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Merrick Bonneau police accountability march & rally September 4th

Merrick Bonneau, victim of police brutality, will lead a march from the South Park blocks, on September 4 around noon to City Hall where he will hold a news conference. Bonneau will speak to his experience of trying to seek justice (so far, in vain) for a brutal, wrongful arrest that caused him serious injuries. Please support Bonneau by attending the march and rally.

Contact: Merrick Bonneau 503-236-6815

Merrick Bonneau and Police Accountability Supporters March and Rally Against Police Brutality/Local Government Policy and Procedural Violations

Merrick Bonneau will lead a march to City Hall from the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland - SW Park & SW Madison -- on September 4 at 12:00pm. Bonneau will hold a press conference on the 4th Ave steps of City Hall (SW 4th Ave & SW Madison) at 1:00pm.

Bonneau was wrongfully arrested, brutalized, and seriously injured by the police on September 4, 1999 after officers claimed (erroneously) that Bonneau identified himself as his older half-brother who looks nothing like him.

Bonneau will speak about the incident 's impact on his life -- from losing a college scholarship to being sued by lawyers who failed to provide proper representation for a civil lawsuit to recover damages from the City. Despite witness testimony supporting Bonneau's claims, City Council, the final appellate body for appeals of police misconduct complaints, recently agreed with the Portland Police Bureau that there wasn't enough evidence to prove his accusations against the police.

The Bonneau press conference starts one hour before the public hearing at City Hall for the Officer Involved Shootings report by the Police Assessment Resource Center (PARC), which identified a substantial amount of serious problems within the Portland Police Bureau.

In regards to that report, Bonneau stated, "The PARC report identifies gross inadequacies in the Police Bureau based on 32 shootings, but it appears that those problems occur routinely in other cases, where witnesses are not contacted, police reports are either not filed or filled out incorrectly, and where all evidence is not collected or maintained. Certainly, those are some of the things that happened in my case."

make this a feature! 02.Sep.2003 15:25


This march is important - can indymedia folk please make this a feature?