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Results of Infernal Noise Brigade Trial

In three out of four charges stemming from July 8th, 2002 protest against Stumpqa Bank, band members are found NOT GUILTY! One member charged with "Interferring with an Officer" found GUILTY.
The trial of three members of the INB began Tuesday Aug. 26th, and lasted until Friday Aug. 29th.

The jury found:

Drum Major charged with Criminal Treaspass II- NOT GUILTY

Flag bearer charged with Resisting arrest and Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- NOT GUILTY
(This couldn't have been better- the state dropped two more charges against this member just before the trial began. She could have been looking at a Felony and 5 years in the can.)

Parade Rifle bearer charged with Interfering with a "Peace" Officer- GUILTY.

Sentencing for the one member found guilty will be September 19th at the county courthouse.

Overall, while not a total victory for the people, the verdicts have set a precident for future protesters. The Treaspass II charge against the drum major was filed because he didn't get the entire band (15-20 people) to leave the 200 market building within 25 seconds of being told to leave. Beating this charge was very important as the building is a "Privately owned, PUBLIC SPACE". Protesting in these circumstances is LEGAL until someone tells you to leave.

Several points to consider:

To be charged with and procecuted of "Resisting Arrest", at least in the state of Oregon, YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE AWARE THE PERSON ASSULTING YOU IS A COP!!!.

ALWAYS HAVE VIDEO OF ANY ARRESTS AT PROTESTS. Really, Really important. The more angles the better. Of the 4 police that testified, one of them hadn't even written a police report, the other 3 couldn't agree with each other, and even directly contradicted their own written report under oath. To say the DA and the cops lied on the stand would be a serious understatement.

Thanks to everyone in Portland (especially the police chief resigning to commemorate the day!) and everywhere else around the world that has given support of the INB and their members!!!

Sweet! 30.Aug.2003 16:40


That's great news. Congratulations on beating most of the raps. I was there that day and the INB truly helped make the event a success. Something like 50 activists were upstairs challenging the CEO of Umpqua Bank to break their ties with Allyn Ford, CEO of Roseburg Forest Products, one of the biggest loggers of public lands ancient forest in the Northwest. Meanwhile, the INB was raising a serious ruckus in the lobby of the building as the police and fire department locked down the building and blocked off the street outside. The INB were ruthlessly attacked by the cops, pepper sprayed and thrown around without even being given a chance to leave. Basically, the cops rioted and the 'not guilty' verdicts sound like a vindication of INB and the public's right to speak out in public. The event was all over the TV and radio news that night: 'The radical environmental group Earth First! took over the headquarters of Umpqua bank for over an hour today to protest the company's ties to old growth logging on national forests. Three members of the Seattle based Infernal Noise Brigade were arrested as police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.' You all kick ass!

Please keep us informed of that sentencing of the parade rifle bearer so folks can help defray the costs of any fines or support in other ways.

resisting arrest correction 31.Aug.2003 09:52


Actually, in Oregon (see ORS 162.315) you can't resist being arrested by someone you know is a police officer -- that's why the DDA kept asking all the arresting officers who testified whether or not they were in uniform and displayed their badges during the incident. The arrest does not have to be a lawful one -- that part would have to be straightened out in court later.

Order a copy of the entire Portland action, catch all the action 31.Aug.2003 11:14

Global Justice Media Collective anticapitalismo@riseup.net

IF you want to see for yourself the amazing office ocupation and the Infernal Noise Brigade busting out 19 floors down you can e-mail me and we'll send it off right away, e-mail  anticapitalismo@riseup.net. We are asking for a $10 donation but we understanhd activist poverty. It's all in the video, check it out, you can also call (707-845-7811 for more info, peace. LOve ya all GJMC