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So, when exactly are 5 million Americans going to March on Washington?

To the people of America who are still THINKING........

When are we all going to stop our bitching and head to Washington, D.C. and DEMAND that the corruption, lies, warmongering, abuse of our human and civil rights, stealing, influence peddling through transparent contracts re Iraq, Afgh, the murdering of 10's of 1000s of people, not to mention all of the questions re 9/11 that the Bush Admin refuses to answer be put to a STOP??
I wake up every morning -- check the news -- and become angrier and angrier, but also more and more frustrated.

Why aren't we in Washington demanding that this STOP?

Call me impatient.......but all this waiting for the Jan 2005 is intolerable. I can't imagine there will be anything worth saving at that point. I really can't. And with the election machine fraud problems...... the General Election in Nov 2004 is starting to sound like a pipe dream.

A conservative Republican comments: Prepare yourself, Americans 01.Sep.2003 09:12


Found this post on another political board - just a little heads up on an article coming out in print in the Washington Spectator and the poster's comments re it:

This post is based on an article that appears in the Sept. 1 issue of the Washington Spectator, which is not available online.

The comments are especially powerful because it is written by Bill Rentschler, a longtime Republican and widely published political analyst who has been nominated nine times for a Pulitzer. He worked on Nixon's campaign and served briefly in his administration.

His lead:

"Prepare yourself, fellow Americans, for historic change, the most dramatic and far-reaching change in your lifetime, a sweeping metamorphosis that may alter radically the distinctive, time-honored structure of the fabled American experiment, which has endured for most of the last 225 years."

He then talks about the growing influence of the religious right and Bush's invocation of God in his political life. This stands at odds with the mainstream Christians who were opposed to the war with Iraq. "President Bush has skillfully blended his religious exhortations and his decision to take the country into two wars," Rentschler writes.

He then explains how war, coupled with the religious overtones and reducing federal support for the states, fits into Bush's campaign strategy for 2004. "War demands the unthinking allegiance of the people, even as their personal problems in wartime multiply and expand. Those who dissent may be branded unpatriotic or disloyal."

But here's where it gets scary. Wrap your brain around this thought: "If Bush wins a second term, he and his neocon allies will have for more years to perfect their far-reaching scheme without further re-election worries and political compromises. The path will be clear."

Can you even imagine that?!?! Think of the devastation they have wreaked in all areas economy, international policy, environment, judicial system, privacy, etc. And to think that this was with actually worrying about getting re-elected. Who knows what they have planned for the next four years if we allow that to happen.

Here are Rentschler's predictions:

Cardinal objective is to establish American empire, with war high on the agenda. This is not the vision our forefathers had for us, nor most Americans who want a peaceful environment in which they can work and raise their families.

We have "shaken, disconcerted" our closest allies, with those in charge incapable of developing a coherent foreign policy. "The result is policy based on the mindless certainty that might is right and the one remaining superpower is entitled to rule the world."

And finally, "Solidifying the power and wealth of Bush's chief political backers and contributors the giant corporations, the extremely affluent, the evangelical right will ultimately end, or seriously dilute, our long-held role as a nation supporting equal rights and opportunities for all."

Let that last statement sink in. Their intent is to put an end to the unique experiment in democracy that is the United States and replace it with theocratic oligarchy. As Rentschler points out, the tax cuts simply deepen the divide between rich and poor and push us closer to conditions found in Latin America or Arab states. The government will abandon its commitment to protect consumers and preserve the environment and personal liberties of citizens will be abrogated in the name of fighting terrorism.

Is this the country YOU want to live in?!?!? Hand down to your children or grandchildren? This is not some raging fringe leftist making these statements; this is a true Conservative in the Goldwater mode.

a dream... 01.Sep.2003 09:44

this thing here

the angry fed up masses raging at the gates...

during the vietnam war, a small protest managed to get close to the pentagon and almost mananged to bust in. i think it was sadly unsuccessful because there were not enough people.

but then imagine 5 million people

circling the pentagon

creeping closer and closer

i think it has intense symbolic power and significance. the call goes out, and people show up at a certain time and a certain date, and they march, all they're anger directed at ONE SINGLE POINT. one single point. i think it's easy to "get" or comprehend, because of it's symbolic nature. no signs, no chants, no booths, no pamphlets, no workshops all directed at a multitude of different points(not that all that is bad). but instead, just 5 milion fed up people encircling and crushing a SINGLE point, the symbol of power in washington. just like the march on washingtonin 1963, for civil rights, was simple yet powerful.

all that it would take to make or break something like this is the number of people who show up. that's the key stone of the whole thing. they're HAS TO BE a lot or it just won't work. and if they're isn't, then so be it...

i can tell you right now, if the bush admin. launches any more wars, while the economy keeps sinking, they're just inviting it on themselves.

at this point, it's just a day dream, and perhaps total wishful thinking. but it is something to think about.

That's a pretty powerful and well versed Dream you have there..... 01.Sep.2003 10:34


Wish there was a way you and I could connect without having to put our email addresses on the board........ perhaps we will cross paths.

You have an incredible vision (as indicated in this thread and many others).

And, just for humor's sake, let me share this with you. It had me rolling on the floor laughing -- but then also thinking......it isn't so far fetched:


I was listening to the news this morning and I thought: is Bush the Antichrist? I mean for real. Because the amazing thing is, whenever a sentence begins with "The Bush administration announced its new policy of..." there is a 100% chance that what comes next is going to be pure evil.

Seriously. Even Reagan probably sometimes did something that wasn't *totally* evil, just by accident, or because he wasn't paying attention. You know the old saying that even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn? Bush has been in office for years now and he has not ever found a single acorn. Every single thing he has done has been awful. And not just ethically awful, I mean bad-for-the-country awful.

It's a friggin' joke. I don't get how these newsreaders can talk about the "Healthy Forest Initiative" and suchlike things and take it all seriously. We are one step away from, "Today the White House spokesperson announced the unveiling of Bush's new plan to stimulate the economy by randomly flogging American citizens in the public squares on a daily basis. The 'Leave Skin On No Behind' initiative will revive the flagging tourism industry by drawing curious onlookers to the public ass-whippings, thereby revitalizing crumbling urban downtowns and creating 3 billion jobs by September 2004." And I swear to God when they do institute the "Leave Skin On No Behind" plan, the NPR bastards will deliver it in the same approving, official, this-makes-perfect-sense tones they're using now.


I have my disappointments with all the Democratic candidates. But I swear to God, even a ham sandwich would do a better job. If we can't hope for positive good, even the absence of deliberate evil will be a step up.

Credit for the ultimate in Political Satier to The Plaid Adder  http://www.plaidder.com/wof/ on  http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=104&topic_id=244761#244837

AND, a little dictionary fun (not so funny).....WHAT DOES "ACT" mean in the sense of the ACTS pushed by Bush and passed by the Congress:

We have to cut down the forests to save them.
We have to bomb the Iraqis to protect them.
We have to restrict American freedom so we can protect liberty.
We have to protect the overseas outsourcing of jobs to create new jobs.
We have to save money on the war by privatizing and providing a profit.
I can't even lucidly convey the concept of how there were no Al Queda terrorists in Iraq until well after the US occupation of Iraq.
Help America Vote "Act"
Patriot "Act"
No Child Left Behind "Act"

Alternate definition of "Act"
Congress and this administration have determined that the word "Act" in their bills does NOT mean "a statute, decree, or enactment, resulting from a decision by a legislative or judicial body", but rather they're using an alternate definition: "A manifestation of intentional or unintentional insincerity; a pose". (Definitions from dictionary.com)

Pentagon exorcism 01.Sep.2003 13:55


Abbie Hoffman got some folks together during Vietnam to encircle and attempt to LEVITATE the Pentagon! Read about it in "Revolution for the Hell of it."

Then they were just arrested. Today we would probably be shot.

I'm not saying we shouldn't try.