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We Having a Bring-Troops-Home Rally Too?

Question re: PDX rally mirroring DC "bring troops home" rally 10/25
In DC they're planning a "bring the troops home" rally on Oct 25. Are we doing one here?
find'em frag'em, forget 'em!!! 06.Sep.2003 23:40

JP Cupp

Damn Mercanies and Opertunists,
How can one " support " the Gi Mercanries, and be an anti-Imperialist Objectively, that is unless " the troops" are some how resisting? No one in the Imperialist Countries is objectively an anti-Imperialist unles " our troops" are fadayeen!!!!

A lot of the soldiers are young kids with no resources 07.Sep.2003 14:37


I have a medical practice and see a lot of families with children in the military. Most of them went into the reserves to help pay for college, and some are active duty Coast guard, which is now officially under the direction of the Defense Department(changed last year, everyone was pissed about it) . Most of the soldiers do not want ot be in Iraq and don't know what to do now that they're in. It is very difficult to get out. it takes extraordinary courage to resist the kind of authority the military has, and these kids have been trained to capitulate. It helps the soldiers a great deal to know that there is support to resist at home.

Resistance is building in the military. This is a poverty draft.