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Kroeker resigns!!!

Ding dong....
One day after recommending a five-and-a-half month suspension for an officer's involvement in a fatal shooting earlier this year, Portland Police Chief Mark announced his resignation from the bureau.
More details to come. . . .
from KATU

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Letter of resignation 29.Aug.2003 15:18


August 29, 2003

Mayor Vera Katz

City Hall

Portland, OR 97204

Dear Mayor Katz:

With profound regret, I am resigning my position as Chief of Police of the Portland Police Bureau. This resignation will be effective October 17, 2003.

Although, through your intermediaries, you have asked me for this resignation, I do not feel walking away from the current leadership challenges is best for Portland or the Police Bureau. Had I been given the opportunity to explore this in person with you, I believe we could have collectively produced a positive strategy for addressing the substantial improvements that need to be made to the organization.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to lead an outstanding organization with some of the finest people I could ever hope to meet. I am also grateful for the chance to discover this magnificent city, with a truly beautiful quality of life. I love this city for not only its external beauty but the warmth of so many community members who have supported me during my tenure.

As a native son of Oregon, I have relished the opportunity to have my dream job very close to the place of my birth. Oregon has not let me down, and its treasures have given me many memories to hold in my heart.

Pursuant to the resignation terms, I will be taking 40 hours of administrative leave during the week of October 13-17. The remainder of the time will be spent in transitioning the organization to the new Chief of Police and in concluding final administrative duties.

Three-and-a-half-years ago, at my swearing in ceremony, I promised to give this position of leadership every ounce of my devotion and energy. I have kept my promise.

Good riddance Kroeker 29.Aug.2003 15:33

We won't miss you.

I wouldn't get too excited about this.

Yes, Kroeker is a fascist and his departure is long overdue. Hoorah!

But keep in mind that a big reason that he is resigning because his officers think he shouldn't have suspended Kedra James' murderer. They think he is too tough on them if you can believe it. That does not speak well of Portland police officers or police union's concern for addressing the problems in the Police bureau. Also, Vera gets to hire the new police chief, and that is definitely a reason for concern.

Then we need to get a citizen task force in place A.S.A.P. 29.Aug.2003 15:40


Indeed. We should get a citizen task force in place to sit on the recruiting, interviewing and hiring committee......and not say NO when they say we can't have a seat at the table.

I was incredulous about the 5 month suspension. If it was worth suspending the cop for, it was worth FIRING him!

too hard on the cops? Whoa.............

5 daily trains 29.Aug.2003 15:41


5 daily trains to Hell-A.

... now then, how about revamping the rest of Portland's "Finest"...? 29.Aug.2003 16:07

So What Changes?

So Kroeker was forced out, eh? Imagine that. Until the Portland Police are required to implement the 89 recommendations set out in the report that blasted their handling of just 32 Police involved shootings, nothing will change. So is Queen Vera perpetuating the Police State of Portland by telling Kroeker to leave?

Maybe not the war, but the battle is won! 29.Aug.2003 16:33


Yes, kroeker's forced resignation is a political move on Vera's part. But, she was forced into it by the sheer level of public outcry and her desire to make her self look just slightly better than awful. Whether any of the political gambit will work is anyone's guess. Thanks to lawsuits and the work of all activists of all races in portland the pressure got too much for them. Our truth about police brutality and mayorial collusion is now the truth, even for corporate media . That is a battle won. The truth is out, even out there in the suburbs.

Even for those who oppose government in any form, wouldn't it be nice to put someone in the mayor's office who was worth a shit?

Lets clean house 29.Aug.2003 17:36


Now we need to get rid of problem officers who assult members of our community and consistantly get away with it.
Like Joe Luiz

Foxworth next 29.Aug.2003 17:51


Vera has been grooming Foxworth ever since Moose left, and the fallout from the James shooting is a perfect opportunity to placate the african american community by moving the former commander of NE precinct and the highest ranking african american to the top spot.

foxworth 29.Aug.2003 18:14


Derrick Foxworth is a good guy. But the chief doesn't run the department--the union does. In a normal workplace this would be a good thing. But in this case it results in the coverups and coddling of cops who do wrong, and the perpetuation of a culture of arrogance and unaccountability. The firing of Kroker (and that's what it was) might mean a small gesture in the direction of reform, but nothing more.

Scapegoat 29.Aug.2003 22:23


Kroeker is a scapegoat. The problems cited in the independent report were there long before Kroeker came along. He agreed with 90% of the findings and wanted to work to fix them. Kroeker walked into a department with big problems. Do you think he could just change things if he wanted to? He can't even make McCollister's suspension hold.

It is the police union that was unreasonable in dealing with Kendra James' killer. It is the police union that thinks it's officers can do no wrong, and doesn't value the lives of the citizens of Portland.

That independent report was a godsend for Kroeker because it gave him some acknowledgement of the problems that he could have finally addressed.

That's not possible now, because he's gone.

Things will not get better.

Funny how Vera denies that she asked him to resign. I guess she feels she's not lying because it was her intermediaries who did the actual asking.

She's the one who should go.

What Job is Vera Katz Most Qualified For? 29.Aug.2003 22:39


I realize that Vera is in extremely poor physical condition, but maybe she would be capable of removing the excrement left behind by some of Portland's horse-cops, and their horses. Maybe with her own golf cart?

I dunno, there has to be something that she can do competently.

Not the head only the ass.... 30.Aug.2003 12:11


Lest this be missed by anyone, probably not, Kroeker was not the head of this snake only an appendage like a tail. That tail is already grown back and for Vera and the rest of "the boys" it is business...serpentine business...as usual. Kroeker was scapegoated to take the heat off from Vera and the sham citizens review board that she and the city council the city auditor and the police union set up to lull the citizens of this city into a false sense of police accountability. Have a celebratory beer for Kroeker departure but wake up early tomorrow to bring it home to Vera and the rest of the boys that we are not fooled and that we, the citizens of this fair city, have had enough of shams and demand police accountability.

Kroeker's resignation is a ploy to take rising pressure off the power peddlers when their greatest illusion was discovered for what it was...a sham. Bring it home, look behind the curtain...there is no wizard just a feeble old man, or someone easily mistake for a feeble old man, who works among a host of compatible interests to create an illusion of fairness.

Cut the head off of the snake; demand a citizens appointed organizational board to define the new face of the Police accountability review board. Demand independent organization and demand a system open to community review. To allow the vested interests to hide this important community function behind the curtain of "administrative oversight" (or however it is euphemized and euthanasized) is to fall victim to the abuse of power that is so prevalent and becoming more egregious in this fair city.

passing strange 30.Aug.2003 20:40

triumph in persopolis

Met the guy a couple times, doing some writing work. He was alright guy. Vera took all his power after he went looking for work in looking l.a. Reckon he wanted to fire the officer who killed james or throw the guy to the wolves. City couldn't have because it'd be sued to the stone age. James herself, she of the tatoo "100% CRAZY" would still be working the streets now if she hadn't been scalded on dope and made crazy moves that night.

Poot the cops did by book. It's wrong that he died but I'd look to social services and the man's friends and family.

No, city loses on this deal: political opportunists win, people who thrive in a vacuum of talent win.

Stop the PPA 30.Aug.2003 22:55


Yes, Kroeker was scapegoated for a group of renegade officers and loose cannons who know they can get away with anything because they have the police union to get their back.
Bad cop investigating bad cop = cover-ups and corruption = victims of police misconduct.