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Check this out. This article is suggesting that the USA and Al-Queda might be secretly working on a "truce" no less! This is the same Evil-doing Al-Queda which the USA holds responsible for the death of 3000 people on 9-11. Whatever happened to "smoking them out of their holes dead or alive"? If this article is true, it is more proof that the entire American "War on Terrorism" is a Utter and Complete Fraud to begin with--a fundamental point which the Controlled Opposition... I mean Liberal antiwar "activists" always cover up.
To End an Endless War, America and Al Qaeda Could Talk Truce
Commentary, Franz Schurmann,
Pacific News Service, Sep 03, 2003

Editor's Note: With terrorist attacks by Al Qeada or affiliated groups increasing around the world, it seems doubtful that America can prevail against the group using current tactics. Nor can the shadowy terror network wield any real political power in any Muslim country while under attack by America. Could a truce be in the works?

Iraqi authorities arrested several "foreigners" in the Najaf bombing of the Imam Ali Mosque, claiming that all were members of Al Qaeda. However, though President Bush declared a "War on Terror" against Al Qaeda only hours after 9/11, there are signs that the United States, under cover of great secrecy, may be seeking a way out of that war by seriously talking with the group.

Of the three wars America has been fighting since 9/11 -- the War on Terror, the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War -- the first is by far the most dangerous. The time spacing between terrorist strikes recently appears to be shrinking.

Al Qaeda, which began as a benevolent foundation that built roads and orphanages in the Sudan and Somalia, now is the central entity of a worldwide network of terrorist sub-organizations, most of which call themselves Jama'ah al-Islamiya, meaning "Islamic Group." Rohan Gunaratna, author of "Inside Al-Qaeda" and now based in Singapore, said in an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Company that Al Qaeda is "lying in wait even in the heart of America and the West."

But some information has recently come out of Egypt that suggests America is downplaying Osama bin Laden. In its Aug. 20 issue, the top Egyptian daily Al-Ahram published a commentary entitled "Has America withdrawn Osama bin Laden from its number one wanted list?" Al-Ahram is a government medium, and so the piece by news analyst Iman Arif can be construed as voicing the concern of Egypt, America's premier military ally in the Arab world, over so radical a policy change.

Iman Arif writes about the changing missions of a top American special forces unit called "TF 20." Not long after 9/11, the 800 TF Rangers were assigned to capture bin Laden in Afghanistan. Then, with the same mission, they were assigned to the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands. But earlier this year, the TF 20 was ordered back to Washington. Soon afterwards the TF Rangers were assigned to Iraq to join in the search for Saddam Hussein. However, their replacements assigned to the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderlands had no experience and therefore no luck in tracking down bin Laden.

Iman Arif says repeatedly that the White House, which had direct command over TF 20, made a clear policy shift on America's most wanted fugitive list from Osama to Saddam. Rohin Gunaratna implies the same in the cited interview: "The pressure the U.S. maintained on Al Qaeda could not be sustained during the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

Both Iman Arif and Gunaratna believe that the most spectacular terrorist actions during this year were committed by Al Qaeda or its Jama'ah sub-groups: Bali, Casablanca, Riyadh, the Jordanian Embassy and then the U.N. Headquarters (both in Baghdad), Bombay and just recently the Imam Ali mosque in Najaf. Like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the death and injury tolls overwhelmingly consist of civilians. The difference is that the Americans drop their bombs from high altitudes, while Al Qaeda launches theirs from the streets. The two wars go on, but with no sight of victory for either side.

Iman Arif quotes Rohan Gunaratna: "Even if America captures some high level members of Al Qaeda, it cannot escape the truth that it can't control events."

If secret contacts between Al Qaeda and America do happen -- if they aren't already going on -- then it's not impossible that a truce could be agreed on. If that happens, the key person on Al Qaeda's side will be bin Laden's second-in-command, al-Zuwaheri. Many Middle Eastern observers and international terrorism experts believe that he was the real planner of 9/11. Bin Laden is a visionary, but Al-Zuwaheri is a master of detail.

Al-Zuwaheri, the leader of Egypt's banned Jama'ah al-Islamiya, spent four years in an Egyptian prison as an accomplice in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Now he is emerging from being in the shadows for many years. A few weeks ago he unexpectedly spoke to a Gulf TV station.

America is bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it also realizes that it cannot control events like the recent bloody terrorist attacks. On the other hand, Al Qaeda has almost zero chances of toppling any Muslim state anywhere in the world. The reason is that while their internationalism gives them great terrorist power, when it comes to toppling national states that power turns into political impotence.

There is no way these two antagonists can ever prevail against each other. But there is a good chance they can work out a truce. After all, the truce worked out in the Korean War has lasted 50 years without any serious break.

PNS Editor Franz Schurmann ( fschurmann@pacificnews.org) is professor emeritus of history and sociology at U.C. Berkeley and the author of numerous books.

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Truce? 06.Sep.2003 08:44


Osama bin Laden has always been a CIA assest.

He is still a CIA asset

Ditto Saddam Hussein.

Al Quaeda has been on the U.S. Government payroll-- yours and my tax money-- since day one, and it has never stopped.

These are public facts, not wiggy conspiracy theoroid. What makes the American public so resistant to the obvious truth?

The answer lies in Roswell, New Mexico. One of the space alien ships-- those folks who control our world-- crashed in the 1940's and blew their cover. I have a T-shirt with their motto: Resistance is Futile. Apparently so.

Clarify, not confuse 06.Sep.2003 17:14

The Doc

To the person who replied "Osama and Saddam have always been CIA assets, and it's because of the Roswell crash in the 50's."

You fall into the image of a 'nutty conspiracy theorist' quite easily. True--Saddam and Osama were once documented parts of US foreign policy (covert operations), whether it be in 'bleeding the Russians dry' in Afghanistan, or murdering everyone in Iraq who might have objected to capitalist imperialism, then acting against Iran who had thumbed its nose against the US--the same U.S. who imposed the Shah's ruthless oil regime in the 50's.

But to say NOW that Bush and Saddam are part of the CIA seems to be speculation. You say it's not crazy speculation, but you offer no documentation. Magazines like The Spectrum are not credible, given that they print writers like Eustace Mullins, and basically act as an alternative shopping center for fringe and new-agey material. The glimmers of sound, concrete investigative journalism that can be found there are discredited to some degree by the inclusion of the other self-important garbage..

And when you blame the aliens for the CIA's role in using puppets who become, at least in image/appearance, the 'new threat' to justify wars for empire and capital accumulation, you discredit yourself.

I'm not saying that life on earth is all there is. I don''t know that. But to blame these highly mystified events for political realities only confuses the issue that we are living under the system of commodity capitalism, where the products of peoples' work doesn't go to them or to those who need, but to those who own the means of production and distribution centers for profit, etc.
I would argue that capitalism and its accomplices are far more relevant in placing blame for wars and CIA actions than UFO's.

The Doc

Correction! 06.Sep.2003 17:18

The Doc's Doc

A quick correction--I meant to write Osama Bin laden and Saddam Hussein, not 'Bush and Saddam' above. A comical little slip given Bush's CIA and family connections!

Let's hear more relevant info about the current CIA status of Al-Queda and Hussein. Not that I would DOUBT that it's occurring. I don't know how it can be proven short of some serious whistleblowing.