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10,000 Mink released -- ecoterrorism attack

10,000 mink released from Sultan farm cages

By Christopher Schwarzen and Jennifer Sullivan
Times Snohomish County bureau

A mink peeks from under a stump near a farm in Sultan, Snohomish County. Farm-bred mink don't do well in the wild, an industry spokeswoman said.

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Owners of a rural mink farm in Sultan Washington snonomish country spent a long day yesterday trying to round up more than 10,000 mink set free during a suspected ecoterrorism attack. Even as night fell, mink could be seen scampering through the area.
aparently the AFL liberate many mink throughout the world ... this seems to be one of their largest liberations at 10,000 ...

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homepage: homepage: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/snohomishcountynews/2001620194_mink26m.html

uuhhh-- 30.Aug.2003 11:30

that'd be


pf sweet 30.Aug.2003 13:38


that's p.f. sweet. I wish I could see 10,000 mink running around. I've never even seen one mink.

reality check 30.Aug.2003 16:05

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

" Farm-bred mink don't do well in the wild, an industry spokeswoman said."

TRUE, very true. And pray tell me industry spokesperson, how well they survive under your care. You ARE after all raising them for their skins and they aren't sheep (where removing the wool doesn't require killing the animal).

BTW -- lest you misuderstand, I am NOT an "animal welfare" person and think theat releasing a large number of mink like this is damaging to the environment. We should all realize that although there are a lot of people who have BOTH an interest in "environmentalism" AND "animal welfare" these not only are distinct but sometimes involve values in conflict

"Phatty" -- to see a mink try looking where mink are to be found, along streams that support decent populations of fish, frogs, and waterfowl. I've seen them crossing our driveway, but then we've got about a quarter mile of trout stream here. Never seen an otter though.

THANK YOU ALF! 30.Aug.2003 17:00

ALF Supporter

"Farm-bred mink don't do well in the wild."
"Animals killed at least 25 exotic birds."
"Over half our livestock was shredded.....These are not regular farm animals.They're our pets."
Sounds like these particular mink ARE capable of surviving in the wilds. Animal instinct is strong and not easily bred out of wild animals.
So, Farmer Jones, make up your mind, are your animals livestock or are they pets? You can't have it both ways to suit your situation. My guess would be they are livestock, something you profit from exploiting.
To the mink who are still running free ..... tis better to die free than to die a captive.
To all humans who exploit any and all animals ..... VIVA ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT!

Viva la Minks! 30.Aug.2003 19:13


Here's someone actually doing something about the shit in the world. Thank God for ALF. Exploitation and murder averted. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Eat shit, officer meyers.

Minking Outside the Box 30.Aug.2003 21:07

North Portlander

Lock up your cats and chickens, step carefully, and hold your nose! Mink are nasty little customers - and they smell awful. They're essentially weasels with a more expensive coat and a grudge against the world. I suspect that most of them will do pretty well for themselves in the suburban wilderness.

Clothes for the KIDS??? 30.Aug.2003 21:21

North Portlander

Just read one of the associated articles which said: "While Roesler said his family will recover financially, his wife, Katy, was less sure.

"This makes it tough to buy school clothes for the kids, doesn't it?" she said.

No matter what those kids are wearing, they're better off than the thousands of mink deprived of both of their coats and their lives courtesy of "harvesting".

A(void) L(eaving) F(ingerprints) 31.Aug.2003 08:54


Way to do your thing ALF! I thank you and the mink thank you! Live long! Live free!

Animal lovers 31.Aug.2003 09:04


Yeah, screw the humans! Those kids don't deserve school clothes do they? Their parents have been judged as immoral and deserving of being deprived of their livelihood!

What make anyone think this is cool or even OK???

And it's better for the minks to die in the woods/ under the wheels of a car/ from a shotgun blast? Who are you to judge?!

VIVA ALF! 31.Aug.2003 12:31


Oh please - op - don't be so naive! Ms. Roesler threw out that sympathy card just for people like you - don't buy into her "pity us" charade! These fur farmers are nothing more than rural pimps who literally sell skin to the highest bidder. They deserve no compassion-empathy-pity or tolerance as they show none towards the animals which they slaughter for human greed and vanity.
And YES - it is better to die in the woods-under the wheels of a car or even a shot gun. Human scum will not be making a profit from those pelts and the animals will have died with at least a taste of freedom. Liberated animals will have a chance at survival - unlike those left behind in the cages.
Do you actually have doubts as to the horrid conditions these animals are forced to live out their lives in? Then perhaps you should "tour" one of the many modern day concentration camps for animals in this state. I guarantee you will see sights and hear sounds that you will not be able to erase from your mind - regardless to how hard and long you may try.
Obviously - you have never experienced the sheer beauty and emotion of seeing an animal who has been forced to live its entire existence within the confines of a filthy cage when for the first time in its life it feels grass and soil underneth it feet. Once you experience that sight you will never be able to go back to your current and obsolete way of thinking
Can anyone out there provide an updated list of the fur farms in our state? Mine is rather old and am certain that new ones started up operations. Any and all info is appreciated Thanks .... and thank you ALF!!!

ALF needs to think before releasing 01.Sep.2003 00:34

Portland Ponderer

Has anyone given thought to what happens to the natural prey of these mink in the environs on which they have been unleashed? I am not saying mink farms are good, many of their practices are inhumane. I am not at all happy that I have seen mink only on rich people's necks. I am NOT supporting the media, the farmers, their intermediaries.

What about the prey of the mink in their new environs though? Is it better to have the minks free so they can nosh on one food source, causing another to starve because they are deprived of food? Perhaps instead of starving, another population of critters will explode, thereby destroying the resources used by their natural competitors? By releasing 10,000 creatures, they have the potential to destroy 100,000, 1,000,000 or more other creature's habitat, wreaking havoc on a mass scale.

Ever hear about the otters and sea anemonies in the Northern Pacific?

By just willy nilly releasing these poor creatures, ALF may be doing more harm than good to the enviroment!!!

Think before you act!!!

Mother Nature Takes Care Of Her Own 02.Sep.2003 11:35


PP: Rest assured that Mother Nature will take care of the mink who remain at large. When their food source is no longer available they will move on.When their population exceeds the food supply they will die off and no longer breed.Mink are not only predators but also prey.The balance of nature works beautifully on its own when left alone without outside interference.Hopefully,you will sleep better tonight knowing this.

Mother Nature Provides For Her Own 02.Sep.2003 11:43


PP:Rest assured that Mother Nature will take care of the mink that remain free.When their food supply is no longer available they will move to other locations.When their nutritonal needs are not met they will die off and no longer breed.Remember,mink are not only predators but prey as well.Nature does a wonderful balancing act when left alone without outside interference. Hopefully,you will sleep better tonight knowing this.

Once Is Enough 02.Sep.2003 11:49


Sorry about the repeat.This was not intended to be a lecture PP.

Question for IM 02.Sep.2003 13:54


Why isn't this article and the comments that follow listed on the Animal Rights site?