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The Zionists can do no wrong

They are the chosen ones.
Israeli Defense Minister Threatens Gaza Invasion
Sun August 31, 2003 07:52 AM ET

By Jeffrey Heller
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's defense minister on Sunday raised the specter of an Israeli invasion in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinian militants already face a deadly air campaign.

Israeli military commentators say a ground offensive in the densely populated Gaza Strip, home to more than one million people under Palestinian control, would cause heavy Israeli and Palestinian casualties.

"We always have the option of a ground operation in Gaza," Shaul Mofaz said. "We will exercise it when we decide it is right to do so, at the appropriate time."

Israel has killed 13 Palestinians, including 10 militants, in helicopter missiles strikes since a Hamas suicide bomber killed 21 people on an Israeli bus in Jerusalem on August 19.

Mofaz spoke to reporters hours after a Palestinian gunman shot and wounded an Israeli truck driver at the Jewish settlement of Rafiah Yam in the southern Gaza Strip, the latest violence to batter a U.S.-backed peace "road map."

The shooting, claimed by the militant Islamic group Hamas, followed an Israeli helicopter missile strike Saturday that killed Abdullah Aqel, leader of its armed wing in central Gaza, and another Hamas member.

Palestinian Information Minister Nabil Amr said the attack in the Bureij refugee camp destroyed any chance for the resumption of talks with Israel and called on the United States to intervene and halt the cycle of violence.

"Israel's continuation of such policy means that it is completely turning its back on...calm and the possibility of implementing the road map," Amr said about the plan that envisages creation of a Palestinian state by 2005.

In a separate Gaza incident, an eight-year-old Palestinian girl was killed by an Israeli tank shell while riding her bicycle near her home in the city of Khan Younis Palestinian security sources and medics said.

The army said troops opened fire in the area after an explosive device blew up near a patrol, damaging a military vehicle. An army spokesman could not confirm anyone was hit.


Israeli security sources said that Aqel, 37, was behind recent rocket attacks on southern Israel from northern Gaza.

"Ashkelon will not become the frontline -- neither Ashkelon nor any other place," Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told reporters Sunday, referring to the southern city hit on Thursday by a makeshift Qassam rocket that caused no casualties or damage.

Saturday's missile attack in the Gaza Strip came a day after Palestinian gunmen shot dead a Jewish settler in the West Bank.

Islamic militants renounced a seven-week-old truce on August 21 shortly after Israel killed Hamas's second-ranking political leader, Ismail Abu Shanab, by attacking his car with a missile.

Israel has been mounting West Bank sweeps for suspected militants since the truce collapsed but has refrained from major ground operations in the Gaza Strip, sending in bulldozers instead to destroy buildings and uproot foliage providing cover for rocket squads.

Comments: Sharon will not tolerate rocket attacks against his people because his people are the chosen ones of God. Of course the chosen ones deserve better treatment than anyone else. Therefore it is perfectly within the rights of Zionist extremists to kill innocent Palestinians. God is telling Sharon this personally. Sharon is the devine leader of Zoinist Isreal. It is perfeclty alright for him to ignore decency in order to achieve the will of God.
God couldn't possibly be wrong, could he?
Don't be silly! 31.Aug.2003 15:10

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

Nobody here is claiming the Zionists can do no wrong. Quite the contrary, a great many of the Zionists' American supporters are pissed at a great many Israeli actions. Would like to see a reasonable solution to the conflict -- say the Israelis pull out of the occupied territoroes, evacuate those settlements, and allow the Palestinians to form their state and live at peace IF they can manage to do that. But THAT'S not the issue. Because it isn't on the table from EITHER side. You aren't considering what comes next -- but I assure you that both the Palestinians and Israelis do, which is why there is less enthusiasm (or more pessimism about this leading to peace for anybody).

How strange you are? You imagine that the Israelis need a feeling they have the promise of G-d not to sit there and accept being bombarded by rockets and mortar shells? You imagine we Americans would act as gently as the Israelis, invading in an attempt to get the rocket/mortar positions with minimal "collateral casualties". HELL NO! Somebody shelling US would get a battalion of artillery dropping a "seranade" on that mortar/rocket position and tough titty that it was set up in a crowded town.

What species do you belong to? I mean you don't seem to understand human behavior very well. So let me try to explain. It's not a whole lot different whether you are talking individuals or groups. If you hit somebody stronger than you are you are very likely to get stomped. You MAY get lucky with an indivdual. There are rumored to be some that will trun the other cheek if you slap them. You MAY encounter one of these but in my experience these are few and far between. There are no such groups of humans for the very simple reason that any such groups tend not to survive.

LOOK --- "all politics is local". The tactics of some of the Palestinian resistance groups has less to do with effectiveness against Israel than internal politics. Were there to be an independent Palestinian state these groups would need to be crushed (by other Palesitinians) or they would cause an immediate war with Israel -- defeat and we are right back where we are now. OR these groups would have to peacefully cease to exist. They lose in any peaceful solution and so will prevent one. Meanwhile the situation is only slightly better on the Israeli side as the "greater Israel"/settler folks ALSO would lose out in a peaceful solution (but I don't think there would be a SHOOTING civil war ).

Mike suggests continued occupation - how sweet of him 31.Aug.2003 15:49


Mike, most people don't want or like wars. But your feeble and impotent pleas for a "kinder, gentler" occupation will ALWAYS fall on deaf ears in Israel. There will never be such a thing. Just as you automatically assume that Palestinians will hysterically eradicate all Israelis once they get the boot off their heads, you also assume that Israelis can have an occupation without all those unpalatable massacres of Arab civilians? What a double-standard. If Zionists are displeased with how the occupation is being handled, it is often because it is not brutal ENOUGH towards the Arabs. The Zionists who want a "kindler, gentler" Israel are living in an impossible dreamland. Come back to earth, Mike!

gringo, where's the link 31.Aug.2003 21:02


hey gringo

how's your buddy michael hoffman doing? when's the next neo-nazi rally?

So observer 31.Aug.2003 21:13

post-it hippie

You and Mike resort to name calling and other unethical devices when a rational response cannot be made.
No wonder there are so many innocent dead in the middle east.