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most hilarious anti-drug propoganda ever

www.freevibe.com have you seen those "whats your anti-drug?" commercials?... this is the website, and it is FUCKED... my favorite parts are the "message boards" and the "summit high" sitcom thing... you MUST look through the entire site, it is hilarious but also horribly disheartining...
heres a favorite qoute: (it is the profile of one of their (flash animated) sitcom thingy charectors)

"Kenji doesn't take things at face value and always reminds us to do the same thing. His tone is a bit cynical, suspicious. He probes a bit deeper on subjects, even to where it is provocative or, well, even troublesome to school administrators! Say there's a bubble-gum pop band that everyone is crazy over. While most people put up posters of the lead singer or the most obvious person in the band, Kenji would be more impressed with one of the more background member of the bands who he thinks actually has some talent."

and heres some qoutes from their absurdly moderated "message board": (the first one is their board policy)

boards policy
"If you are in middle school or high school, this site is for you! If you are an adult, there are so many places to discuss the important issues surrounding drug use and abuse on the Internet - leave these boards for actual teens.

Freevibe will put up all posts that do not conflict with the guidelines below. All posts are from real teens who have real issues that they want to discuss. The only reason your post wouldn't go up is if:
You blatantly promote the use of substances that are illegal or unhealthy for minors.
You include crude or obscene language-if you can't say it on MTV or UPN or FOX, you shouldn't say it here. Asterisks may be substituted for profanities in otherwise good posts.
Your post contains information that has nothing to do with the topics being discussed--or which doesn't make sense at all.
You promote, suggest violence or slander any social group.
Your post is clearly written by someone beyond Freevibe's age group.
Your post contains e-mail, phone or other contact information. These may be replaced with asterisks.

If there is a post that doesn't fit within these guidelines, it is up to the moderator to use his or her best judgment based on their training.


Many messages contain rumors and other misleading info. In these cases, the Freevibe board moderator will post the message but also add our two cents with:
Facts taken directly from the "Lowdown" area, with the URL provided.
Information taken directly from the National Institute on Drug Abuse or another reliable source, with either a specific acknowledgement or the URL provided.
We will always sign our posts "Freevibe", so you'll know it's from the moderator.

Messages will be kept on the message board for 60 days. "

heres some wonderful posts by "kids" (some seem too utterly absurd to really be kids, but meh):

"KCFan#1 -- My dad is a counselor and i was asking him questions about cocaine and he told me that he had a client that was going through withdrawls from cocaine and the guy said " It feels like there are millions of spiders running around inside his body" Now after hearing that who would want to try that nasty stuff!

"mariah -- i heard that using cocaine, while pregnant, can cause the child to be born with no conscience????? is this true?

these are from the "how to say no" section:

"braz -- my message is simple,just say NO!"

"Lisa -- I say no because it just not right. And pluse if you do it you can get sick and die from it. And I think it is wrong wrong wrong! ! ! !"

also, alot of the information is just plain wrong, heres a qoute of that type::

"Txoxtxsxe -- hey, i want to explain my nickname real quick so you aren't confused. I put a bunch of random letters and 4 x's in between each one to symbolize what drugs do 2 u. They make your thoughts so weird and random and they cut out braincells. hence the x's. my story is pretty scary. my brother started doing drugs one day with his friend when he was 12. they smoked catnip and then ate nutmeg. he came home and we were really scared but he was okay. What really scared us was the first time he tried pot. he had 5 whole joints and when he came home he was turning a blueish color and developing rash's all over him. We rushed him to the hospital. turns out it was laced with something called shrooms and he had overdosed on that and weed. he died the next day. This is what weed did to my brother. its not a safe drug don't believe what they say!! or you could die like him!"

alright, so the main thing is that (how the fuck) did the marijuana get "laced with something called shrooms" this post sounds completely false, but the moderators did not comment on it at all, another thing:: philocybin, the active psychoactive alkaloid in shrooms, CANNOT be smoked, as it is destroyed by high levels of heat... there is no way that you can have any effect from smoked philocybin mushrooms... anyway

so i think everyone should at least check this site out, its insanely absurd, i would really love to flood their emails and faxes and whatever, completely mess with them, if anyone has expieriance with things like that, post, i think we should totally mess this site up. examples: (at least juvinile stuff like) adding their emails to porn mailing lists, and trolling their "message boards" i would higly love to do more advanced stuff though..

so my main problem with this site is that there is no discussion, (they never even leave any possibility that maybe there is something to be discussed (its just: "just say NO!)) theres plenty of great drug sites on the web (my favorite being erowid.org) that dont even really encourage drug use, but they at least provide for a place where there is real information and discussion... this is just propoganda and needs to be hinderred (like all of the drug war).

tom knowles
yup 02.Sep.2003 00:58


found some more wonderful qoutes...

christopher12 -- I just say "hey.. pots illegal and that makes it bad."

EyeHeartJesus -- Once I was asked to smoke a joint rolled in Bible paper. I was totally like "No way buddy, smoking weed is for devil worshipers and Nelly." I showed that guy.

jose the juvenile -- dont do drugs, they are for * morons. peace

*azn hottie* -- Just say "hell no" and call a friend to go watch a movie or something. Just think if that place got busted and you were there smoking away! Your parents will never forgive you!! Peace out! Azn Pride till you die!!!!!!

heres one with a helpful hint from the moderator!:
"shorty -- How do I say no when someone asks me to do drugs?
(moderator)>> You just answered your own question!! You just say "No!" or "no thanks" or just walk away. Freevibe"

alright, im done... but i find this endlessly entertaining...

thats the kind of closed mindedness that is being perpetuated by this drug "war" yay... at least these kids arent changing the way they see the world! (because then they wouldnt be slaves, yay yay yay)

how muich is a joke? 02.Sep.2003 02:20

no one in particular

<i>EyeHeartJesus -- Once I was asked to smoke a joint rolled in Bible paper. I was totally like "No way buddy, smoking weed is for devil worshipers and Nelly." I showed that guy.</i><p>

Okay, that has GOT to be a joke. I mean, first, his name is "EyeHeartJesus". And then the out-of-leftfield comment about Nelly? I'm sure that was put up there by someone being sarcastic and slipped it through the moderators.<p>

Come on, we can do more! It'll be fun! Try to get the most outlandishly rediculous thing past the moderators that you can.<p>

legalize now! 02.Sep.2003 10:41


Yeah...freevibe.com sucks. It's a product of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign....Jesus...thats a mouthfull.

Get up, Stand up...don't give up tha fight!

this site is great! 04.Sep.2003 02:53


Thanks for the suggestion of checking out this site... It is an endless source of comedy... Here's some nifty quotes I pulled...

"You're more likely to drop out - or get kicked out - of school, or out of sports or other activities if you smoke marijuana. "
(which means that Betty the cheerleader won't be fucking you anymore)

"Pot-smoking has been linked with risky sexual behaviors that increase the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies."
(smoke a joint and all of the sudden you've got genital warts AND 3 kids!)

"We're all anxious enough about how we look without having to worry about the stained fingertips and teeth, stinking breath, and bloodshot eyes that come with smoking pot. People who smoke dope can look a little-well, skeazy. They might lose interest in their appearance. They can also get the munchies when they're high-and it's not exactly health food they binge on. They don't call that tire-shaped ring of flab around the middle of a pothead the "stoner's spare" for nothing."
(no satirical afterthought needed on this one)

"Marijuana users can become loners or hang out with people who may not be a good influence, which means that if you already have good friends and a supportive family, you can grow apart from them or lose their trust."
(smoke another joint and all of a sudden your supportive family and friends have forgotten about you like last years 'American Idol' winner)

"Sixty percent of teenagers in drug treatment programs are there because of marijuana."
(kids are in rehab for pot simply because it's illegal to have and they got busted for it, not because they actually have a physical addiction or need to be detoxed, as if they were addicted to alcohol, a far more dangerous and LEGAL drug)

"The people who profit from the $400 billion global drug business-and yes, marijuana is a big part of this business-are creep factor nine. They're criminals. If you're smoking pot, you could be the end-user of a product that may have been sold to help fund these people."
(these people like the CIA... hey wait a minute, I don't want to fund a state sponsored terrorist group like the CIA!! no more pot for this sovietspy)

yeah 05.Sep.2003 00:18


yeah, i bet that one about the satan worship was slipped in... ive gotten like 4 fakes ones on so far... its hilariousss...

hmm 13.Sep.2003 02:09


dammit.. it didnt put up a really long post i put... anywho, i would really appreciate anyone who would continue to post usless shit on this website

heres a general link  http://www.freevibe.com/boards/site/threads.asp?threadID=12

ive found that if youwrite things back wards... anway.. heres one i got on:::

ASUehtkcuf -- what is the worst thing about crystal meth? how is it made?

look at the name... anway... that whole thing... they arent looking hard, so please go and ppost random shit... or pertinant shit.. either way..

hmmboo 13.Sep.2003 02:28


heres some more...

sgurdezilagel -- i think marijuana is morally wrong, because why should anyone ever feel extra good? its completely unnecessary! i mean, just because important people do it, doesnt mean its good! after all, how important can they really be if they do drugs...

ecilopehtkcuf -- ive got alot to think about, my future, my friends, my family, i cant waste my time with drugs... all the time and energy i would be spending "high", i could be spending making something of my life. drugs are bad, just say no

and attempt to test the limit of sarcasm and the like that you can get through... so far the best i can get are things backwards in the name... while the post is utterly absurd and brainwashed... yup.. and they seem to think that christianity=good..

yup... and please everyone... try and do this whenever you think about it... it would make me laugh laugh laugh my life away...

What a joke 26.Jan.2004 09:22

PokeSmot240 flobslobster@earthlink.net

I love the commercials on tv bashing pot with bogus statistics all over the place, apparantly heroin addicts and crackheads aren't dangerous people and the drug is not addictive... but if you see a kid stoned coming near you AHH RUN HE'S GOING TO CUT YOU UP AND FEED YOU TO YOUR FAMILY BECAUSE STONERS ARE SICK, DISTURBED PEOPLE WHO ENJOY KILLING! Think of how miserably this "anti-drug campaign" is going, even parents get a laugh out of the commercials, and if you look back to prohibition it essentially created organized crime, who knows what these dumbasses are causing with this trash.

The 14 year old girl got high with a boy at her house, now she's pregnant. Its because of weed, it has nothing to do with her being a whore. WHAT?

Help me destroy freevibe.com!!! 30.Jan.2004 03:37

Colin colin_gajewski@hotmail.com

Yes! I'm so glad i found this site- i stumbled across the freevibe site a while ago and was at the same time both angered and amused. I tried putting some TRUE facts about pot up on the board and it wouldnt let me. I want to know who makes that website. Im so glad you guys have picked up on it too, i thought i was the only one reading it and thinking 'what the....'

How can we put a stop to freevibe? it has to be done or kids will continue to believe the complete **** they're saying.

ps. i noticed on the freevibe message board a girl saying ''my sister overdosed on weed and died. if it wasn't for weed she would still be here''. then i can't remember the next bit but it was something along the lines of ''so to me, anyone who smokes pot is my sister's killer''. What a load of ****!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to inject some real truth into the freevibe site, and so i tried to say ''smoking marijuana has been proven to be less harmful than our main legal recreational drug, alcohol, and besides, getting stoned is great.'' Funnily enough, my message never got displayed.

How can we destroy freevibe? Join me!!! It has to be done for the sake of the truth!!!!

Email me if you want to join my crusade against anti-drug propaganda. i dont know what im going to do yet, but i have to do something! let me know if you know of anything i can do, organisations i can join etc, to spread the real truth about marijuana.