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Songun Politics Study Group (USA) Website Up and Running


The Songun Politics Study Group(USA) is proud to announce that it's historic webiste is now up and running. We kindly thank all of you, and particularly the National Democratic Front of South Korea, and Comrade Dermot Hudson, of the Association for the Study of the Songun Politics in the UK, for their material and ideological assistance. If you have problems viewing the site, it is due to technical Problems which should be overcome within the Next few days. Further more, we remind comrades of our 6pm study group meeting which will honor the 55th anniversary of the DPRK, and Comrades Kim Jong Il's historic Stance on the so called "nuclear issue" at the recent 6-way talks, and in the face of US Imperialist War Plans. Also we will be soon including links to DPRK, Juche, and Songun Solidarity Sites, as time provides. If anyone has any well written poetry or articules in support of the DPRK, we ask that you submit them as time provides. Also we are open to including important resolutions, etc from you heroic organizations. Furthermore, let us rally the Legions of Labor, each in our homeland around the Songun Politics of Comrade Kim Jong Il!!!!


John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study

Comrade Travis Dandy, the General Secratary, can be reached at  SongunStudiesGeneralStudies@ziplip.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/SongunPoliticsStudyGroup.html

snort, yeah, right 07.Sep.2003 09:17


Oh boy. Then we can emulate an absolute hereditary monarchy[1] from a third-world cesspool that promotes absolute glorification of its bloated military while its people eat grass and suffer chronic starvation and malnutrition.

[1] What other kind of political system runs for fifty or more years without an election and takes it as a given that son succeeds father as leader? If it looks like a duck, has web feet like a duck, waddles like
a duck, etc. chances are it's a duck.

And I'm just SO fucking impressed by those pictures of proles marching in strictly-ordered hierarchical formations in front of a gerontocracy of stuffed suits decorated with self-awarded medals.

Down with leaders, hierarchies, and ruling classes no matter which names they take for themselves!

The real tragedy of this is that the hard currency the so-called Democratic so-called People's so-called Republic of Korea foreign affairs ministry is spending on this crap could be spent importing food to help nourish some of those starving subjects. (But what else is new there? Ruling classes always place their self-glorification above the lives of their subjects.)