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Anti-war U.S. Marine sentenced to six months in jail

one example of what they do to those with a mind to speak out!
NEW ORLEANS, La. (Reuters) - A military jury found an anti-war U.S. Marine reservist guilty of unauthorized absence and sentenced him to six months in jail for refusing to report to his unit during the Iraq war, his lawyer said on Sunday.

The verdict was less than the desertion charge the U.S. military had sought, which could have put Lance Cpl. Lawrence Funk behind bars for a year, but defense attorney Stephen Collier said he would still appeal for a lighter sentence.

Funk, 21, has said he was the target of unfair prosecution because he was a conscientious objector who spoke at anti-war rallies. He was the only one of 28 Marine conscientious objectors to the Iraq war to face prosecution, but the military said that was because he was the only who did not report for duty.

A jury of four Marines reached the verdict late on Saturday after two days of testimony in a court martial at the 4th Service Support Group command, headquarters for the Marine Reserve, in New Orleans, which is where the Marine Corps processes conscientious objector cases.

Collier argued that Funk did not respond to his unit's call up on Feb. 9 because he claimed conscientious objector status and believed he would not be deployed. His unit, based in San Jose, California, loads cargo for transport.

But prosecutors said his refusal to report was a simple case of desertion.

Funk also informed the military he was gay, but military Judge John Maksym forbade that from being an issue in the court-martial.

Collier said Funk, who was immediately sent to jail, took the jury's decision well.

"Stephen was ready to serve some time. He knew this was likely to happen," he told Reuters.

Funk also will receive a bad conduct discharge from the military, Collier said.
why not others? 07.Sep.2003 11:38


Why doesn't the military go after another person who was AWOL for longer, i.e. G.W. Bush? I would so love to see him imprisoned for desertion during the Viet Nam war....

JAS....... 07.Sep.2003 12:17


Hold on the truth is about to hit you right in the nose.......READY, here it comes, GWB served his time in the reserves......he flew F-106's...... he got an honarable discharge....time in the guard is honarable time, so politely as I CAN fuck off!

come on redneckslayer 07.Sep.2003 13:07

bush is a deserter

Do your homework. Even as dumb as you are I bet you could have done better than GW who only scored a 25% on his entrance exam to the National Guard. Yet, he got allowed in while many who scored higher got shipped to Vietnam. And then he decided to take year off from 1972-1973. That's hardly a record to be proud of, for Bush, or his supporters.

"Cleared this base 15 May 1972" According to Lieutenant Colonel William Harris Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Killian in Bush's annual evaluation , Ellis Air Force Base, Houston. The report makes clear that Bush had "not been observed " at his Texas unit "during the period of this report" - May 1972-April 1973." [Boston Globe 5/23/00]

you're right, jas 07.Sep.2003 13:11


There's no difference between Funk not showing up for the war in Iraq and Bush not showing up for the Vietnam War (except perhaps that Bush had less to fear because he was already hiding from combat in the national guard).

I guess while Funk is a deserter, that makes Bush a a deserter and a coward (which I guess that's why redneckslayer can relate to him).

Redneckslayer... 07.Sep.2003 13:11


George Bush was indeed AWOL for much of his time in the Texas Air National Guard, yet somehow managed to get an honorable discharge. I wonder who fixed that for him.

Where Were You In '72? 07.Sep.2003 17:40

Most Of Us Remember--

Bu$h Does Not . . .

get the funk out 07.Sep.2003 22:50

posable commando

"There's no difference between Funk not showing up for the war in Iraq and Bush not showing up for the Vietnam War (except perhaps that Bush had less to fear because he was already hiding from combat in the national guard)."

But if Funk were prez instead of Pres. Dumbfunk, would Funk assure us though his teeth that us Saddam had WMDs and send us chargin' right in there, and then proudly stood there on the USS Abe Lincoln turning our
troops' efforts into a sleazy campaign photo-op?

Could be a lot of difference between having some kind of reasonable objection vs being a uppity chicksh*t son of a big shot...