are why. 09.Sep.2003 11:13


Who cares if anti-abortion people stole a tactic from the British animal rights movement? The animals at Huntingdon Life Sciences never get rest, so why should their tormentors? These people should have no peace, ever. They should be confronted every moment of everyday and not just when they are protected by razor wire and security guards. People's hesitancy to use meaningful, effective tactics because our opposition use them disgusts me. Should we stop leafleting because Republicans do it? Should we stop making websites because Nazi's do it? Should we stop using civil disobedience because Southern slave "owners" used it in opposition to abolition? How ludicrous you all are. It doesn't matter anyway, these tactics are used specifically because most people, like yourself, do nothing. It makes the rest of us have to push that much harder.


exactly 10.Sep.2003 18:14



"Amen!" 10.Sep.2003 18:15


It's easy to put these tactics down when puppies getting punched in the face is out of site and out of mind, when you're not the one dying in your own vomit, blood and feces.