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Wyden on Nano Fri in PDX

Here's some info on a Ron Wyden nanotech speech this Friday at the Portland WTC building.
University of Oregon mucky-mucks will host a conference in the PDX WTC building's auditorium this Friday, Sept 5th titled "Restoring Oregon's Economy: Business Innovation and Law". Wyden will give the 12:30 lunch time keynote talk on the Skybridge Terrace titled "Growing Oregon's Economy and the Role of Nanotechnology Funding" (BARF!) The conference requires preregistration, but don't worry...it only costs $125 to attend! Nike will be there, so will UO Pres. Dave Fronmayer and a whole bunch more people!

Nanotech (def): Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of living and non-living matter at the level of the nanometer, one billionth of a meter. It is at this scale that quantum physics takes over from classical physics and the properties of elecments change character in novel and unpredicatable ways.
-from ETC Group's report The Big Down  http://www.etcgroup.org/documents/TheBigDown.pdf

For more info on the conference, see this post about it on the website of the UO Campus News Center

And the law school's post w/ brochure at  http://www.law.uoregon.edu/news/events/

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