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So who knows about the big rally in September?

i noticed a poster on a telephone poll on SE Division promoting a big action on, i think, Sept. 20. It looked like it was being sponsored by a lot of the groups that did the big peace rallies over the winter. i haven't seen anything about it on indymedia yet, though. who knows more about this event and can post something? is it in solidarity with the WTO protests in Cancun?
Please post more info here!
any particular pole? 07.Sep.2003 00:40

so far I've made it to Division & 20th

There's quite a few telephone poles on SE Division, if you count the ones almost to Gresham. How about a cross street?

division at 22nd (in front of the red and black) 07.Sep.2003 00:51

original poster

though i'm sure it's elsewhere, too.

Information on September Peace Event 07.Sep.2003 09:14


Here's a link to the event: Portland Peace and Justice Works

March & Rally 21 Sept. 07.Sep.2003 09:21


March & rally on Sunday 9/21/03 at 2pm. Terry Shrunk Plaza - SW 3rd & Madison. Topics are illegal occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.
Source: newspaper clipping "The Portland Alliance"
This is separate from anti-WTO event on 9/13/03.

Try Again 07.Sep.2003 09:23


Info on Sept 13 WTO Protest 07.Sep.2003 12:18

DJ Shadow

Global Day of Action Against the WTO
Portland Rally and March
Saturday, September 13th, 2003
Across from Lloyd Center in Holladay Park
- Multnomah and NE 11th Ave. -
Gather at 12:00pm, March at 1:00pm