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Is Indymedia a safe place?

Indymedia, please post your privacy protection policy.
I worry about what I read and say here. I worry that the MAN make take offense and ask Indymedia "who wrote that?" or "who is reading your site?"

What is Indymedia's privacy policy? I can't find it anywhere. Your servers certainly have logs of IP addresses that read and post. Do you keep these? Do you destroy them? When? Hours/days/weeks? Would you, or do you resist a subpeona of your logs?

This is not random paranoia. Ask the people being subpoenaed for mp3 file sharing if they thought they had privacy and safety. We the readers and writers are at real risk of consequences.
Stop! Your making me laugh! 29.Aug.2003 13:11

Beyond Fear

Snicker snicker. I naturally assume everything I say or do is monitored. If I understand you correctly, your asking for guarantees against invasion of privacy? Sigh.

Perhaps you don't understand the problem. Let go of your fear. There's nothing they can do to you that their not planning to do to 99.5 percent of the worlds population soon anyway.

We've crossed the Rubicon, There's nothing left to do now BUT fight. I think most informed people understand this.

Subpoena? Thats funny!

Should be obvious 29.Aug.2003 13:30


Everything you post here is public information. Given the subject matter of the discussion here, you'd better damn well believe popo, FBI, etc. is watching us.

If they're smart, then all the connection logs are piped to /dev/null where they disappear forever. If not, then you have no guarantee of anonymity. Anything with an email addy posted to it, unless you're using Hushmail (www.hushmail.com), is pretty much an advertisement that you (yes, you, Citizen Number 410239) are a Dissident. Better have the ass to back up your talk.

Privacy got flushed down the drain 29.Aug.2003 13:37

with baby bush

I think it's cute that people still talk about privacy and the law. You can't walk down the street and pick your nose without being photgraphed. There are cameras in buses, the max and even taxis for the love of god. They know exactly where you are, what you do, what you say, who you talk to, enven how many times you fart in a day.

I fought against it before the cameras were installed and while they were being installed. But now that 1984 is our reality, I'll tell you what - I don't give a shit - This is just the state of things and I'm not scared of them and nobody else should be scared of them either. They prey on fear, I for one will not feed them.

Being unafraid 29.Aug.2003 13:57


Of course someone is reading this stuff.I suspect its a government job for some redneck,bible-thumper (kinda like the potcops in Northern california-CAMP). So you see this site is like job creation for the limited thinker. My hope is that some of these posts offer attitudes and values that could make a neo-con ill with discomfort. This notion makes me smile.

No - you're paranoid 29.Aug.2003 14:44


Hey - I'm a MAN and I am reading this stuff. Some of it is quite boring. Some is stupid. Most is pointless. But still I read!

The information condom is to snip your phone lines with a pair of insulated shears. Sheet plastic your windows. Use plenty of duct tape. Put your head under the pillow. You can scream there if you like. No one will be listening to you.

Here's the flip side. If someone's listening to you, consider it a compliment. It means they might care about what you say. If you're smart, which is unlikely, you can recognize interest and then alter your statements, or even! listen to them.

It's not US versus THEM. Live that path and you become the them you abhor.

Okay, then......we need to FART as much as possible! 29.Aug.2003 15:03


As Baby's Blush noted: "They know exactly where you are, what you do, what you say, who you talk to, enven how many times you fart in a day."

I hadn't thought of Farting as a CD tactic......but it's legal and offensive and if planned just right among a crowd of people could be rather disturbing to Big Brother.

I see a day when subversives in hiding (as in...out in the open not looking like subversives) Fart in unison at a prearranged time every day!

Hell, give the goons something to look forward to and a reason to cast their evil eyes downward at least once a day!

ip logs not kept by pdximc 29.Aug.2003 15:40


Every IMC can choose to adopt its own policies on this issue, but, just for your information, Portland IMC chooses not to keep logs of IP addresses. Having said that, there are other ways that the authorities can use to track people's electronic activities, so you should never take the security of your electronic communications for granted.

electronic communications prophylaxis 29.Aug.2003 15:43


I recommend anonymizer services like certain web proxy servers, and PGP email encryption, if you are concerned about the security of your electronic communications.

A word to the wise... 29.Aug.2003 17:27


Go sign up at anonymizer.com or go to a public terminal

Take it from someone who knows, they are watching you here and will try to hack into your computer if you don't put up a firewall. Anonymizer.com will hide your IP address so they can't find your computer.

Who owns 29.Aug.2003 19:31



OH MY GOD!!! 29.Aug.2003 19:48


THE MAN IS CAMPING OUT IN MY COMPUTER!!!! remember kids, paranoia will destroya. what can you really do? what can you really say but FUCK IT. ignorance is bliss, knowledge is hell and the way out is through. god forbid we should ever think for ourselves. hell these days god forbid we even think at all!

Eh? 29.Aug.2003 21:11


So you are wanting to post things online, but afraid people will read them?

Disturbing thread 30.Aug.2003 09:00


Actually, I think Mother asked a good question. These are things we do need to be thinking about. And, there have been some good answers. Yes, the Man is watching us all. It sucks. It's good that most people seem to understand that, but it's scary how so many people seem to have just accepted it.

I think about this every day. Every time I post something, I think about how things said innocently have always been used by fascists to take down those they want to take down. I'm angry at the system, at the police state, at that slimy shit hole fake "president" living off us right now. And I say so. That's always been free speech in America, but things are changing now. Are the things I say "treason" now? I mean of course not, of course it's that shmuk in the whitehouse committing treason, but in the sense that those with the power make the laws, then maybe it will be treason any day.

I know they're watching, and it pisses me off. Aren't you angry too? There's a book, "the end of privacy," that chronicles how very little privacy we really have. How corporations and the govt are spying on us every day. But it's even worse than that, because the book was written before the patriot act.

The Man Can Kiss Our Collective Asses 30.Aug.2003 18:37

Pucker Up, Y'all

I think y'all are being overly paranoid. Free speech and dissent is not, last time I checked, illegal. Plus, there are more of 'us' than there are of 'them', and I don't think they have the manpower to moniter all of us all the time...

i agree 31.Aug.2003 20:38


seriously, i've got nothing to prove and nothing to hide so even if they are watching they must be getting bored. the leftist paranoia is just as bad as the right wing with their plastic sheets and duct tape move. dont believe the hype.

Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls? 31.Aug.2003 21:51

wear a cup

Please don't be afraid, people. Yes, they're reading, they're listening, they're even posting idiotic crap intended to divide us and turn what could be enlightening discussions into hateful unreadable rants. They're NOT coming to our houses and kicking the doors down for writing our opinions and communicating with each other. DON"T let fear take over, because if you do, then they have won. There are way more of us than there are of them! Their tool is fear, ours is knowledge.

DO go out there, surf the web, find informative articles (or write them yourself), and PUBLISH them on the newswire! Start an intelligent conversation. Join in. Contribute your thoughts. Don't you realize what an invaluable resource the IMC is? (and the internet in general?) Never in history have people had such a way to CONNECT. "They" would like to disrupt and disable this forum, but they can't unless we let them. Their enemy is the truth. ...And picking up on Northman's train of thought: maybe "they" will read something that will enlighten Them. What a victory that would be!!!

I agree that farting in unison would be a powerful technique under the right cicumstances.