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PETITION TO HOWARD DEAN - on hawkish ME stance (Israel)

From the Vermont Indymedia site

Petition to Howard Dean expressing serious concerns with his hawkish Mideast stance and relationship to AIPAC

There is a new petition to presidential candidate Howard Dean to request a response to hawkish statements he has made about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and his relationship with AIPAC. The purpose is to get feedback from his campaign to 'set the record straight' and to let him know that he is losing a lot of voters on this issue.

Please go to  http://www.stop-us-military-aid-to-israel.net/deanpetition/ to help us express our concerns to Dean.

Be sure to go to your email after you sign and confirm by clicking the link that is sent. This is to add integrity to the petition.

Thank you for your participation!

homepage: homepage: http://www.stop-us-military-aid-to-israel.net/deanpetition/

Do you BELIEVE that? 01.Sep.2003 17:17

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

SERIOUSLY --- Do you actually believe that there are many places in this country where a pro-Israel postion costs a candidate more votes than it gains? Believe that there are many places where a pro-Palestinian postion gains more votes than it lsoes? Do you believe that if there are such places they are ones which matter to a Democratic candidate?

Stop the self delusion. The politicians of this country aren't pro-Israel because of lobbying money but votes. There simply aren't votes to be gained on the other side. STOP! I am NOT saying that there isn't more preference the other way, weak preferences like how you answer a poll question where there's nothing at stake and all questions are independent choices. THOSE preferecences don't count for didly squat because they aren't the ones upon whihc voters decide for or against a candidate.