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How does one get a MESSAGE to PDX Indymedia folks?

I have sent an email request to the email link under Contacts asking for some assistance with something.......and it doesn't appear that I am going to even get a response, and certainly not some help.
How does one go about getting a message to someone (anyone) at Portland Indymedia????

It's really important......and it has been 24 hours.........
um... 29.Aug.2003 16:36

it would help if

you left some contact info.

Well........ 29.Aug.2003 18:05


Well, I don't want to post my personal info on a public board.......

Surely there's an email address for someone here that will I can send an email to.........???

For instance........ 29.Aug.2003 18:12


No one responds to the GENERAL email contact.

and the email address on the front page under TECH is a bad email address ( technical@pdximc.org).

Is anyone driving this boat?

who's driving this boat 29.Aug.2003 23:35


who's driving this boat? well everyone and no-one really. all the content comes from the community at large (unlike all the other U.S. IMCs, which have volunteer editorial staffs who write the center-column feature stories). there are folks, i guess, who work on technical stuff, or put on video showings, maybe, but there hasn't been much email activity lately if you go to the archives and look ( http://lists.indymedia.org). so who knows? perhaps you could post your question here and someone would answer. i have noticed volunteers answering queries online here.


Permanent Thread Suggestion 30.Aug.2003 01:15

Elias Howe

I've been stiffed enough times, myself, sending to moribund "workgroup" e-mail links, bad addresses (server rejects) et al while trying to "get word" to the IMCers at the Portland center.

Sometimes an IMC techie will pickup a comment in a posting and respond, but that's like putting a note in a bottle.

Since someone has suggested that "the community" is better disposed to answering a lot of IMC-type questions, how about putting up a sidebar linked to a continuous thread relating to IMC/public interaction? That would function more like a bulletin board that the IMCers can check from time to time and respond--since there appears to be no reliable way of reaching them by e-mail. And if one of them doesn't get to the thread, there might always be another reader who can deal with the issue.

Of course, this would put some more overhead on the IMC site.

...if only the e-mail addresses worked and they answered them!

Good idea, Elias 30.Aug.2003 08:00



I mean......someone catches requests to put stuff on the front page as a feature and then does it.....

patience is a virtue 30.Aug.2003 16:34

pink emma

I have had good success using the Editorial work group link - have received replies from IMC volunteers several times in recent months. But pleae, have patience - reply in 24 hours is an unrealistic expectation. These people aren't paid for this, you know. I don't suppose they can sit there around the clock responding to our questions. They just might need to spend part of their days engaged in some form of remunerative work!

patience 30.Aug.2003 19:00

i agree with pink emma

Yes, they always respond, but yeh, it can take time. It's really kind of whiny and presumptuous to expect them to jump at every email. They're out in the streets trying to get the story to you, and they're behind the scenes keeping the web site up, and they're out putting on video showings. And no, they don't get paid to do this. I've seen techies answering questions off the site all the time. It seems they spend more time reading and working the site than they do sifting through email. Maybe you should put the question here. I'm not sure what kind of "personal life" question you would be posing to people you apparently don't know anyway. Oh, and you could always go to the red and black, they're meeting there right now.

whatever you do 30.Aug.2003 22:12

don't join a list

someone suggested you join a list
do it only if you want to be on it forever
i've been trying to get "off" an indy list
for half a year - good luck!