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Senior House Democrat Urges Rum$feld and Wolfowitz to Resign

it's a little late for these kinds of semantics,

especially after the Democrats overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Iraq War resolution despite 9 out of 10 American citizens calling and writing them in OPPOSITION to it . . .

Senior House Democrat Urges Top Defense Hands to Resign

The New York Times

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5 A senior House Democrat called today for the resignation of the top two officials at the Defense Department, saying that miscalculations by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the deputy secretary, Paul D. Wolfowitz, had cost American lives in Iraq and damaged the nation's fiscal health.

In a letter to President Bush, Representative David R. Obey, the ranking minority member of the House Appropriations Committee, said the Pentagon should be relieved of its role in determining foreign policy in Iraq, in part because of errors made by Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Wolfowitz before and after the war.

"It is impossible to review the record of the past year and not conclude that they have made repeated and serious miscalculations," said Mr. Obey, who has represented northern Wisconsin for 34 years.

The unilateral conduct of the war and the planning for postwar occupation cannot be seen as "anything other than a disaster," he wrote.

The White House did not respond to the letter, but Stuart Roy, a spokesman for Representative Tom DeLay, the House Republican leader, dismissed Mr. Obey's call.

"Here the president is, freeing Iraqi citizens and giving them a first taste of democracy, and you have Democrats like Obey who come up with bizarre requests like this," Mr. Roy said. "They think they're going to get a political gain from this, but they're really running their own party off the cliff."

Mr. Obey's remarks reflected a growing fury among Congressional Democrats about the handling of the occupation and the vast sums that will be required to rebuild Iraq at a time of record-setting budget deficits in the United States. Later this month, the administration is expected to submit a supplemental spending bill for more than $40 billion to keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq and to rebuild the country.

Mr. Obey will probably not be the last Democrat to demand high-level resignations.

On Thursday, Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said Democrats were willing to pay to rebuild Iraq, but not for what she said was the administration's poor planning.

On the Senate floor today, Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, questioned how Republicans could be willing to spend tens of billions of dollars on Iraq while refusing to spend $6 billion to bring the administration's education program, known as No Child Left Behind, up to its authorized spending level.

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um... 06.Sep.2003 15:52

yo fred

the majority of house dems voted against the war. blame it on the liberal media for not letting you know.

'yo fred'--IT WASN'T. 06.Sep.2003 16:39

not a Democrat apologist

"the majority of house dems voted against the war. blame it on the liberal media for not letting you know."

and 21 out of 50 Democrats in the Senate voted against the resolution . . .

Doesn't matter--

The House approved the resolution by a strong 296-133 margin. The Senate vote was 77-23.

ALL the Congressional representatives--Republican or Democrat--were clearly informed by their constituents of how to vote.

and they disobeyed the stated will of the People.

Stick your DemocRAT corpoRAT party apologist screeds UP YOUR ASS (or keep them at Democrats.com, democratic underground where they belong).

yo fred: 'majority of house dems' 06.Sep.2003 17:04


"close" is only good in horseshoes and atomic bombs.

never let facts get in your way, n.a.d.a. 06.Sep.2003 17:25

yo fred

>>and 21 out of 50 Democrats in the Senate voted against the resolution . . .

>>Doesn't matter--

what da know, the dem senate record is better than i remember it. that only proves my point that this statement is factually wrong:

>>it's a little late for these kinds of semantics,

>>especially after the Democrats overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Iraq War resolution

the dems did not overwhelmingly vote in favor for it.

sure it doesn't matter to you "not a democratic apologist"--but to people interested in facts and not demagoguery, facts matter.

i can understand you not liking facts. if you let the truth get in the way, you couldn't make inane and misleading statements like "democrats=republicans" or "dems are as bad as republicans."

'i can understand you not liking facts.' 06.Sep.2003 17:42

person interested in facts and not demagoguery

FACTS (that matter):

the Democrats didn't stop the illegal invasion and bombing of Afghanistan.

the Democrats didn't stop the Iraq War resolution.

the Democrats didn't stop the USA Patriot Act.

the Democrats didn't stop the Homeland Security bill.

the Democrats haven't stopped the Guantanamo concentration camp torture.

the Democrats didn't--and won't--stop the US military occupation of Iraq.

'yo fred'-- 06.Sep.2003 18:23

yo fred

be sure and let us know when the Democraps (or Republicons) collectively do something worthwhile for the citizens of America, Iraq or Afghanistan.