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Intro to elective politics

Here's Sam Adams
Sam Adams is Vera Katz' chief of staff and significant glued-at-the-elbow advisor. He is largely responsible for the day to day actions of the Mayor's office. If you think Vera's made a mistake - Sam probably approved it.

Are you unpleased by your mayor? Guess what? Sounds like Sam wants to be your next mayor!

Sounds like more of the same.


Here's his bio:

Sam Adams has been a member of the Board of Trustees since Winter of 2003. Mr. Adams is Chief of Staff for Portland Mayor Vera Katz. He also serves as the liaison to Multnomah County, Metro, and the city Office of Management and Finance, the City Attorney's office, and Government Relations.

Sam was born in Butte, Montana and grew up in Newport and Eugene, Oregon. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in political science. He also attended Portland State University and the Universidad of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Prior to working for Mayor Katz, Sam served as an intern to the Lane County Board of Commissioners in Eugene, Oregon; Political Director for Fourth District Congressional Representative Peter DeFazio; Political Director of the Oregon House Democratic Campaign Committee; and Campaign Manager for Friends of Vera Katz.

Sam currently also serves on the Board of Directors for the Portland Oregon Visitors Association, Innovation Partnership, Cascade AIDS Project, and Basic Rights of Oregon.