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No prison project

This is about growing opposition to the prison project in Lakeview, Oregon.
We activists must turn out and oppose the prison industrial complex and their drive to build a 400 bed prison in Lakeview. The citizens of Lakeview voted NO twice on the prison yet they still are going ahead and planning on building it. Why are they doing this when the tax money should be used on funding our schools here to make them the best in the area.
Lakeview city council are puppets to the prison industrial complex. In fact they hired a lobbyist to help bring the prison here. I say resist Lakeview. I say protest and make a fuss.
Schools, NOT prisons! It is time the activists of Lakeview and elsewhere raise such a fuss that the prison industrialists will have to shut down the prison project in Lakeview for good!

~Redthunder. Concerned citizen of Lakeview, Oregon.
specifics? 29.Aug.2003 07:32

wants to help

hey, this is definitely an important local issue, and i think people would want to help if they knew how. can you make some suggestions about who people should contact, and maybe give phone numbers/emails? also, are there are any deadlines during the current process? any hearings to attend or dates by which people should send comments? are there any protests planned in the area that people could attend? thanks!

No Prison Project 08.Sep.2003 00:52


Here is a website I found searching the web. I believe the author of the webpage is trying to get some protest organized. His site is incomplete though and needs an update. I want to be a member of this group.

No Prison Project of Lakeview, Oregon

Prison a reality. 26.May.2005 01:53


It is too late. Lakeview is now a police state. Lock your doors and beware of strangers! The prison industrialists won, we lose! This is the overall plan by the police state:

1. Mercenary camps opening up
2. Once they complete the prison they will want to build more! Bigger ones!
3. Drive out minorities, liberals and people they deem non-conformists
4. Exploit the population for profit and then leave Lakeview a ghost town
5. Establish a theocracy to screen out non-conformists.
6. Elect more right wing fanatics to make sure no one questions the state
7 End democracy as we know it in the county
8 Rape the Earth for a fast profit
9. Follow the instructions from the article called PNAC (Project for a New American Century)