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I want to convert your diesel to run on Veggie Oil

Hi, I want to get good at converting diesels over to run on vegetable oil. But there haven't been a lot of diesels for sale lately (I wonder why), and I'm not sure I even want a car right now. So I'm offering to do the work for free, if anyone wants to provide the engine and $300-500 for the conversion parts.
Right now, I expect to be available to work on this project anytime from Mid-September to Mid-October (during the sign of Libra, I guess). I expect it to take a week to complete properly. I would work on any kind of diesel engine, car, truck, tractor, whatever, I just want to start gaining experience.

I've been reading a lot about these conversions, which heat waste veggie oil (WVO) until it is viscous enough to be burned as diesel or bio-diesel would be in the engine. I would probably base the conversion on the Greasel.com system, which has a proven track-record. Except I think I can save some money in a few key areas, and get the oil hotter than the stock system. Of course, I'd be willing to work with the interests and financial constraints of the donor engine's owner. I'd also be willing to help source local oil supplies and paint the car to reflect its new status.

We could make it a workshop if others are interested in participating. Ultimately I would like to start an/work with an alternative fuels co-op in the region, but I need experience first.

Please write an email if you're at all interested in offering your vehicle for conversion, or if you would like to participate in a workshop (should they be available).

running on coconuts 03.Sep.2003 19:42


Thai farmer's coconuts fuel green hopes

A Thai farmer has found his own solution to global warming and the stagnation of Thailand's rural economy -- his coconuts.

"Coconut trees can do everything," said Kitti Maneesrikul, a village primary school teacher and coconut farmer in Samut Songram province, 75 km (47 miles) south of Bangkok.

"You have food from the flesh, wood from the trunk, drink from the juice...and now I've had coconut oil in my car engine for four months," he said.

Environmentalists say Kitti's coconuts offer cheap and clean fuel which could be copied by others to help millions of poor farmers across Southeast Asia and other tropical regions.

Coconuts have long provided a staple income for Thai farmers but only recently has their oil been used for fuel.

Oil is extracted from the dried flesh of coconuts and used for frying. After using it for cooking, Kitti filters the oil and adds a small amount of kerosene -- one part per 20 -- to give it a little extra "kick."

The fuel is suitable for trucks and industrial engines, does more miles per gallon and is 30 percent cheaper than diesel.

Kitti and his family use the coconut oil in a pick-up truck and a lorry, saving about 5,000 baht ($115) a month.

"I make about 300 litres of fuel each week," he said. "I prefer to buy used coconut oil from street stall vendors who have used it to fry donuts, but you can use pure coconut oil.

"We are buying used oil which otherwise would be thrown away, often into the river. Secondly, the fuel is much cleaner than diesel."