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ResistDance music Schedule - Sunday, Sept. 4, 1 - 8:30 pm

Music and activity schedule for the 8th annual ResistDance, Sunday 7 at Laurelhurst Park (near SE 35th and Oak).
Hey Folks,

The 8th Annual Resistdance is tomorrow, Sunday September 7 at Laurelhurst Park (near SE 35th and Oak). The event is free and open to the public but donations of 5$ and up will be wholeheartedly accepted.

Here's the final schedule:

The T-Horse will be at the park all day as well as workshops on fire ecology, the so-called 'Healthy Forests Initiative,' tree climbing, regional updates and a kids' activity area.

1pm- Resistdance opens, stage open mic for musicians, poets, etc. Spoken word poets and speakers will take the stage as music acts transition to and from stage throughout the day (sign up for open mic begins around 12:30).

2pm- Brian QTN, acoustic guitar and harmonica, awesome lyricist

3pm- Laughing Moon Marimba band - 8 piece marimba group, bring a drum if you'd like to play along

4pm- Foghorn Leghorn String Band, square dancing - that's right, we're going have a square dance with one of Portland's best old-time bands

5pm- Pennsyltucky Takeover - eclectic and unpredictable, everything from bluegrass to latin flavored lounge jazz

6pm- Desert Rat, solo banjo troubador and hilarious pointed social commentary

7pm- Adam East & Kris Deelane - the main duo behind the rockin' band Sweet Juice

The event will end around 8:30.
Oh yeah, and did we mention free food?

All money raised will support the efforts of the Cascadia Forest Alliance to defend threatened stands of native forest on public lands near Portland....and Cascadia Summer, a regionwide effort to stop the Bush Agenda of handing our forests over to the timber industry.

Contact 503-241-4879 for details.
Can't make it but want to support the cause? Send donations to CFA at PO Box 4946 Portland, OR 97208