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Albina Ministerial Alliance accuses Scott McCollister of lying, DA of collusion

I had to work early on Saturday afternoon so I couldn't attend the entire Albina Minesterial Alliance-sponsored forum on the murder of Kendra James by the Portland Police, but I did drop by for the very beginning and got a copy of the "Executive Summary" of the report they are preparing. Apparently, the full report will be out next week and will be posted to the Portland Copwatch website. In the meantime, I've included the full text of the summary below.

Former State Rep. JoAnn Bowman, current State Rep. Avel Gordley, and City Councilman Eric Sten were three of the well-known public figures who showed up for this event. Also in attendance were a host of white activists and many people from the black community. Some people from the Freedom Socialist Party were outside handing out literature at the front door and one of the event organizers came out and told them to stop (saying that he had already told already). Where they were standing, one would expect to be handed an official program for the event, which their partisan screed was not. It's disgusting how Socialists and Communists often piggyback on other people's events. "Parasitic" is the best word really. Anyway...

I got a copy of the Executive Summary and here is the full unedited text, with original punctuation, etc.





September 8, 2003



Both the Investigation and Training and Policy Subcommittee of the AMA Ad-Hoc Committee were commissioned on May 9, 2003. Their charges were to:

  1. Review the investigative material presented by the Portland Police Department, and the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office to analyse the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Kendra James and determine whether the information supports the conclusions drawn by the PPD [Portland Police Department].

  2. Review Police and Training Issues that may have affected this case and/or has the potential to influence other cases involgving the use of deadly force.

  3. Report their findings in an open forum to the Portland Community and based upon their findings, make recommendations for improvements to the PPB and the City of Portland.


Committee Memebers were involved in the review of materials generated by the investigation into the Kendra James shooting. They also reviewed existing manuals, policies and reports and carried out interviews with public officials. The dialogue and deliberation within the committee was for the purpose of analysis and clarification thtat provides support for the conclusions drawn and foundation for the recommendations that are part of the report.


  • Officer Scott McCollister lied. [McCollister is the officer who shot Kendra James.] There are significant discrepancies in the testimony of the officers the scene, what happened when Kendra James was shot, May 5, 2003. Changes in testimony from before and after the officers dined together at Applebees' restaurant, the flaws in the re-enmnactment video; the report from the State Forensic Lab; Eyewitness accounts and the tradition of non-indictment of Portland Police officers; leads us to conclude that members of the PPB, colluded in a cover-up of the true facts.

  • Officer McCollister was in GROSS VIOLATION OF THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE POLICY when he shot Kendra James. The same discrepancies in testimony and failure of the PPB to use pertinent evidence, combined with an attempt at a cover-up leads us to this conclusion.

  • The District Attorney partners with the PPB to cover-up police criminal behaviors. There are important questions regarding the District Attorney Office's special treatment of PPB members involved in a fatality resulting from the use of Deadly Force. Officers are granted privilege not extended to ordinary citizens. We have concluded that this practice, intentional or not, supports any effort by an officer to be less than honest or to hide the real facts of a case.

  • The finding of State Forensic Lab did not support the findings of the Portland Police Bureau's investigation. While giving considerable weight to the altered testimony of officers at the shooting scene, the PPB ingnored the findings of theState Forensic Lab. In addition, there was a profound difference in the level of inquiry when interviewing the police as compared with interviews of the independent witnesses. We conclude that the difference in the levels of inquiry were done to support the cover-up of the true facts of the case. We conclude that in addition to the officers at the shooting scene, other members of thePPB are culpable in the cover-up effort either by being dishonest about what happened or ignoring policy and best practices when investigating the case.


There were 10 recommendations made to the City of Portland / Portland Police Bureau. Those recommendations ranged from insuring adherence to existing policy to major changes related to policy implemenation and training. It is expected that the City of Portland and the Portland Police Bureau will speak to the cost of implementing the recommendations. In the long run, the cost of human life combined with the costs of revolving lawsuits far exceeds the cost of training the PPB and monitorting the behavior fo Porltand Police Officers.

The City of Portland the PPB must insure that systems are in place to effectively monitor the overall progress and achievement of Bureau goals and objectives, identify areas that need corrective action if these recommendations are to be successfully implemented.

sorry 'bout the brevity 07.Sep.2003 02:16


just wanted to add that i left before the event even got going, so i don't know what the final mix of people was like, how full the church was, or who spoke about what. i'm hoping other people will add some of that info. some details are posted to the original announcement newswire item:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/09/271251.shtml

Keep up the good work 19.Sep.2003 22:15


Reverend Roy Tate: Keep up with the meetings, rallies and other means of dealing with the wrongful use of lethal force on citizens. People I know who previously felt that the shooting was justified are now seeing that it wasn't. Especially after seeing officers in other cities, such as Hillsboro, use nonlethal tactics in threatening situations. Don't give up because it, at times, look as if we are shot down. Change takes time, but I believe that the new chief is our key to an end to this insanity that they call officer safety. I, for one, am doing all I can to see that nothing like this ever happens again and I know that work brings change. I know that there is always a way to deal with evil and if we keep on doing our best we can keep this from ever happening again.
I know for a fact that there are far more opposed to justifying this type of shooting than there are those who justify it. Even other officers that I have talked to agree that she should have been left alone until they could deal with it with nonlethal force.

CopWatch.com Has A Compilation of the Shooting by Scott McCollister 20.Feb.2004 23:38


For those of you interested in following the story on the shooting of Kendra James, I have compiled news stories from various sources published on the web in one place on the CopWatch.com website. You will have to register with the CopWatch site in order to read the articles. Sorry.

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You can discuss the articles here:
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There are some photos, but none of Scott McCollister.

I do have the full PDF REPORT REGARDING THE KENDRA JAMES SHOOTING posted on the website for downloading. You will need a PDF viewer in order to read the report.

CopWatch.com News Moderator