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Photos from the demos against the summit of EU in Thessaloniki / 19-22 June 2003

Thumbnails lead to the main photos
14 to 16/6: Festivities against racism in Thessaloniki

Theology occupied

17/6: First camera falling

Shots from the Media Center

Security and repression measures in Chalkidiki

Some shots from inside and outside the campus

19/6:Photos from the anarchist/antiauthoritarian demo through the immigrant neighbourhoods

And some graffiti from the same demo

19/6: Photos from the demonstration of left-wing organizations and coalitions against Fortress Europe.

20/6: Niki border station -- 300 anarchists/antiauthoritarians demand to cross the borders and offer supplies to the 700 Roma located at the other side

20/6: Chalkidiki -- confronting the police -- AKS2003

20/6 - Chalkidiki: The autonomous disobedient block

20/6 - Chalkidiki -- a few more shots

21/6: AKS2003-Black Block

Saturday 21/6 Greek Social Forum

22/6: Solidarity demo for those arrested

Photos from the Struggle Initiative

And some shots from the Action 2003 block

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