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King George Bush the second

I am so tired of Bush. How come so many people follow whatever bozo Bush tells them to do?
I am so sick and tired of King George Bush. This kid is so evil and so backwater that it makes you want to puke. Shrub has not done one good thing. He is the worst. I had it up to here with evil "W" and his regime. War after war and a depression and the wasting of billions of dollars in an unjust and illegal war and occupation of Iraq. Where are those WMD? Osama bin forgotten as well.
We have to to get the Bush regime out of power and fast if America wants to survive. Shrub and his gang will bring ruin to us all if we do not get this joker out of power and fast.
We must fight the fundemenalist Christain warmongers and get them out of power. All extremists from any religon is bad news.
Wake up America! We have to get good leadership in that white house before it is too late! The misleader in the white house is so bad that I do not know if we can make it if the bozo is reselected resident in 04.
Let me ask you one question ultra rightwingers out there. Why do you worship King Bush like he is some kind of god?
Check out this song 29.Aug.2003 08:16

Dan The Bassman danthebassman2001@yahoo.com

I think this song shares your sentiment.

it is ignorant to ask 29.Aug.2003 13:59


Simply because we have different beliefs than you do. Who knows what causes a person to believe what they do: may it be personal upbringing or education or whatever. As for me, I'm not religious and I'm not an extremist. I think of myself as a moderate republican who doesn't always agree with Bush, but find myself agreeing with him FAR more than I ever agree with democrats and liberals. So I choose, what is in my own personal opinion, the lesser of two evils, if you will.

Why is this so hard for you to understand? Is it because you don't know many conservatives on a personal level? Because you have a stereotypical vision of what conservative is? Because your hatred has blinded you from reason?

Why do you assume that "ultra rightwingers" "worship "King Bush like he is a god"? Have you considered that many people (especially in rural America, which I can tell you from experience feels abandoned by our increasingly urban society) just think that he is a good leader? Far from worship, but I'm sure you've never considered this.

Pathetic argument 29.Aug.2003 16:24

v neck

No this isn't a case of "he just has different views and you have to respect that" he is directly resonsible for the deaths of at least 10,000 innocent people in Iraq and Afganistan. He has no "right" to do this just like a citizen doesn't have the "right" to shoot the first person they see walking down the sidewalk. He is a murderer and he will face justice for his crimes.

wrong 29.Aug.2003 19:36


i wish i could meet you "v neck" to see if you were as bold in person. i think that you are an idiot. i don't even know where to begin. 1: he is not a "murderer" and 2: how exactly will he be "face justice for his crimes."?

and since when does a president not have the "right" to engage in military conflict? show me some kind of higher authority than the US executive and legislative branches. And please, no "UN" bullshit, because if you've had any formal education in politics or internation affiars you would know that in reality, states have no higher authority.

also, i never said "he has different views and you have to respect that" or anything of the kind. so you basically made up some shit and argued against it. nice.

Dear Icstdnt 29.Aug.2003 22:45

madman mcmoony

I think that calling someone an idiot does very little to strengthen your argument. I have learned that you can tell a lot about someone by the things they say about other people. It's kind of obvious really. Takes one to know one; that sort of thing. Just listen to George Bush talk about terrorists, Saddam, etc.

A few other points:
1. "He is not a murderer." Do you know anything about his record as governor of Texas regarding the death penalty?

State-sponsored killing, whether it is the execution of our own citizens or war against other countries, would seem to be in conflict with the Christianity that Mr. Bush so publicly professes. (Thou shalt not kill. There doesn't seem to be much ambiguity there.)

2. "how exactly will he be "face justice for his crimes."? Impeachment would be a good start. We could try him for fraud, treason, etc. Or one might hope that the International Criminal Court gets their hands on him.
Yeah, I admit that it doesn't seem likely at present, and you said, "no UN bullshit," right? That only leaves the law of karma. No one can escape it, not even nonbelievers.

3. "Since when does a president not have the "right" to engage in military conflict?"
Since the founders of our country penned the Constitution! The power to declare war is reserved to the Congress. BTW, Congress has not declared war since WWII.

4. "show me some kind of higher authority than the US executive and legislative branches." How about THE PEOPLE? What ever happened to "deriving their powers from the consent of the governed?" Doesn't apply to loser Bush.

5. The "many people especially in rural America" who just think Bush is a "good leader" have been duped. They are daily misinformed and manipulated by the mainstream media. Are you really one of them? At least you're reading and posting things on this site. Do you work for the White House?