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Let's Really Talk Peace

Septmenber 7th, 2003 Peace and Department of Peace Gathering at Central Library in Portland.
3-5:00 PM
Let's Really Talk Peace

There is a gathering of people coming together on September 7th regarding the Department of Peace.
Portland Peace Citizen Circle
TOPIC: The Department of Peace
What is your definition of Peace? How do you use peace in you daily life? At work? Where would you like to increase peace in your life,
Portland, world.....

Sunday, September 7th, 2003
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Central Library - Multnomah County
Room to your right (coming in from main entrance)
801 SW 10th
Portland, Oregon
Max (Trolley), Buses galore, and Street Car(Trolley)
FREE Parking on Sundays

Please feel free to copy and e-mail to anyone you know who would be interested in this gathering.

Portland Peace Citizen Circle:  http://portlandpeace.tripod.com
Department of Peace Campaign:  http://www.dopcampaign.org
Global Renaissance Alliance  http://www.renaissancealliance.org

U.S. Congressman DeFazio has signed on for voting "yes" for
the Department of Peace Bill. He is also a co-sponsor.
before or after 01.Sep.2003 19:48


check out PeaceQuake in the PSU park blocks. 12-6 pm