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WARNING: Police After Oregon AR activists???


Police APB issued for two people: Investigation of Chiron blasts in California.

*this is a forward
Please forward far and wide.

read the communique here:

read news articles on the blast here:

Police APB Issued For Two People

SHAC USA extends the following courtesy warning to two unknown individuals
now being sought by the police for alleged involvement in the early morning
blasts outside of Chiron.

An APB has been issued looking for two people traveling in a dodge van from
Oregon (license plate number WJD 978). A man with the last name of Bjorn and
a women named Joni (last name sounding like 'Rupple. She has a nose ring and
was born in 1981) who are being sought as suspects. The ABP is being picked
up by California press and more details on the "suspects" will shortly
become available.

Please re-post this warning to other activist email lists so that the word
may circulate.

Message to SHAC USA supporters:

The past two days have not been boring. There has been non-stop protests
against Sumitomo, ALF attacks on executives, Forest Labs saw a protest and a
home vigil, and then some unknown group created quite a "BANG" outside of
Chiron. The campaign to close Huntingdon down has had its peaks and troughs,
and without question we are again entering
a phase of the campaign where the pace and fervor of the actions are

Through the 'Exhibit A' mailer you should have now recieved (if you haven't
GET ON THE MAILING LIST!!) you know damn well we mean business. The
customers provide HLS with its revenue and is its last line of defense. We
are so close right now to an absolute victory and the upswing in activism
demonstrates everyones knowledge of this. If you have not already please
make that phone call, send that email, do a protest, and let your voice be

The two early morning blasts outside of Chiron have demonstated to us all
that passion to close HLS extends well beyond the SHAC activites, and even
that of the ALF. New groups with new tactics are emerging and HLS should be
extremely worried. In between your phone calls and protests please keep up
to date on all the latest and breaking news concerning HLS and SHAC by
visiting www.shacamerica.net

Innovation and controversy are what has made this campaign as strong as it
is. When looking at actions like like the 'blasts' please keep in mind that
although not every activity is something you may join in on, the guiding
force behind every letter, act of civil disobedience, home demonstration,
liberated beagle puppy, and now 'bombings' are the same and find their
foundation in compassion. We are all doing whatever it is we do to end
injustice and shut that filthy disgusting lab down once and for all.

History is Ours! For aninal liberation through thick and thin -


homepage: homepage: http://www.shacamerica.net

Personal Message: 31.Aug.2003 20:21


Joni and Bjorn if you are out there and are reading this ..... be careful and good luck.Know your enemies as well as your comrades.Run free and run long and don't ever look back.Thank you for your action.

Supporting certain actions... 01.Sep.2003 00:02

Portland Ponderer

I realize that many actions do have honorable intentions as far as the intended results go, but maybe we need to think about the unintended consequences here?

1. Ashcroft and Co. have been willy nilly trying to strip us of our rights, under the holy guise known as "countering terrorism".
2. Bombing anything, be it a lab, clinic, mosque, church, trade center, logging mill is all considered terrorism.

Because of this, lawbreakers that undertake bombings, destruction of property and liberating animals have a huge and possibly nasty unintended side effect to their actions, no matter how "divinely guided".

The public at large dismisses their intended message, and focuses on their law-breaking behaviour, thereby discrediting ANYONE who shares their message. It is the age old concept of "guilt by association".

When I-5 was snarled on the day the war started, I found it amusing. SUV's destroyed? Found that funny too. Why? Because those actions, while I agreed wholeheartedly with their intended results, ruined credibility of protesters in the general public's eyes. Breaking the law, endangering others is foolish, my friends.

Crusading for animal rights, against Bush and his cronies, against GMO's and bizarre medical experiments, against wanton destruction of the environment are all causes I consider very worthy and admirable. I too try to help in these causes, but I do something differently - I do not break the law.

The law is the tool "the man" or "the business" will use most effectively against our causes. By breaking the law, we make it easier and easier for the media to discredit our claims as the "ravings of the lunatic fringe". We take an issue that can be resolved peacefully, and incite disagreement, giving cops the justification to use chemical weapons on peaceful protesters. Does this mean I agree wit hthem? NO! But the rules cannot be re-written in one night, and not from "below" on the power structure without playing within the confines of what is considered civilized by the upper rungs of the power structure. Look at history - sometimes guerilla tactics work, but most change has come from peaceful actions or using the system to change things not desirable.

Got a beef with business as usual? Try organizing creative protests in new ways, write politicians, use the initiative process but for goodness sake - STOP BREAKING LAWS!!!

Hello Portland Ponderer Is Anyone Home? 01.Sep.2003 09:56


Same Old Same Old
Wake up and smell the coffee
Wake up and see what is happening around you
Take off your rose colored glasses and see things as they really are
You sound like a nice person who hasn't a clue
You are probably a nice person that still thinks you can things by clicking your ruby red shoes together three times
Sorry but it does not work that way.The meek probably will not inherit the earth.
Your pipe dreams clash with my reality

Clicking my ruby heels can what? 01.Sep.2003 13:47

Portland Ponderer

You are welcome to have the opinions you choose XOX, and I feel very happy disagreeing with you. Maybe yo uare right, but my beliefs cannot support that way of thinking. Maybe it means the meek do not inherit the earth, but I cannot feel that living outside of my convictions is right based on someone else's take on reality.

You keep firebombing logging trucks, getting pepper sprayed and taking up prison cells that rapists, murderers and thieves should be inhabiting, and I will keep advocating for non-violent action within the bounds of the law, k?

The Reality Of The Situation 01.Sep.2003 21:49


Whereas your innocence is refreshing - unfortunately it is also ineffective. Animals and the environment will not be saved or protected by holding signs-writing letters or appealing to politicians. I have tried it all for too many years with little or no results. I urge you to work within your safety and comfort zone until the time comes that you realize you want and need results. Personally - I am not seeking bigger and cleaner cages for the animals confined within fur/factory farms and medical research facilities - my objective is to do away with the cages altogether through any means necessary. It is our responsibility to break unjust laws - not to uphold them.

any words? 02.Sep.2003 12:50

g.j.d. dakamuni@yahoo.com

I'm a writer in Oakland...and I'm a Jockey Club alumnus. I see the APB, I've read the stories about Bjorn, Joani and Sweet being "suspects," and some posters on this site and others seem to take for granted that the named suspects did indeed pull off the Chiron blasts. Usually we use the word "alleged" until there's a conviction. Do Bjorn, Joani and Sweet take responsibility for this act, or is someone else (FBI?) heaping credit upon them? Are they underground now? Are they reading this site? If so, I'd like to get their input for a story I'm writing. Reach me at  dakamuni@yahoo.com. We can go from there. I'm not interested in getting anyone caught, accused or convicted... the story goes where you drop your prose.



Warning 02.Sep.2003 16:59


Be Careful.Contact/Speak With No One Who You Do Not Know Or Trust.

Hah! 02.Sep.2003 17:35


Good Advice, XOX! My advice to you is to not implicate people for crimes of which they have not been convicted just for the quick satisfaction of cheering them on in a public forum and feeling all nice and revolutionary about yourself. As a journalist I completely find it plausible that the three people named as suspects or persons of interest in this crime have nothing to do with it. There are many innocent activists in prison -- read your history. Both of your comments imply the guilt of the named parties, and I highly question your motivations. Perhaps you're a little slow? Guilty or not, these folks are better off talkin to me than to you!



You are jumping to your own conclusions 02.Sep.2003 19:14


g,WRONG! Regardless if these particular individuals are "guilty" or not they still stand a chance of being tried and convicted of a crime they may have had no involvement with.If you want to talk history here lets discuss how many innocent people there are in the prison system today who did not do the crime but are still doing the time.Want to make an uneducated guess as to the number of innocent people who have been executed for crimes they had nothing to do with?Get off your fuckin high horse.You are obviously only seeking a story and don't care about the safety and welfare of these individuals.If you had any intelligence you would not have asked them to contact you and using this board as a go between.Duh,think just maybe the feds might monitor your e mail in order to locate these three?

in response 02.Sep.2003 20:35



i agree with the previous poster: using imc as a means of reaching out to people who may or may not have been involved in a crime is dangerous. not only that, but it's just plain stupid, says this journalist of many years' experience. clearly, you are a scrub.

XOX is a squeaking wheel that needs to be oiled 02.Sep.2003 21:22

Laughing Derrick of the Sonoma League


You should learn how to take a good point. By thanking Bjorn and Joni for their actions and encouraging them to run, you are in effect presuming, proclaiming and trumpeting their "guilt" of a federal crime that could land them a long stint in prison. You do this repeatedly in different places on this site. How fucked up of you! This is not the act of a friend. It is the act of an enemy with a big stupid mouth. You attack g for not realizing that there are innocent people in prison, but if you read g's post it is clear that he is aware of this point and is trying to tell you that INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY is a GOOD thing, you Idiot! Keep your sentimental incriminating bullshit to yourself.

For your information, just because law enforcement puts out an APB doesn't mean that they have been convicted of the crime. Maybe they are off camping and don't even know they are wanted. In fact, if you read the stories, the Feds aren't saying that Bjorn and Joni did the crime. The Feds are saying that their van was in the area and they may be witnesses. Who do you help by "thanking" them for their "action." Are you privy to inside knowledge that the Feds don't have yet? If so, you're also implicating yourself in some way. Do you think they can't figure out who you are just cuz you post anonymously? Or maybe you are one of them... or maybe you can hear their boots clomping up to your door as you stare at the screen trying to understand the complexities of language, law and the technology age. I'm sure you will quickly tell them everything they want to know. In a way, you already have.

Just trying to help,


You haven't a clue 02.Sep.2003 22:02


DJ MK,my aren't you in a pissy mood tonight.I am amazed at your master of the universe skills and knowledge.Please let us know when your next lecture is so we can all attend.You know nothing about me so don't write as you do.Assume nothing and you will never be wrong.

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar 03.Sep.2003 10:10


I thought about what you said and I planned to admit you were partially right BUT then I got to thinking and decided you were not much more than a jerk yourself.So the apology is now off.
You feel you have the right to preach to the masses yet you possess neither the people nor the communication skills to do it effectively.If you want to get your view point across where it will be considered and accepted then you do not do it by berating and insulting and attacking someone. You push a person so far into a corner that they have no way out except to fight.To insinuate I may be an agent or would be willing to give up information to an agent should they knock on my door is not only offensive but also slanderous.You know nothing of me or the situation yet you speak as if you do.Empty words fall on deaf ears.Granted I took the position that these two people probably had something to do with the action but my feelings towards them was not negative.But your's were when you personally attacked my integrity.Oh and by the way on my way into work today I heard on the radio that Bjorn is now considered a suspect in the case.
Just trying to help.

xox needs to shut up now 03.Sep.2003 14:46



you don't know bjorn ... so stop talking about him. ok? you dig the hole deeper every time you tap the keys. you're making an ass out of yourself in front of journalists and cops. you're too daft for the revolution. consider yourself fired.


p.s.--u can look up daft in the dictionary if you don't know what it means.

Woman Named in Chiron Bombings Calls Alleged Link "A Bunch of Hooey" 03.Sep.2003 15:11

sf chronicle

Woman named in FBI probe puzzled
She says alleged link to Chiron bombing is 'bunch of hooey'

Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer Wednesday, September 3, 2003


Emeryville -- Sweet Alyssum Mensoff doesn't know why the FBI wants to talk to her about the pipe bombing of Chiron Corp.'s Emeryville headquarters, but she says she's not hard to find. She's in the phone book.

Mensoff, 28, of Eugene, Ore., was one of three people the FBI said over the weekend it wanted to question in connection with the bombs that exploded early Thursday, shattering windows in two buildings at the biotechnology company's campus. An animal rights group distributed an e-mail Friday taking responsibility.

The FBI alert said agents wanted to talk to Mensoff and the other two people after hearing from witnesses who saw a 1986 Dodge van leaving the area just after the pipe bombs went off.

In a phone interview Tuesday, however, Mensoff denied any involvement in the bombing or the animal rights movement, and said she hadn't been to California or anywhere else outside Oregon this year.

"It sounds like a bunch of hooey to me," she said of the FBI's alert.

Mensoff said she sells homemade body-care products not tested on animals, but that she's "not active in any way" in the animal rights movement. "I'm interested in animal rights, but I don't pursue them," she said.

She added that no one from the FBI had contacted her, and was puzzled that it had put out an alert.

"I'm really easy to find," Mensoff said. "I'm in the Oregon directory."

After being told she was wanted for questioning, Mensoff set up an interview Tuesday with the FBI's field office in Eugene.

"I'd rather just go settle it," she said.

FBI officials would not comment on the status of the investigation. Over the weekend, officials had emphasized that Mensoff and the others were not necessarily suspects in the Chiron bombing.

Mensoff said she didn't know the other two people authorities were seeking, 25-year-old Bjorn Einertsen of Portland and Joni Ruppel, 22, whose last known address was in Eugene.

FBI officials won't say what information they have that ties the three together, and neither Einertsen nor Ruppel could be reached for comment.

According to authorities, Einertsen was the registered owner of the brown Dodge van seen near the Chiron campus.

It is unclear what led agents to seek the women, but one connection between Ruppel and Mensoff appears to be an address in Eugene. Property records show that Ruppel lived at a home there that is owned by a former boyfriend of Mensoff.

Mensoff said Tuesday that it is all just a coincidence.

"It's a rental -- she may very well live there now," Mensoff said. "I don't live there anymore. I've been gone a good three years."

The owner of the property, Damien Farah, who has a child by Mensoff, said he moved out of the house they had owned together a year ago and rented it to Ruppel.

Ruppel left about four months ago, Farah said. A friend of Ruppel's, who asked not to be named, said she believed Ruppel was in Maine.

Einertsen used to bus tables at the Chez What? Cafe in Portland, which caters to vegetarians, said the manager, Jenn Hazzard. Einertsen did not work there long, she said.

Asked if she recalled him being active in animal rights, Hazzard replied, "He was a vegetarian -- that's about it."

In 2001, Einertsen pleaded guilty to felony assault charges stemming from a run-in with officers summoned to a complaint of noise at a Portland house party, according to the prosecutor who handled the case.

Einertsen was charged with attacking one of the officers who responded to the gathering.

Joni Ruppel, at Home in Brooklyn, Is Shocked by FBI's allegation 05.Sep.2003 16:36

ABC News

So, Sweet and Joni both seem to have had nothing to do with the Chiron bombings. That's big news to someone like XOX, a "revolutionary" who automatically believes what the FBI says and the media parrots. XOX, though your posts reveal both emotional and intellectual immaturity, I have faith that you can learn from your mistakes. Your heart is in the right place but your head is up your ass. . . dig it out! How can you advocate violent acts, or even nonviolent acts, with such a void of critical thinking skills and a lack of patience in the short wait for the truth? You're about as bad as the CIA bombing a pharmaceutical company in Sudan cuz the rumor mill said it was weapons facility. Thank God the mainstream corporate media is here to sort you out....(heh)


Sept. 4 The ABC7 I-Team has found one of three people wanted by the FBI as possible suspects in the bombing at a bio-tech firm in Emeryville last week. But it appears she has an alibi. Dan Noyes has this exclusive report.

The FBI put out an 'all points bulletin' over the weekend for three possible suspects including a woman named Joni Ruppel. Agents claim a witness spotted her in a van leaving Chiron headquarters in Emeryville last Thursday, shortly before the bio-tech firm was rocked by two explosions.

Ruppel tells the I-Team she was surprised to learn the FBI wants to question her about the bombing.

Joni Ruppel, in Brooklyn: "Oh, it was a definite shock to get a call that the FBI is at your Mom's house in Oregon."

Ruppel now lives in Brooklyn and says she hasn't left New York since she moved here in April and that she couldn't have been seen near Chiron last week.

Joni Ruppel, in Brooklyn: "I've had jobs since I got here, I've had a roommate and I just signed a lease and I've been hanging out with friends and my boyfriend who can vouch for me saying she hasn't left the state of New York since April."

Ruppel believes the FBI may have connected her to that van spotted near Chiron because she allowed the driver to use her address in Oregon to receive mail this past winter.

Ruppel says she met Bjorn Einertsen only once.

Joni Ruppel, in Brooklyn: "It's hard for me to say anything about him because I don't really know him."

Dan Noyes: "And you haven't been in contact the past several months?"

Joni Ruppel, in Brooklyn: "Uh-huh."

Animal rights groups have been focusing on Chiron because it used a company called Huntingdon Life Sciences to test products on animals. Activists have been able to document severe abuses at the lab in England, so they are going after Huntingdon by targeting its clients, such as Chiron.

Police and FBI agents outnumbered the protestors at a demonstration near New York City's Times Square today. Activists gathered outside a seminar Chiron held for potential investors.

A Chiron vice president tells the I-Team that the demonstration, the bombing, and other actions against the company are worrying employees but having no impact on business.

Martin Forrest, Chiron vice president: "No, we haven't seen any hesitancy on the part of investors. In fact, they are supportive of what Chiron is doing and see us as an ethical bio-pharmaceutical company."

Forrest says Chiron is not doing business with Huntingdon now, but he refused to rule it out in the future.

Clearly, the battle is far from over. And, the FBI's handling of the bombing case putting out an APB for a woman apparently not involved in the blast has given new amuniton to the activists.

Kevin Jonas, animal rights activist: "It really is a disgrace and quite shameful. And they've tarnished her name nationally now, and associated it with something quite severe and controversial."

Dan Noyes: "Two of the three possible suspects wanted by the FBI are now accounted for. A second woman from Oregon also apparently has an alibi as well. The only outstanding person is the driver of the van last seen outside Chiron, shortly before the blasts.

Self Righteous Bigots 05.Sep.2003 19:53

Doesn't really matter now does it

To err is human,to forgive is divine.
Have none of you ever made a mistake?Spoken to hastily?Assumed the wrong thing?Made an inapproriate statement?I know I have.
I think you are all dumping too much shit on XOX.Are you all so perfect that you can't cut a person any slack?I have read all of the messages several times over and have found nowhere that XOX has referred to him/herself as a "Revolutionary."Apparently you are guilty of false assumptions yourself.Maybe the person to "blame" should be the one who originally posted the names of the two people who were wanted for questioning.
People who can't accept faults or mistakes in others are just as guilty as the offending party.You hurt your cause adding fuel to the fire and divide people.
Okay now bitch me out for voicing my opinion.I really don't give a fuck.

alter egoism 06.Sep.2003 01:47


nice try, xox. whatever.
only you would try to defend yourself in such an oblique manner.
no matter what anyone else might have said
no one else is accusing innocent people of crimes
which is indefensible
hope you learned your
fucking lesson.

innocent til proven guilty.
tis the american way.

Revolutionary? 06.Sep.2003 01:51


XoX viciously attacked a poster who dared to insinuate that violent action was unproductive.
that is Mock-Revolutionary at the very least.
Self-Whiteous Anarchism as usual.
Enough of white kids with bombs trying to change the world.

p.s.--straighten up that John Deere cap, asshole.


johnny depp