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Ding Dong Kroeker's Gone

One down, so many more to go.
After more than a year watching the rising police state take over our little town as well as the rest of the nation, we have one small victory. Kroeker, the man who allowed officers to rampage through this city, is finally gone. Yes, we can celebrate for a moment. But let us not be deluded into thinking this is enough.

First, consider why he is gone. Why, after all this time? He awarded medals to the officers who murdered Jose Mejia Poot, and he was not asked to resign. (Well, not by Vera, anyway.) Unarmed people were beaten and tortured on his watch. People died in custody under mysterious circumstances. Babies were pepper sprayed by his minions. And still he was not asked to resign. Why now? Rumor has it he was asked to go because he finally bowed to pressure to discipline (though not much) Scott McCollister. Mr. McCollister brutally murdered an unarmed woman in cold blood, then lied through his teeth about it in the most transparent and ridiculous web of lies. Mr. McCollister deserved, if anyone does, prison for his crimes. But instead, he got a few months suspension. As a result, an angry police union rumbled about a no confidence vote. Not because the punishment was too light, but because there was any punishment at all. Is it possible Kroeker really got away with police beatings, murders, insensitivity and strongarm tactics, but he could not get away with disciplining an officer who went too far?

Whatever the reason, he is indeed gone at last. But McCollister remains, if only marginally. Marty Rowley and his trusty red cannister of substitute penis remains. Mark Kruger and Joe Hanousek are still there. (Mr. Hanousek deserves special recognition here. After being scolded by a ten year old for pepper spraying Miranda May last March, big Joe told the child, within my hearing, "You better shut your mouth." Way to go, Joe.) Officer Lee, Rosie's trusty bulldog when Rowley isn't around, is still here. Vera Katz -- who sold off her soul and her city to the PBA and supported Kroeker through it all -- is still here. More importantly, the system that makes it possible for officers to use tanks, armored assault vehicles, guns, sticks, chemical weapons and all manner of violence against the people of this city, it's all still here.

So celebrate, but then get back to work.
as usual Catwoman beats me to the punch 29.Aug.2003 17:55

alex spiderbaby1@mindspring.com

I was about to make the same exact observations, except I couldn't remember Lee. Kroeker is just a pawn, he understands the PPD is corrupt and impossible to reform from the top. The psycho cops like Kruger, Hanousek, Rowley, Lee, etc. need to be fired and locked away in in the mental hospital because they'd be a threat to society as civilians.

Shitcan Meyer too, because I just don't like that fucker...I don't care what kind of conditioner he uses.

Sizer is a liar an will most likely be our next chief for political reasons, so watch out. The war isn't over.

Lets have a big "Go Away" party for Kroker on Oct 17 in the park in front of the Ministry of Love. Huzzah!

Beautiful 29.Aug.2003 18:18


"Marty Rowley and his trusty red cannister of substitute penis remains."

One of the truest statements written here.

I think the most likely story is....... 29.Aug.2003 18:31


the most likely scenario is that the intermediaries told him to do the following:

1. discipline the kendra james shooter; AND
2. Resign soon after that.
And in return......he will get what is probably a pretty big bonus and big kiss and a wonderful reference (though we have the videos to show the truth)

That way, they appease the James activists and have Kroeker step down and take the fall on the sword so there is no one for the fasicist pig assn to blame. Keeps the activists happy and keeps the pig assn from getting out of hand. And then Vera can say to the pig assn, "well, we can't reverse a decision of an acting chief...blah blah blah"

What were they thinking when they recruited a corrupt LA cop?

And who is the acting chief guy? Foxworth? Seems like Brian Schmautz is the guy who is always the spokesperson.....and he would be in line. Wonder if Foxworth feels like he is a TOKEN APPT? (He seems to have to READ his announcements without looking up and looks horribly uncomfortable having to be in the camera spotlight; in other words, not the most media savvy person around)


Quit yer bitchin! 29.Aug.2003 18:33

May King Phunuvyurpayn

Jesus Christ! You guys have got to be kidding me! If you can't handle a little pepper spray or an occasional poke with a stick, then you don't belong at a protest! You guys make me laugh with all your little pout sessions. "Ohhh, the mean ol' policeman shot me with a beanbag, oweee!" Whatever. Getting your ass kicked once in a while is the price of doing business.
Kroeker had nothing to do with you getting fucked with at protests. You did. By acting like little freakin' girls you pissed off even the most liberal of business people and politicians. Christ, Katz was out hugging some of you whiners a couple years ago!
Don't expect much change on how you get dealt with when whomever takes over. Just keep on marchin' and singin' in the streets and figure on getting slapped around a bit now and then. It's good for you. Makes you tough.

to May King Phunuvyurpayn 29.Aug.2003 19:20


Surprisingly, I agree with a lot of what you wrote, it is the price of doing business. The price of doing business is going up, however. The city is begging Graf to settle his suits out of court because they will break the bank if they go to trial. If you haven't noticed, the city isn't exactly rolling in dough. The recent anti-Bush arrests will yield at least three juicy, easily won federal lawsuits, and quite a number of state suits. All you trolls beware. You're about to get fucked up, down and sideways over the behavior of the popo you so adore. Open your wallet and say, "uhhhh?"

P.S. To whatever popo is monitoring this thread: What's your opinion of Kroeker, Rowley, Kruger, Lee, and Hanousek? Are you willing to go down with their ship? The PPB is on the verge of being stripped and shredded and all the dirty little secrets will be exposed. Are you safe? Will you be living under a bridge, your family lost, a year from now? Think about it and get wise. Yeah, you too Meyer...girly-boy.

let's get someone in here 29.Aug.2003 20:24

who knows who to pepper spray

and the next time they close down a street to sell donuts, or block off downtown so a fascist dictator can come "visit," or some bozo puts up another giant clear channel graffiti sign, the new chief will put the pepper spray somewhere that it actually belongs. oh wait. you can block off a street for donuts, just not for your conscience.

Hey May 29.Aug.2003 21:40

Black Flag

If you want to play rough, you better be willing to take some destruction come your way as well. Why don't you post your address on this site. Next time there is a protest, we'll make sure some Black Blocers pay you a visit. And, remember, no bitchin' either. That is the price of bizness after all.

HA HA HA HA 29.Aug.2003 21:59

Teddy Ruxpin


Read his resignation on the oregonian's website, Kroeker whined like a little bitch on his way out.

Now who the hell is this acting chief foxworth guy? What can we expect from him? And does anyone want to take bets on what Kroeker is going to do in the next few weeks? Kroeker is going to have hurt feelings, and thus will get a major case of "small dick syndrome" during the upcoming WTO protests.

--- Note ----- I may have accidentally posted this twice, I am having computer probs. My apologies if this is on there twice.

he's more dangerous now 29.Aug.2003 22:04


From email from Portland Copwatch (the orginal copwatch, 12 years of documentation, no T-shirts):
"Kroeker's lining up millions of dollars for the "National Center for Disaster Decision Making," which he hopes to build in Portland, so he probably already has somewhere to go."

AND the PPB structure and culture remains the same! The police union hates the Croaker because he was too hard on McCollister! Katz took the easy way out, for her AND Croaker.

Bottom line:
1. The community must select the next chief.
2. The five who resigned from the CRC must write the next Citizens Review Board initiative.
3. A competent, qualified petition signature gathering director must run the next CRB initiative.
4. The CRB campaign should be supported by The Alliance, but not run by The Alliance.
5. You gotta raise a ton of dough to win this one.

Re: Black Bloccers 29.Aug.2003 22:39

May King Phunuvyurpayn

Ooooh! Auntie M, Auntie M, the black bloccers are coming! Please. In the words of the prophet Cornholio, "Are you threatening me?" Yap, yap, yap. You're fading like the Backstreet Boys. Why? You can't even muster a good protest. A21 Bush visit? Weak effort. And what is worse for you, the public might not like Bush, the police, or corporate America, but they like the streets being blocked and arson forest fires even less.
Graf can sue all he wants. Sugarman too. The city pays the price of doing business. A few hundred thousand dollars here and there isn't going to change anything. Just like setting up camp across from City Hall.
Your frustration comes from your knowing that you haven't changed a thing. And you won't. Setting fire near Camp Sherman wasn't the brightest move...it only proved to most that the forests need to be managed better (read: cut the underbrush and thin the fuel). And for people like me who like to hear both sides of the issue before making a decision, asshole moves like that push me the other way.
You black bloc fruitcakes don't have the heart to do anything. Too afraid of going to prison like your boy from Eugene who threw the rock at Eugene PD. What's he doing now, trustee at Snake River?
Remember, the more chaos, the more crime, the more hand-tying you try to push onto the police, the more the general public will want the cops to kick ass.
Oh yeah, note to "Black Flag": Having some dirty-ass goofball in faded black clothes threaten to "pay me a visit" is about the last thing I'm worried about. I've been threatened by better men than you.

beware copwatch schizm 29.Aug.2003 22:40


Watcher was apparently referring to the schizm which has occurred and left us with three different "copwatch" orgs. Be careful before dealing with this hot tempered crowd. I'm not taking sides in the fight, because they have so much shit flying at each other anyone who is standing too close is bound to get covered. Perhaps, if copwatchers were more interested in builting community and less interested in stroking their own egos one organization could do the job. Just something to thnk about before all copwatch credibility is lost.

Reap as you Sow 30.Aug.2003 03:23

Black Flag

"Remember, the more chaos, the more crime, the more hand-tying you try to push onto the police, the more the general public will want the cops to kick ass."

Yeah, as your beloved Dictator George W. Bush says, bring it on. That's what you and other flagwavers want and will receive--a Fascist American police state in everything but name. And by the way, the Cops will have their hands full getting their own asses kicked to worry about chasing after Anarchists who are as fleeting as ghosts. You boy Mark Kroeker is already beating a hasty retreat over a single shooting. Let's see what happens when real jackboot oppression comes down from your beloved pigs. I'd wager the Portland PD will be pissing in their pants with a thousand and one lawsuits to bankrupt your city. You and the "general public" won't be living in a city. You will be living in a prison of your own making.

"Oh yeah, note to "Black Flag": Having some dirty-ass goofball in faded black clothes threaten to "pay me a visit" is about the last thing I'm worried about. I've been threatened by better men than you."

Believe what you want. Your bragging is about as convincing as that of Baby Bush. It will be a pleasure to your house burned to the ground with you and yours reaping what you sow. And remember, no crying and bitching. Its just the price of business--and it will go sky high.

to black flag and may 30.Aug.2003 08:45

stop it, both of you

Holy shit. Are you both cops? Stop this, it's ridiculous. Stupid threats against people's homes, even the homes of assholes, is not what anarchists are about. So I figure Black Flag may be a cop as surely as May is a troll.

About the copwatch thing, wow, didn't know about that. That's a shame. Copwatch kicks ass, as did the black panthers and deacons for justice who showed them how to do it. If anyone from copwatch is reading this, please work through whatever is going on there and get back to the work at hand. We need you. Community is our greatest strength. Let's not give it up easily, or at all.

Bitch? Or Broke-Dick? 30.Aug.2003 10:40

Is it in Yet?

Whined like a "bitch" when he resigned?

Try Broke-Dick Eunuch of the State. Fits the gender better.

Not the head only the ass.... 30.Aug.2003 12:14


Lest this be missed by anyone, probably not, Kroeker was not the head of this snake only an appendage like a tail. That tail is already grown back and for Vera and the rest of "the boys" it is business...serpentine business...as usual. Kroeker was scapegoated to take the heat off from Vera and the sham citizens review board that she and the city council the city auditor and the police union set up to lull the citizens of this city into a false sense of police accountability. Have a celebratory beer for Kroeker departure but wake up early tomorrow to bring it home to Vera and the rest of the boys that we are not fooled and that we, the citizens of this fair city, have had enough of shams and demand police accountability.

Kroeker's resignation is a ploy to take rising pressure off the power peddlers when their greatest illusion was discovered for what it was...a sham. Bring it home, look behind the curtain...there is no wizard just a feeble old man, or someone easily mistake for a feeble old man, who works among a host of compatible interests to create an illusion of fairness.

Cut the head off of the snake; demand a citizens appointed organizational board to define the new face of the Police accountability review board. Demand independent organization and demand a system open to community review. To allow the vested interests to hide this important community function behind the curtain of "administrative oversight" (or however it is euphemized and euthanasized) is to fall victim to the abuse of power that is so prevalent and becoming more egregious in this fair city.

for a bunch of "radicals..." 30.Aug.2003 13:44

feminist bitch

you all sure do have some problems with women.

"a bunch of little girls" "bitch"?!!!?

come on..if the biggest insult you can come up with is to call someone a woman, we have more work to do than i even want to think about...

follow the money - who benefited from the Bush visit fires? 30.Aug.2003 16:29


May King says: "... Setting fire near Camp Sherman wasn't the brightest move...it only proved to most that the forests need to be managed better (read: cut the underbrush and thin the fuel)."

Exactly. Have you asked yourself who had an interest in proving this? None other than the former Governor GW Bush himself. And did you notice - fires in BOTH places in the NW the night before his visits - Booth fire in Oregon, Carnation fire in Washington. Awfully big coincidence.

to feminist bitch 30.Aug.2003 18:54


I agree. One of those, of course, was a troll. We expect that from trolls, but the rest of us should know better.

someone 30.Aug.2003 19:40


kroker was put between a rock and a hard place, the activists and embarrased city officials who want him removed and the police union who feel that the cop that killed Kendra is being scapegoated. Kroeker was an ineffective chief who used excessive powers against the powerless. However, I still think that the cop involved with kendra was just poorly trained and inexperienced. He does not deserve the 6 month suspension. Kendra was a crack addict who was already on a death track. Where were her friends and family while she was alive? Was anybody interested in her then?

To kroeker 30.Aug.2003 21:12


This just beats all. The cop who killed an unarmed woman was merely untrained and "doesn't deserve" a trifling 6 month suspension, while kendra james deserved the death penalty for crack addiction? What is the matter with you.

What a fucking red herring you've thrown out with your, "Where was everyone then" trip. Where, pray tell, were the cops who care so much about our welfare that they troll the streets at night with loaded weapons and unload them into an unarmed woman? Officer McCollister is a murderer, a liar, and a poor excuse for a human being much less a public servant. He doesn't deserve to wear street clothes, much less a uniform that gives him the right to stalk us with gun at his hip. Don't give me that, "Where were you then" crap. Where was I? I was working on a shoe string trying to provide services to people with mental illness, drug addiction, and physical disabilities. It's been hard, because people like you keep making excuses for the abusers of society and cutting funds to their victims. Every day more people slip through the cracks, and you can thank your fucking family tree that you're not with them. But for the grace of God, you ass.

Doesn't deserve a 6 month suspension? No, he deserves prison. He killed someone, you fuckhead. He killed an unarmed woman, and then he lied through his teeth about the crime. You can sit there on your ass and pass judgement because, hell, she was a crackhead, what the fuck. What the fuck do you know about it? Did you know her? Do you know her family, her children? NO? Then shut the fuck up.

I, for one, quake in fear of the fact that a man like that could be allowed back on the streets with a loaded gun and a uniform. And I quake in fear at the thought that my neighbors could be as clueless and uninformed and willing to sell each other off as you are. What will you say when he shows up at your door? Will it still be all right for him to make such errors of judgement? Or will it be outrageous because, after all, you're a fine upstanding citizen, aren't you.

Thank you native 30.Aug.2003 22:12


Your response is perfect. I would have written a similar post myself, except you beat me to it and I'm not as articulate as you.

Until such time... 31.Aug.2003 10:33


...that your loved one, irregardless of how flawed is gunned down, you do not have the license to grant absolution to the police department. The official report reveals obvious problems with the manner in which the department is managed, from the top down. I''ll bet a number of cops are glad that Kroeker is headed out the door. The culture needs serious changing.

kendra 01.Sep.2003 09:53


james and meija did for themselves. w/poot - cops aren't obligated to take a pipe beating because civil libertarians keep him out of institutions and his family isn't behaving responsibly. "100 % per cent crazy" girl gets smoked while being 100% crazy and smoked - well, you know. If you guys would direct your energy into "trolling" the streets trying to effect the physical salvation of these people you'd be a serious point of view. As it is, you're grateful that they are dead because it gives you a reason to live - a sort of swelling self-rightousness that takes the place of effective action in the adult world.

Moreover, Kendra's kids might now have a chance for a decent life, at least they're not condemned to the sure fire hell a dope fiend for a mom provides. But wait a minute - her choosing to bang dope is the cop's fault. Excuse me, forget about what I just said - you're right - destroy the facist power right on.

Twister 01.Sep.2003 13:15


Gee, you sure do twist people's words. It's not the cops' fault that Kendra James took dope. Nobody said it was. It is that particular cop's fault that he shot her. It is that simple. Other cops would have handled it better and she would be alive.

Yeah you're right, if she led a clean life, she probably wouldn't have been stopped by the cops that night, she wouldn't have been shot, she wouldn't be dead.

Get the message everyone? Stay away from cops, or you might end up dead.

Is that the message you are trying to send?

I think we should demand a better police force than this.

Poot 01.Sep.2003 15:33


Agreed, Kendra was wacked out. It's sad, and she's among many Oregonians who are wacked out on crack, alcohol and all the other drugs that are turning people into morons. If you haven't noticed, there is a class of people who are not being served, partly thanks to the severe budget cuts, partly due to the sorry ass Bush economy and partly because we have become a stupid nation of Wallmarters and fast food addicts and partly due to not taking responsibility for ourselves. The latter is a symptom of how shallow and desperate our culture has become.The police need to still be professionalsand deal with the situation at hand in a manner that protectseven those individuals who, for one reason or another have lost the ability to care about themselves.

For the record 02.Sep.2003 14:54

ghetto grapevine

In response to the previous comments about Copwatch: Copwatch is a movement, not an organization. The fact that there are now three copwatch groups in Portland where there once was only one indicates a strengthening rather than a weakening of the commitment to direct-action police accountability in Portland. If the separation of the original Portland Copwatch group into three different groups is disturbing to those who were not directly involved, take heart in knowing that as a result, the members of the two new groups now have the freedom and autonomy to commit time and energy to the priorities of copwatching and "community building" as they choose to define them.

You get what you ask for, you get what you want. 04.Sep.2003 10:29

Politically correct is brain-dead

If all these demonstrators would get some respectable recognition in the community, ie: A JOB And work in productive avenues to acheiving their goals: "peace", allowing the free reign of idiot dictators, the torture of children... or whatever "cause" they may be representing on a given week, then perhaps things might change for the better. Perhaps Portland would have more money for schools if it wasn't wasted on crowd control! What I see on indymedias, "home-video" is nothing but a useless grouping of unemployed blockheads draining our police force and sucking up my tax dollars.