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Bush 'drops' Barney while others watch in horror

imagine being barney and having to deal with the energy of this guy! goes to show bush cannot handle anything with grace or integrity...
President Bush (news - web sites), along with first lady, Laura Bush, and members of the Waco Midway Little League Softball World Series (news - web sites) championship team, react as Bush accidentally drops his dog, Barney, Saturday, Aug. 30, 2003, at TSTC Airfield in Waco, Texas. Bush quickly scooped up the dog who was not injured.
do click... 01.Sep.2003 22:57

anti-bush pro-pooch

...for the bigger version of this photo. geez...

Poor Georgie 02.Sep.2003 00:49

Pick your pet

Poor Georgie, he looks genuinely distressed at what happened.

He should stick to cats.

They always land on their feet.

Ohh boy... 02.Sep.2003 01:30

Portland Ponderer

How did this man ever breed?

Have no fear 02.Sep.2003 07:42


I think his PR handlers have been watching a lot of Farrelly brothers movies, especially 'Something About Mary' and are shooting for the 20 year old guy market.
Nothing's funnier to that demographic than to keep hurting a defensless animal. Just watch; in about a week they'll have Barney in a full body-cast.

yeah right 02.Sep.2003 11:20


he probably dropped the dog on purpose. though i have heard he is extremely clumsy

1 less vote 02.Sep.2003 18:11


There goes the dog vote ... though I hear Barney is Libertarian...

are you kidding?! 02.Sep.2003 21:35

me too

Barney is ful fledged radical, black bloc, as evidenced by his black mask!

If housepets were libertarians 03.Sep.2003 18:34


So What you bunch of Jerks 04.Sep.2003 21:54

Anna anna4prez@comcast.net

Leave the guy alone! Everyone makes mistakes. You've never dropped something before? Not Likely. He's got a hard job, give him a break for pete's sake!

Tough Job 05.Sep.2003 07:54


Yeah, leave the poor guy alone - he's got foreign countrys to bomb and justifications to fabricate.

Think 05.Sep.2003 13:09

Kathy Harrison

Let he who has never made a mistake cast the first stone.

Think 05.Sep.2003 13:12

Kathy Harrison

Let he who has never made a mistake cast the first stone.

Hold On! 05.Sep.2003 14:02


Let s/he who repeats herself repeat after me:
War = casting "stones" that end up with lots of people (ours and "theirs") dead
Causing death = killing
"Thou shalt not kill" sound familiar?

Iraq is one fight WE started. We're the bully in the world schoolyard today. And that so many lives are in the grip of a man who can barely keep hold of one pooch? Sorry you can't see the humor, but that's one hell of a joke... on us all.

Clearly 21.Sep.2003 16:52


There is only one reason he dropped the dog. It's a subliminal message to America. He clearly dropped that dog because he's black.

Never Dropped Mine 23.Sep.2003 08:17


I have had a Scotty for 14 years and I've never EVER dropped him...or choked on a pretzel!.....what a ditz.