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Perle Urges Bush To Initiate Nuclear Holocaust In N. Korea

Richard Perle, formerly code named "MEGA" and the former Pentagon official and an architect of the Bush administration's strategy to topple Saddam Hussein, said President Bush should consider bombing North Korea's nuclear production facilities if diplomatic efforts fail to convince Pyongyang to disarm.
Rumsfeld adviser: Bomb N. Korea if necessary

WASHINGTON -- Richard Perle, the former Pentagon official and an architect of the Bush administration's strategy to topple Saddam Hussein, said President Bush should consider bombing North Korea's nuclear production facilities if diplomatic efforts fail to convince Pyongyang to disarm.

A chief adviser to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Perle said the preferable approach to the current nuclear standoff with North Korea would be to isolate the Stalinist regime so completely that it buckles and forswears atomic weapons. Whether such a tactic would work, Perle said, remains to be seen."

"But I don't think anyone can exclude a kind of surgical strike that we saw in 1981 when the Israelis destroyed the Osirik reactor, because they knew that if that reactor went unmolested it would eventually produce nuclear weapons," he told a conference here on Iraq reconstruction efforts.

The attack by Israeli jets on the Iraqi reactor destroyed what Israeli intelligence services said was a nascent nuclear weapons production line. While many countries condemned the strike, it is now widely credited with setting back Saddam Hussein's nuclear ambitions for over a decade.

Perle is a former chairman and current member of the Defense Policy Board, a group of experts from outside the Pentagon who advise Rumsfeld on military matters. He was an assistant defense secretary in the Reagan administration.

Crippled by an ailing economy and increasing economic isolation, North Korea has turned to weapons sales as one of its principal means of obtaining hard currency. Perle suggested that Pyongyang might seek to sell atomic bombs to the highest bidder.

"We must assume that if (North Korea) had a nuclear weapon and al-Qaida wished to purchase a nuclear weapon, that a deal that could be done. So we can't allow them to acquire nuclear weapons," Perle said.

"It is necessary to prevent the North Koreans from becoming the nuclear breadbasket of the world," he added.

Bush has said that he wants to solve the North Korea crisis via diplomacy.

The North Korean government maintains that Bush is preparing a military strike. In a recent editorial in a government newspaper, the regime of Kim Jong Il said that "the U.S. imperialists have already worked out a scenario for a preemptive attack in a bid to implement their war strategy against (North Korea)."

The CIA believes that North Korea possesses up to two nuclear weapons. But in recent talks with a visiting U.S. congressional delegation, Pyongyang officials claimed to have reprocessed about 8,000 nuclear fuel rods, enough for six to eight additional atomic bombs.

The recent standoff between the U.S. and North Korea began last October, when Assistant Secretary of States James Kelly flew to Pyongyang and confronted the North Koreans with evidence that they were in violation of a 1994 agreement in which they agreed to forego nuclear weapons development.

The Clinton administration, which negotiated the settlement, had weighed a possible preemptive strike against North Korea's nuclear facilities but decided not to pursue such an option.

North Korea has the fifth-largest active duty military in the world, the third-largest ground force, and the largest commando force -- with many troops poised on hair-trigger status. In contrast to Iraq's greatly diminished military following its defeat in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, North Korea has vast inventories of artillery, surface-to-surface missiles, medium-range missiles that can strike Japan and suspected stores of chemical and biological warheads.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/0603/12perle.html?urac=n&urvf=10627689621820.6599218263879352



If you were President, and you had 2 -6 nuke missles with active warheads with the range to reach Seattle and Anchorage and PDX in the hands of the little slime ball runnung NK. Are you really telling me you would go to the UN AND TALK? This isnt a video game Sonny, it is A-BOMB foot ball............................IIF THEY TOSS A "HAIL MARY" I WANT YOU TO CATCH IT FOR ME.

weapon rattling 05.Sep.2003 17:16


There are always people willing and able to throw bombs....apparently there will always be. What we can hope for is a voice of reason, a new way to speak about Peace. The bottom line is, this is one world. No bomb is going to protect us from ourselves. Until we look at each other and realize that greed is at the bottom of the rancour, there is little chance of turning away from the worst that we humans can be. I feel like a voice in the wind, but still I must speak out against this rush toward weapons and ask again that we begin to find ways to help and understand each other.

Speaking of Redneck Slaying 05.Sep.2003 17:46


Two Reason's Why It's So Hard To Solve a Redneck Murder:

1. All the DNA is the same.
2. There are no dental records.

Got Indigestion, REDNECKSLAYER? 05.Sep.2003 18:30

Fair and Balanced

You always regurgitate Fox News' propaganda so well.

DEAR PDX PEACENIKS 05.Sep.2003 21:18


GOD HELP US IF ANY OF YOU RUN FOR NATIONAL OFFICE ............and have to make the decisions in these times, the Japs are scared shitless of the NK'S....they would'nt have 12mins if there was a missle attack, we have some chance, and some defensive weapons in Alaska for a slim chance at defence.of the west coast. There isnt time for an UN RESOLUTION, WE HAD A BUNCH WITH SADDAM......."please note, HE BROKE THEM ALL!" The world isnt very nice, and its getting worse......ask those who died during 911? DARN, YOU CANT! Keep on with the anti Bush crap...... when push comes to shove.......people want to keep on living another day, if nothing else my simpletons....... HE IS DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD TO IN THAT SPEECH TO CONGRESS....... AND THAT WILL GIVE HIM ANOTHER 4 YRS

dear fair and balanced 05.Sep.2003 21:19


you have stalins crap down pretty well too!

Dear Redneckslayer 05.Sep.2003 21:35


How old are you? Fifteen, maybe? Your immaturity is showing even more than Bush shows his simplicity. Maybe you should try Free Republic for a while. Come back to indy if you ever grow up.

PSYCHO.....say's a lot about most here 05.Sep.2003 23:58


In the end.....we will surface as the real winners of the upcoming battle, you are winning now, but not for much longer1

if we cannot all win, than we will all lose 06.Sep.2003 01:41


Remember the government and media are pushing as much fear as they can at people. And those people cannot understand how the rest of us can be so unafraid. But the belief in the epic good vs evil fantasies and fetishes shared by Bush and his followers strikes me as self-fulfilling prophesy. Look at Bush's record: no link between Iraq and Al Queda, until after the actions taken by the Bush administration which have created favorable conditions for the rise of anti-US terrorism around the world, and particularly in the middle east. I guess if people want an enemy badly enough it's all too easy to create one. But as far as I'm concerned, the real winners are those with courage, integrity, honesty, and follow the path of peace and truth. The winner is not the one who kills the most but the one who enlightens the most. The best teacher is not the one who has the most students but the one who creates the most teachers; the best leader is not the one who has the most followers but the one who creates the most leaders.

Remember, when dealing with people in such deep denial as redneckslayer, we must remember that they must choose to end their denial; we cannot choose it for them. We can only present them with beneficial opportunities. Most of the world realizes that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, and hence, was not violating the UN resolutions. But so many people have heard the simple lie so often and for so long, the truth now evades them. But it is interesting how not only is the Bush administration not talking about weapons of mass destruction, but the media has dropped the issue altogether as well. I suppose their job of endless repetition of unsubstantiated allegations has been completed for that particular issue. Now it's on to the next issue lest we actually discuss the lies that were repeated ad nauseum by the government and the media.

if only 06.Sep.2003 07:29


Thank you 'someone' for writing it all out so beautifully. More of us will gather our courage and keep on after reading your posting.

Dear Someone, 06.Sep.2003 17:37


Hell, if words could win a war, YOU WIN! But since you only adhere to fantasy, Sorry, you lose! Lets get down too it, we were on 911 ATTACKED, (not a lie), reasons were many, some you think true, some I know are true, bottomline....... if we do not defend ourselfs..a lot of us will die, THAT IS A FACT! Lets agree on this..... you protect yourself however you want, I will do the same..... but HEAR THIS, STAY OUT OF MY WAY WHILE I DO IT! You will have a better chance to live another day if you do. This is war, these people we seek out who sought us mean to kill us, IF THAT ISNT CLEAR, you are on your own.

Oh, no... 06.Sep.2003 18:16


...looks like redneckslayer's home from preschool again.

U.S. and Japan To Monitor N. Korea's First Nuclear Test This Tuesday 06.Sep.2003 18:24

The Japan Times

Japan, U.S. to monitor North Korea's reaction to six-party nuclear talks

WASHINGTON (Kyodo) Japan and the United States ended two days of high-level talks in Washington on Friday, agreeing to keep a close eye on North Korea's reaction following last week's six-party talks on Pyongyang's nuclear arms programs, a Japanese official said.

During the talks, Vice Foreign Minister Yukio Takeuchi and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage traded views on the message North Korea will issue on the 55th anniversary of its foundation on Tuesday, the official told reporters.

Japan and the U.S. are expected to closely watch whether North Korea will take provocative measures, such as declaring itself a nuclear power, testing nuclear weapons or test-launching missiles.

At the six-party talks, Pyongyang threatened to declare that it possesses nuclear arms and test them unless the U.S. abandons what Pyongyang calls a hostile policy toward it. Japan, China, South Korea and Russia were the other participants in the Beijing meeting.

The Japanese official said Takeuchi and Armitage agreed on the need to continue the process of six-party talks to peacefully resolve the standoff over North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

Takeuchi thanked the U.S. for supporting Japan's position in Beijing on the issue of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea, the official said.

Takeuchi told Armitage that Japan plans to provide Iraq with as much reconstruction help as possible, including dispatching a unit of the Self-Defense Forces.

Japan, however, is considering the timing of the deployment and assessing the security situation in Iraq, Takeuchi was quoted as saying.

Armitage did not call for a prompt SDF dispatch.

At the meeting, the fourth of its kind, Takeuchi welcomed U.S. efforts to adopt a new U.N. Security Council resolution that would pave the way for the international community to provide a wide range of cooperation on Iraq's reconstruction.

The U.S. is seeking the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution that would authorize a multinational force in Iraq, expand the U.N.'s role in reconstruction efforts and open the way for the country's transition to a constitutional democracy.

The next high-level meeting will be held in Japan early next year, the official said.

The Japan-U.S. meeting was followed by trilateral talks also involving Australia, with Ashton Calvert, secretary of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, joining Takeuchi and Armitage.

The three countries agreed to promote the U.S.-led initiative to block sales of weapons of mass destruction and related materials by North Korea and other countries.

Japan, the U.S., Australia and France will send ships to the Coral Sea and begin naval interdiction exercises on Wednesday as part of the Proliferation Security Initiative established by U.S. President George W. Bush in May.

The Japan Times: Sept. 7, 2003

North Korea To Test Nuclear Weapon 06.Sep.2003 18:28


N Korea 'made nuclear threat'
By Gordon Corera
BBC correspondent in Washington

The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has confirmed reports that North Korea threatened last week to test a nuclear weapon.

But he has said that he is still hopeful that there will be further talks on de-nuclearising the Korean Peninsula.

The threat reportedly came during six-party talks held in Beijing last week to deal with North Korea's nuclear programme.

The discussions ended without resolution, but were not without drama.

Mr Powell has now confirmed that North Korea did say it intended to test a nuclear weapon.

Russian officials had denied this.

But speaking after a meeting with the South Korean foreign minister, Mr Powell said that whether such threats were interpreted as a statement or as a negotiating tactic, they would not change US policy.

"The way forward is not helped by threats and truculent statements that are designed to try to frighten the international community, or to try to frighten us," he said.

"We will not be frightened."

Although further talks have not yet been scheduled, Mr Powell said it remained possible that there could be another round of diplomacy.

But he cautioned that it would require the agreement of all six nations involved.

North Korea Expected To Test Nuclear Weapon Tuesday 06.Sep.2003 18:30


Nth Korea ready for N-test: report

July 26, 2003

North Korea was prepared to conduct a nuclear test unless the United States responded positively to its proposals for resolving a row over Pyongyang's weapons ambitions, Japanese and North Korean sources were quoted as saying by a Japanese newspaper today.

The Asahi Shimbun said this had been conveyed to US envoy Jack Pritchard by a North Korean official in a secret meeting between officials from the two nations earlier this month.

Earlier this week, diplomatic sources in Tokyo told Reuters that the North was ready to declare itself a member of the nuclear club, opening the way for possible tests and increased production of weapons, unless the nuclear crisis was resolved by September 9 - the anniversary of the communist nation's founding.

The Asahi said that a North Korean official told Pritchard: "If the United States continues its policy of pressure against us, we may be forced to take opposing measures. Such as, for example, a nuclear test".

It added that there was a possibility that any test could take place by September 9.

No Japanese foreign ministry officials were available to comment on the report.

Pyongyang has said it has finished reprocessing spent nuclear fuel that could allow it to make about half a dozen atomic bombs, but doubts persist about the accuracy of its claims.

Cautious hopes of a breakthrough in the crisis over North Korea's nuclear arms program have risen since China sent an envoy to Pyongyang earlier this month, apparently to suggest a compromise format for negotiations.


Dear teacher 06.Sep.2003 21:40


Perhaps you missed the posts.......A really crazy nutcase in North Korea will explode a Nuke, (HOPEFULLY UNDERGROUND) in the very near future..... if it isnt underground, the next hamburger you grill outdoors may glow!

You keep on "smoking dope", and perhaps you will miss the whole thing...... it wont be Bush's fault, nor Clintons, it will not matter.

This freight train appears to have left the station, and you want to make with the remarks towards me!

I REALLY think you may not see the trouble the fucking world is in with this possible chain of events, time will tell and soon.

ScaredyCat 06.Sep.2003 23:19


Redneckslayer is so SCARED. He should call himself ScaredyCat. It's cuter anyway.

You know ScaredyCat, the funny thing about your attitude, your certainty that THEY want to kill us, is that the N. Koreans feel the same way about us. Is it true? Do we want to KILL them? Do we HATE them?

yes, fear is all too prevalent 07.Sep.2003 02:26


"if we do not defend ourselfs..a lot of us will die, THAT IS A FACT!"
That is your belief, one stemming from fear, because your president and your tv have told you that you should be afraid.

"if words could win a war"
They can, and one day you will understand that.

Your incoherent ramblings are not clear. And I don't buy into your fear-based worldview. Read some history, I'd be happy to recommend some books if you're interested.

"STAY OUT OF MY WAY WHILE I DO IT! You will have a better chance to live another day if you do."
That's either a threat or idiocy; I'm not sure what either of us would prefer. In case you haven't been paying attention, the actions by the US government have been increasing the terrorist threat against this country, not reducing it. If you're so concerned about the actions of North Korea, you must be sorely disappointed by this administration which has done nothing but ignore a very serious diplomatic issue. Remember, it was not so long ago this administration was telling us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (monstrous lie #1) and that North Korea did not (monstrous lie #2). If we want to go on living on this planet, we're simply going to have to do much, much better than this.

Remember solutions to these, and all problems will not arise from fear. If you are afraid, you can be controlled. If you are not afraid, you can be creative.

SCARED. yes!.. NOT STUPID 07.Sep.2003 07:29


Ladies and gentlemen: If the possibility of a nuke missile sent to your doorstep isnt chilling, perhaps the recreational drugs you take is something I need to consider after all. I really would like to go to the movies and seek 1. 75 hrs of escape from the reality that people like you want to be nice and talk to people like SADDAM. The blame game can be played both ways on Bush and Clinton...... but you will see very soon that WMD were there in Iraq, are there in Iran AND TO COMPLETE THE AXIS OF EVIL NORTH KOREA. The Japs seem a bit upset too, so we are not alone in this............SCARED, HELL YES! STUPID...NOT A CHANCE!

so do something about it 07.Sep.2003 12:54


If you're scared, do something to find your courage. If you are afraid, you can be controlled, and you are being controlled. You're being spoon-fed historically inaccurate fantasies about how Saddam Hussein was a threat to this country. He hasn't even controlled most of his own country for the past 10 years, the US has. The US bombed Iraq every other day for over 10 years, and you think that they had any kind of military left? You must think we have the most incompetent military ever. Hussein was not a threat, and did not have WMD, why do you think the administration has dropped the issue? If you want to keep being ignorant that is your choice, but you have the opportunity to learn more, and you should consider seizing it. You claim, you're not stupid, so prove it, read some history on this country's involvement in the middle east over the past few decades. Read about how the US through the CIA helped Hussein take power and how Hussein himself was working for the CIA as early as 1959. Then follow how the US supported Hussein with military and economic aid for 30 years. Or, you can do the same thing with Osama Bin Laden, by following his connections with the CIA, and US aid to the Taliban for 20 years.

But on the issue of North Korea, again, why doesn't it bother the Bush supporters that the Bush administration has been ignoring the issue of North Korea for months while they were dealing with the invasion and occupation of Iraq. On the one hand you have a country that has nuclear weapons, and on the other hand you have a country who's military and economic infrastructure had been decimated by 10 years of US enforced sanctions and US led bombings. So what did the US do: invade the weak country with oil and give aid to the nation with nuclear weapons. The insanity of this country's foreign policy may only be matched by the ignorance and stupidity of those who support it.

ScaredyCat 07.Sep.2003 17:25


ScaredyCat, you're lucky you have Someone to explain things to you patiently and coherently. Most people would just dismiss you with the comments you make. I hope you can appreciate it fully some day.