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Website launch - No Bio-terrorism lab at OHSU

A new website is online providing information and news about the OHSU bid to build a Bio-Safety Level 4 lab at the primate center. While OHSU has failed in its bid to be selected as a regional "Center of Excellence", it is still very much in the running for the proposed BSL-4 lab.


There is no guarantee at all that this lab will not be used for weapons research. Until now, OHSU has sidestepped questions regarding classified and/or military research. They have refused to state that there will be no such research there should they win the bsl-4 grant. However, even if OHSU were to say at a public meeting, or on their website, that there will be no classified research or military research at the proposed labs, it is important to keep in mind that such statements are not binding.

At the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, officials are quietly retreating from a pledge made in 2001 that their BSL4 facility will not conduct classified work and will be "wide open and above board". That standard, which UTMB used in public meetings and on its website, has been downgraded to apply only to its "current plans". Future work, outside researchers granted access to its labs, and new laboratory spaces are under no such transparency commitment. In otherwords, UTMB has made their original pledge meaningless.

The nobioterrorlab.org website provides information and news about the OHSU plan to build these dangerous biolabs, it's poor track record at its existing facilities and links and articles to understand the broader context of the U.S. bioterror agenda.


Anthrax 06.Sep.2003 21:09

Indy Reader

People should also keep in mind that the only biological weapons attacks against the U.S. were the anthrax attacks of 2001. This is anthrax that was secretly weaponized at just such a U.S. lab as OHSU is wanting to build. Congress did not know about it until they were attacked with it! Seems to me that we would just be building the infrastructure that would inevitably create the bio-weapons we will later be attacked with.

It is an unpleasant irony that secret (and illegal under the U.S. ratified Biological Weapons Convention) weaponized U.S. anthrax is now the excuse for building more U.S. facilities capable of creating bio-weapons and training more people in the skills needed to create these weapons.

i thought 07.Sep.2003 08:11

the proposal was dead

Last week they were dismissed summarily in the selection process for the lab. A small victory, considering the labs will all be built anyway, just not here.

OHSU can still get the BSL-4 lab 07.Sep.2003 21:06


That is incorrect...

OHSU lost its bid to be a regional "Center of Excellence" but can still be selected for the other two proposals for the BSL-3 and BSL-4 lab. The NIH wants to put one of the BSL-4 labs on the west coast and OHSU and Davis (U of California) are the two applicants on the west coast for the BSL-4 lab.