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New Chief of Police Foxworth is Unacceptable

I did some quick research on Portland's New Chief of Police. He is not acceptable. There has been no public discussion or input in this choice. That is also not acceptable. This is a political move and is not enough of a change to fix the pervasive and systemic abuses of the Portland Police Bureau. Citizens Against Police Abuse (CAPA) will continue forward with filing a civil police misconduct complaint with the US Department of Justice. Contact us at  capa@riseup.net to file a CAPA police misconduct complaint or to discuss this effort with us.
ADDED Information to earlier post

Foxworth Is an Unacceptable Choice for Chief. He is entrenched in the violent and illegal police misconduct that pervades the entire bureau. There was no public input and this political move guarantees no reform and is unacceptable.

Some Ignominious Highlights from Foxworth's career at the Portland Police Bureau compiled from Oregonian articles (those are the dates listed)

August 22, 2003 - AntiBush protest - in charge of Tactical Operations (outrageous amount of police - protestors attacked in Columbia Park when police "close" it. Portland Police engaged in a new and very questionable practice of using ethyl alcohol to remove jail support numbers written on protestors arms while they were handcuffed - denial of counsel, unreasonable use of force)

July 3, 2003 - On the Law Enforcement Panel to evaluate Kendra James shooting (that panel found no problems with McCollister's conduct and made no recommendation for discipline)

March 20, 2003 - Antiwar protests - In charge of Tactical Operations (the city is being sued due to police misconduct)

August 21, 2002 - Bush protest - In charge of Tactical Operations (the city is being sued due to police misconduct)

November 29, 2001 - Says that Portland should have participated in Federal Anti-terror interviews of Middle Eastern men (Kroeker resisted these interviews because there was no probable cause or reasonable suspicion to round up people based on national origin).

May 4, 2001 - says that racial profiling report that clearly identified a serious problem with Portland Police Bureau conduct was not complete

October 12, 2000 - Commander of NE Precinct during shoot out in NE neighborhood that killed Ollie B. Russell

1999 - - Commander of NE Precinct while Drug-Free Zones are expanded in the NE (under this ordinance people can be excluded from a drug zone for suspicion of drug possession or use for 30 days or more even if they live or work in that area)

August 17, 1998 - Commander of NE Precinct when police fired beanbags at a crowd on MLK Blvd

April 15, 1997 - Foxworth placed on leave while there is an internal investigation on the misuse of public funds for cell phone use. This incident prompts PIIACC the citizens advisers recommend that an outside agency investigate officers misconduct. Foxworth's position as head of SERT is eliminated and he is moved to head of personnel commander. Vera declares cell phone amnesty - whatever that means.

April 22, 1996 - Gang list continues to be compiled, maintained and made part of the public record despite the fact the people on the list have not been convicted of a crime. And despite a June 1995 court order to remove people from the list because it is a civil rights violation.

1990 - 1994 Spokesman for Portland Police Bureau

March 22, 1989 - Moore drug case where Foxworth testified that Moore took a bag of cocaine into a house. No bag was found and the judge threw out that charge.

Please! 02.Sep.2003 15:40


The police are unacceptable!

Geez 04.Sep.2003 11:17

Give the Guy a Chance!

Holy Cow... he just got the job. Let's give him a chance. All the stuff you say he did or did not do was when he wasn't the boss. I think we should wait and see what he does before we condemn him. The chief of police is going to always be a cop, after all, so you can't expect miracles.

Eh? 04.Sep.2003 12:08


Doesn't sound so bad to me. Care to throw something actually damning on the list other than "He plays rough with the Hippies"? Got anything to make the conservatives go "Wow, he is a bad seed", AKA anything that can be proven? Or is he Just That Crafty?

Really, now. What is wrong with this: "1990 - 1994 Spokesman for Portland Police Bureau "? Huh? Public Relations is a "bad" highlight? Wow, let's burn him at the stake for daring to be the mouthpiece of the police...bad cop. No doughnut.

Portlanders are so naive it makes me want to puke 05.Sep.2003 16:31


People in Portland think things will change just because there is a new police chief. You people are so naive. Wake the fuck up - demand reform and demand that you have a part in selecting the chief.

This is the only city in the US of Amerika where police chiefs last on the average of 3 1/2 years. Why is that? So no one is accountable and you fools don't stand up and say enough is enough - change the police bureau.

Portland is playing right into Vera's hands. No Foxworth should not be given a chance. If you paid attention to his accepance speech you would realize that he has no intention of reform the bureau. Bandaids and nice words don't fix problems.

police? 05.Sep.2003 21:44


we dont need the state to police us , these police serve their corperate masters and not the people, it is our resposibility to create a safer world, and to fight brutality in all of its forms, soon we will have the power to police ourselfs, without laws, without masters, without brutality, and without organized "peace keepers"


Foxworth 06.Sep.2003 22:16

We don't know yet

Give it a chance. Let the Police stabalize now that the bigot Kroeker is out of the way. Maybe he will work out.

You have no idea... 08.Jan.2004 17:31

Fed up with people

I think that all of you that are anti Foxworth for one reason or another have NO IDEA what it's like to be a police officer and immediately condemn them because of a bad incident or two. You have to realize that what you hear and see on the news is only what gets criticized on the bureau and rarely their accomplishments are liftted in the highest light because that is how the media works. As for Foxworth, I think we all need to shut up and give the guy a chance because I highly doubt that any of you could go into such a position and do as well a job as he has done in the bureau in the past 22 years. I also am aware that most of you have no idea what dedication it takes to be a cop. However I do. So shut your mouths and give the guy a chance

police brutality 28.Dec.2004 16:02

jerri bagley@alaska.net

About eight month ago my son was severely beaten by two of Portlands police officers. His head was slammed into the pavement causing two black eyes, and a fractured temple. While this was going on another police officer was kicking him in the stomach. He was arrested taken to jail where he was not allowed to use the restroom. He was moved to a downstairs cell because his legs were too bruised to walk. We took this to court and lost our case. He was convicted of disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Two of our witnesses, who had never seen my son said that the incident was totally unprovoked. My son had his back to the police when this happened. It is outragous that this would be allowed. We need to take care of our own. Had I beaten someone on the street i would be in jail. If it's the Portland Police, everyone looks the other way.

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P O Box 878591 Wasilla, Alaska 99687